15 Mysteries 'The O.C.' Never Resolved, From Theresa's Baby To Taylor's Trips To Paris

No matter how much time passes, The O.C. will always remain as one of the most iconic teenage dramas. Seriously, if you think that Riverdale has plot twists, you should re-watch the early 2000s SoCal-set show right now. Even after a hundred re-watches, though, you'll still have unanswered questions about The O.C. because so many aspects of the show remain a mystery. If only we had a reboot to answer the questions...

Because really, there are so many questionable twists and turns that took place in the show, like the way certain characters would just show up. There was Caleb Nichol's secret daughter, for one, and even Jimmy, Marissa's dad, would show up and leave on occasion. It's all textbook soap opera drama, which doesn't mean that The O.C. doesn't deserve its high esteem and everlasting reputation. The chemistry between the "Core Four" made up for all of the unexplained plot twists, and as long as Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, Sandy, Kirsten, and Julie were on the show, that was all that really mattered. Still, you probably can't help but wonder about these questions that the show either never resolved by the end of its fourth and final season or just simply left unanswered early on. We need answers!

Do Ryan And Taylor End Up Together?

The O.C.'s ending is pretty neat, but one major question remains regarding Ryan and Taylor's relationship. They are on-again-off again towards the end of the show, and in the finale, they exchange loving glances towards each other, but do they ever actually get together?! Ugh.

Where Was Kaitlin For The First Two Seasons?

Here's some fun O.C. trivia: Marissa Cooper's younger sister Kaitlin is played by Shailene Woodley in the first season of the show. Kaitlin then disappears, and while it's mentioned that she went to boarding school, nobody ever really explains why, nor is Kaitlin referenced often. When she eventually gets back in Seasons 3 and 4, this time being played by Willa Holland, her absence is never fully explained.

What Was Volchok's Punishment For Killing Marissa?

During Season 4, Volchok gets turned in for killing Marissa, but his sentencing doesn't get an explanation and for a considerably big character, he sort of disappears.

Where Were The Parents?

There are so many characters whose parents are completely absent for unexplained reasons, and a few who are only vaguely addressed. From Alex Kelly (Olivia Wilde) to Oliver Trask, Kevin Volchok, and even Johnny Harper, these high schoolers were extremely independent.

Who Was Actually The Father Of Theresa's Baby?

As you might have forgotten, Ryan had a girlfriend named Theresa from Chino. Theresa ultimately lies to Ryan about her pregnancy, telling him that she lost her baby in order to let him return to Newport Beach, and it's never fully explained whose baby she secretly gives birth to. Ryan could have been the father, but it remains a mystery.

Does Julie Ever Choose Between Frank And Bullit?

Frank and Bullit both appear in the stands at the end of the series finale, cheering Julie on together. So does that mean that Julie ends up with one of them? And if not, why would Bullit be there after discovering that Julie cheated on him? There are many questions about this situation.

What Did Jimmy Do Following Marissa's Death?

Considering that Jimmy played a big part in Marissa's life — and that Marissa was on her way to meet up with him when she died — you would think that his reaction to his daughter's death would play out. As far as anyone knows, he went on the cruise to Greece and lived happily ever after.

What Was Taylor Doing In Paris All Those Times?

One of the best characters keeps running off to Paris and showing up mysteriously married and such, but why? And does she go to college in the end? She deserved a spinoff, really.

What Happens With Seth's Comic Book Career?

Everyone knows that Cohen is destined to write a comic book, so does he end up doing it? Imagine him creating a new Marvel character that joins forces with Black Panther — fans deserve to see that.

How Did Caleb End Up Being Broke?

Caleb is the rich guy throughout the first couple of seasons, then suddenly after he dies it's revealed that he had no money. Why was that not a part of the plot during his life? It could have added so much drama.

Do Trey And Ryan Ever Reunite?

Trey and Ryan have a tumultuous relationship, to put it mildly, but they do have a strong bond. When Trey goes away, it might not mean the end of his connection with his brother, but fans never find out if that's the case.

Does Anna Get The Happy Ending She Deserves?

Anna tops the list as one of the best characters from The O.C. The fact that she supports Seth and Summer's relationship to the point where she helps Seth get into a college near Summer's showed what a true friend she is. So what happens to her? She doesn't appear to be at Seth and Summer's wedding, so hopefully that means she's too busy having her own happy ending.

What Does Kirsten End Up Doing?

In Season 4, Kiki shuts down NewMatch — you know, the app for women looking for rich men to marry — and then she has her second child, but what else happens with her? She doesn't get nearly enough of an epilogue, and she truly deserves it.

How Did The Newport House Get Destroyed In The Earthquake?

The big earthquake from Season 4 offers a great opportunity for multiple characters to sort out their issues while waiting for it to pass. The fact that it ruins the Cohens' house, though, seemed a tad unrealistic, and it begs the question: what is the house made of? Why aren't any of the characters seriously injured if it's really that bad?

Why Didn't Haley Nichol Ever Return To Visit Kirsten?

The woman on the receiving end of the slap heard around the world never returns after assisting in Kirsten's intervention. It seems unlikely that this would be the case though, and Kirsten's sister deserved a follow-up in the show's final season.

So many unanswered questions — one can only pray for an O.C. reboot.