Snag These 15 Sheet Masks For Under $2

If you're a beauty junkie, you probably already know that Korean beauty is all the range right now in skin care. In fact, you've probably already used some K-beauty products even if you didn't know it. Sheet masks are a hallmark of K-beauty, and these 15 sheet masks under $2 are going to help you continue to embrace the trend and get some seriously stellar skin in the process.

Korean beauty hasn't just taken over skin care, either. Those super popular cushion foundations? Those are also inspired by K-beauty as are some of those weird but awesome beauty products you've been curious about — snail enzyme and bee venom, anyone? The one Korean beauty craze that has really taken off and stuck around, though, seems to be sheet masks. One of the best things about them is that they an be purchased an insanely affordable prices.

While there are, of course, more expensive sheet masks, the sheer number on the market seems to make them competitive when it comes to pricing, and these 15 masks all cost $2 or less which means you can pamper yourself for a price that's basically unbeatable.

From chamomile masks to tomato facial masks, there's an affordable mask out there for no matter what you're looking for.

1. Blueberry Mask

SKINFOOD Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet, $2, SOKOGLAM

Who doesn't want a blueberry mask?

2. Chamomile + Tea Tree

Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack Chamomile + Tea Tree, $1, MemeBox

Want tight pores? This is the mask for you.

3. Tomato Facial

SKINFOOD Everyday Tomato Facial Mask Sheet, $2, SOKOGLAM

Brighten your skin with this mask.

4. Lime Mask

Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack Niacinamide + Lime, $1, MEMEBOX

Kick that dullness' butt.

5. Moisture Rich Mask

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, $9, SOKOGLAM

This may cost $9, but with five masks included, each mask rings in under $2.

6. Collagen Mask

Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack Collagen + Olive, $1, MEMEBOX

Plump your skin with this mask.

7. Green Tea Facial

SKINFOOD Everyday Green Tea Facial Mask Sheet, $2, SOKOGLAM

Get your antioxidants in with this mask.

8. Lotus Mask

Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack Sodium Hyluronate +Lotus, $1, MEMEBOX

Get your skin hydrated with this mask.

9. Radiance Mask

Mediheal Line Friends I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Face Mask, $2, Hollar

Give your skin an extra boost of radiance.

10. Mugwort Mask

Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack #Madecassoside + Mugwort, $1, MEMEBOX

The ingredient of Mugwort may seem weird, but it'll help tighten your skin.

11. Honey Lavender Mask

The Creme Shop 2-in-1 Fusion Sheet Mask Honey Lavendar, $2, Hollar

Combat acne with this two-in-one mask.

12. Pore Mask

Secret A Gold Nose 3-Step Story, $1, MEMEBOX

Clear your pores with this mask.

13. Green Tea Latte Mask

The Creme Shop 2-in-1 Fusion Sheet Mask Green Tea Latte, $2, Hollar

This beauty will smooth and moisturize your skin.

If you want to hop on the Korean beauty train, a sheet mask is a great way to do it. With prices like these, it's hard to say no.