15 Products From MUJI Under $30 To Keep Your Home Simple


If you've ever walked into a MUJI store, then you've seen firsthand the majestic minimalism, the effortless organization, and the streamlined aesthetic that screams, "simple, sturdy, and handmade." And if you haven't, welcome to this post: You're about to become a MUJI convert. When I was first welcomed into the Japanese lifestyle store, caressed with the scent of Yuzu, and given free reign to doodle with the most satisfying ballpoint pens, I instantly found my design-goals example. Since then, I've been trekking to whatever location is closest to me to pick up some new finds, while mostly managing to keep my MUJI shopping spree under $30 per item.

It all started with their travel neck pillow, and after being able to sleep on a plane for the first time in my life, I decided to graduate to their actual pillow. My world was suddenly opened, ironically when my eyes were shut. Before you knew it, I was hooked. From stylish and stackable storage containers, to cozy teapots and carved wooden dinner bowls, there is something for anyone looking to pair down their aesthetic, and ride the minimalism wave. While I can't say I've fully gotten my life together, I can say a moment of MUJI redecorating definitely makes me feel like it. Here are 15 of the best MUJI products under $30 for organized bliss.

1This All-Night Hug For Your Head

Urethane Foam Chip Pillow


I am a firm believer in the power of sleep hygiene, and the first step to making your bed your nighttime haven is having the proper comfy equipment. I splurged on this pillow when I couldn't afford to splurge on a memory foam mattress, and my head has never been more perfectly cradled.

2This Amazing Way To Case Your Head-Hugger

Organic Cotton Jersey Pillow Case


You can’t spurge for the extra-comfy pillow, and cover it with a ratty old pillow case. Jersey cotton is a bit softer than your typical cotton, and it definitely ups the cozy factor.

3This Fresh Start To An Organized Existence

Rattan Rectangular Storage Box With Lid


If you’re in the middle of an organizational overhaul of your space, let these handwoven baskets be your guide. They are stackable, and lightweight so you can finally get your mess out of the way.

4This Little Box That Gives You The Satisfaction Of Seeing Your New Organized Life

Acrylic Storage Drawers With Lid


There’s something so unbelievably satisfying about seeing all of your things placed perfectly in their proper spot. If you’re a makeup addict, or just need somewhere to put your odds and ends in style, these acrylic storage drawers can definitely help.

5This Eye Mask Preferred By The Sandman Himself

Travel Eye Mask


Yes, this is a travel mask, but for those who insist on sleeping with an eye mask regularly, this is a must-have. It’s perfectly soft and does a good job blocking out the light. What more could you ask for?

6This Little Energy Elixir

Pure Essential Oil Energy


MUJI’s essential oils are legendary, but for those who can’t do mornings, this is your new go-to. It’s a blend of peppermint and other herbs, and it can kickstart your day before you have a cup of coffee. Just add it to your diffuser, or use it with a carrier oil and you’ll feel a bit less groggy.

7This New Excuse To Make Tea When It's Warm

Acrylic Water Pot


If you’re a fan of iced tea, this water pot will fit nicely inside your refrigerator door while you’re letting your favorite brew do it’s thing.

8This Instant Reminder To Feel Cozy

Heat Resistance Glass Pot


I’m a sucker for see-through, personal teapots and this one is no exception. Try brewing a flowering tea, and watch as it blooms.

9This Snuggly Mug You Will Use All Winter

Heat Resistance Glass Mug


Be honest, you’ve always wanted a glass mug for your favorite winter drinks. No time like the present.

10This Adorably Round Addition To Your Morning

Bone China Sugar Pot


Nothing says “I am an adult who has my life together” more than no longer scooping sugar into your morning coffee out of a plastic bag. Your new glass mug will thank you.

11This Dinner Bowl That Makes All Food Look Appetizing

Acacia Bowl


Personally, if I'm going to force myself to eat vegetables, I want to do so in the most appealing way possible — with a hand-carved bowl that can make even kale look enticing.

12This Cute Little Home For Your Toothbrush

Porcelain Toothbrush Stand


Yes, your toothbrush needs a home, but it doesn’t have to be a penthouse suite, taking up the entirety of your sink. Instead, be space-effective with this studio-apartment sized toothbrush stand.

13This Frame That Let's The Art Speak For Itself

Acrylic Picture Frame


If you’re majorly digging the minimalism vibes, and want to decorate accordingly, these frames are your ticket. They’re clean, simple, and modern, so you can show off your latest vacation pics.

14This Method To Save The Environment And Get Your Life Together All In One

Recycled High Quality Paper Ring Notebook


Organizing step number one is to always have a notebook at the ready to jot down, and eventually cross off, your to-do lists. Since this one is made from recycled paper you can feel doubly good about getting things done, while being environmentally conscious.

15This Writing Utensil Preferred By Angels

Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.38 mm 6 PCS


Out of all the pens I've ever used in my 25 years, one pen stands alone: the MUJI ballpoint pen. The writing-equivalent of butter gliding across a warm pan, these pens make me go out of my way to write things by hand. And I'll never use any other pen, as long as I live.