15 Secret Santa Ideas For Your Boss They’ll Actually Like

by Brittany Bennett

Your office pulled names for this year's round of Secret Santa and you got the head honcho. The whole point of the game is that you can't discuss gift options with co-workers because that will spoil the surprise. Whether you and your boss have inside jokes or have never exchanged more than emails, there's a secret santa gift for your boss that they might actually get use out of. The best part is that every time you see your gift in use, you'll get a little surge of confidence.

Whenever it comes time to gift shop for specific people in my life, I suddenly forgot all of their interests and how to shop online. You want to really nail a gift, make the person receiving it feel thought of whether the gift is of the sentimental variety or the perfect joke. But, there's no reason to apply the pressure when it comes to picking out a gift for your boss.

If you too suddenly forgot all the places to shop for the right gift when you get your boss in the secret santa draw, I've got your back. There's no lack of inspiration here for any kind of boss that you might have. All of these gifts are the perfect balance between thoughtful and fun so that you can stop worrying about what to get and focus on all that end-of-the-year work.

Agate Bookends

Agate Bookends, $24, West Elm

There's nothing like a mini office makeover. These agate bookends from West Elm will bring an element of chic to your boss's office that they'll surely appreciate when hosting meetings.

Bee Raw Wildflower Honey Flight

Bee Raw Wildflower Honey Flight, $48, Terrain

If you constantly see your boss favoring tea over coffee and honey over sugar, this flight of honey will be a thoughtful gift. Let your boss explore the various honeys available to sweeten their tea.

Mini Doodle Kit

Mini Doodle Kit, $13, World Market

Boss's travel a lot. And sometimes the same old magazine can grow less than stimulating. This doodle kit might just become your boss's new favorite travel companion.

Balance And Breathe After Yoga Body Balm

Balance and Breathe After Yoga Body Balm, $22, Anthropologie

It's important as a person functioning in the workplace to maintain your zen. Help your boss out with this post yoga body balm. Hey, the calming aromatics of it might just make for a more peaceful working environment.

Modern Sprout Self Watering Garden In A Jar

Modern Sprout Self Watering Garden in a Jar, $20, Urban Outfitters

Maybe your boss has a known green thumb. Maybe you've taken note of their blossoming interest in gardening. Start them off a project that won't take up too much of their busy schedule but still satisfy in that I-grew-this kind of way.

Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit

Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit, $25, Uncommon Goods

Bagels in the office every Friday? Say thanks to your boss by giving them a bagel back. Sure, they'll have to make it, but it'll be something fun to do with all that time off between Christmas and the New Year.

The Book Of Treasures Jewelry Box

The Book of Treasures Jewelry Box, $20, ModCloth

Let's be real, sometimes our offices turn into closets. We leave shoes, earrings, coats, you name it after clocking out for the day. This sly jewelry box will keep your boss's office looking tidy while also supplying an important utility.

Leopard Fuzzy Slippers

Leopard Fuzzy Slippers, $30, J.Crew

Running the show can be hard on the feet. Show your boss that you — or, their secret santa — understand this. Help them relax at the end of the day with these comfortable slippers.

Jackrabbit And Saguaro Card

Jackrabbit and Saguaro Card, $24, Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk's founder and designer Stephanie Housley creates these imaginative embroidered cards based on inspiration gathered from world wide travels and nature explorations. And this is so much more than a card. Frame the 5x7 ~piece of art~ and it will have a place on your boss's wall forever more.

Animal Portraits Notebook

Animal Portraits Notebook, $10, buyolympia

Boss's take a lot of notes. Keep their thinking pads creative and cute with these animal portrait notebooks.

Ivory Gold Persian Rug Mouse Pad

Ivory Gold Persian Rug Mouse Pad, $20, Old New House

Keep every bit of the office feeling home-y.

Cup And Croissant Bobbi Pin Set

Cup and Croissant Bobbi Pin Set, $15, Tuesday Bassen

Make sure your boss is leading the meeting in style. This Bobbi pin set will definitely hold everyone's attention. Tuesday Bassen also designs customized patches if you're buds with your boss and want to say something specific.

Chantal Ceramic French Press

Chantal Ceramic French Press, $25, Target

Coffee lover? Upgrade your boss's office coffee barista skill to ~French Press~.

Funtime World's Smallest Voice Changer

Funtime World's Smallest Voice Changer, $14, ASOS

Does your boss think they're hilarious? Keep it comedic with this voice changer. Office announcements are about to get a lot more interesting.

Desktop Bowling

Desktop Bowling, $35, Uncommon Goods

We all need breaks. This Desktop Bowling game will help reinvigorate your boss's workday while also practicing for that big office tournament. Kind of.