15 Mushroom Blond Hair Photos To Show Your Stylist

If you’ve finally discovered mushroom hair on social media, then you know it’s the new summer hair trend. And if you don’t know about all the mushroom hairstyles out there, well, it’s not as weird of a trend as you might think. Beauty lovers have moved on from rose golds and ombre tresses, showing hair colorists mushroom blond hair pictures to reinvent the shaggy gray and blond look.

Although the name has its quirks, mushroom blond hair is probably a color you’ve crossed paths with at least once. While the hue isn’t quite the granny gray color that's been strewn across Instagram over the years, mushroom blond is a darker gray and beige (or "greige") with blond streaks embedded throughout. The color is perfect for blondes or brunettes who want to toy with contrasting shades in their hair.

The thought of dying your hair any shade is a scary one, but mushroom blond hair is actually one of the more wearable hair color trends to come into existance. At the end of the day, the hue is a nuetral tone that comes alive when paired with statement accessories like word hair clips or a bright bold lipstick color.

Ideas for how to wear and style this mushroom blond hair trend are endless, but here are just 15 of them to start you off before your next hair appointment.

Short Mushroom Blond Hair

Hair by Yvonne presents a super edgy cut to show off her idea of mushroom blond hair. The true mushroom color comes in at the root of the hair and turns into frosty white tips at the ends.

Icy Mushroom Blond

Colorist Kiah Waters who writes in the post, "This is just the stepping stone for that nice icy white blonde! But this is a beautiful in between color!!!" Waters achieved this light version of the mushroom blonde hue for her client using foil to create a bunch of highlights and lowlights.

Rosy Mushroom Blond

Sammy Campbell explains in her Instagram post that she used Pravana's chromasilk colors to achieve this shade of mushroom blond, and it totally pays off.

Mushroom Brunette

Michelle Hernandez also conducted the mushroom blond hair trend on a couple of her brunette clients. Although the style is referred to as mushroom blond, dark-haired beauty fans aren't left behind as this look is proof the color works to the strengths of various hair colors.

Mushroom Blond Waves

Sarah Love provides the perfect balance of blond, gray, and the clients natural lowlights to create a stunning set of mushroom blond waves. This sandy shade of blond is definitely a color to rock in a beach wave hairstyle.

Michelle Grabill offers up more gray and white than blond in this set of mushroom blond waves. For those who are still attached to the granny gray trend, this color is a perfect in-between.

Mushroom Curls

Base Studio owner Amanda Rae offers a different version of the Mushroom blond trend with the blonde, gray, and white mixed in like gumbo that's easily a look for prom night.

Ombre Grey Bob

This short mushroom blond cut from Royal Salon is another testament to why bob's look good in literally every color. But a hint of gray and blond between takes the bob to a whole other level.

Shaggy Mushroom Hair

Michelle Grabill shared this photo to her Instagram, showing the mushroom hair look in a more casual way. Blond or not, mushroom hair is super versatile for a number of styles.

Curly waves

Not only does Solie Stegman create an amazing head of mushroom blond hair, but the shine on these curls is hard to look away from. If there's ASMR for hair dye, this dye job is going for the win.

Subtle Mushroom Blond

These two looks are from Diane Nguyen who created a more subtle dye job of the mushroom blond trend. If you're not fully ready to commit to a full head of mushroom hair, this is a good happy medium to get you started.

Mushroom Blond Ombre

Alex Sam's version of mushroom blond is different as his dye job favors a darker shade of mushroom blond. Keeping the wearer's natural hair color at the top, Sam creates a mushroom blond ombre affect that looks simple and chic all at once.

Shiny Mushroom Blond Curls

Gerri Leigh plays with hair color in the best way. This mushroom blond is a little different as the shiny texture gives off a rose gold affect. Either way, the combination of two trends makes this hair color all the more jaw-dropping.

Dying your hair gray sounds a little scary at first, however, this mushroom blond trend is like taking baby steps to fully blown gray streaks. Plus, with the right colorist, the possibilities are endless on a gray to blond color spectrum.