15 Spring Equinox Memes To Celebrate The Return Of Warmer Weather & Seasonal Allergies


If you've been craving some much needed change, then don't worry, because it's about to arrive. The first day of spring is rapidly approaching, and this new season brings about a whole new beginning, both for the planet and for you personally. Spring is all about starting fresh, feeling hopeful and inspired, and doing something brand new. And, of course, it's all about the change in the weather. Unless you've been living somewhere like southern California, where it's basically warm all year, then you're probably craving some extra sunlight and warmer temperatures at this time. Winter has been long, but the end is in sight! And to celebrate, you can start by taking a look at some of these Spring Equinox memes you'll want to share with everyone.

The Spring Equinox is happening on Mar. 20, and on that day, the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the first official day of spring. If only this meant that it was the first official day of spring weather, too, but alas... we can't be that lucky. The very first day of spring usually happens before the climate realizes it, and it's not too shocking anymore to experience a lot of rain, chilly temps, and maybe even a snowstorm. It's just the planet's way of messing with us!

Aside from the weird weather during the Spring Equinox, it's also about that time for your allergies to pop back up, or just get a little worse. Get ready for some sneezing, coughing, and just generally feeling sick! It's an experience.

Even though the first day of spring isn't perfect, it makes you feel better to laugh about it, and these memes will help you do exactly that. They make fun of all of the things you've been feeling and put your thoughts into hilarious words... and images. And that makes that late winter snowstorm a little less painful! Check out some of the best Spring Equinox memes out there and start sharing them on your own social media:

This is the unfortunate truth about the first day of spring:
Mother Nature really needs to get it together:
This meme shows what you want and what you get during the Spring Equinox:
Oh, and this meme basically sums up what spring really means for most people:
Wouldn't things feel a little bit more in sync this way?
All of us on the first day of spring:
How it feels when it snows on the first day of spring:
How anyone with allergies feels as spring begins:
When you remember that spring weather is very, very unpredictable:
You when you're stuck home while everyone else is doing spring things:
All of us when we get too excited about the first day of spring:
What the bugs feel like on the first day of spring:
Relatable to almost all of us:
This is true basically every year:
Yup... this meme basically sums it up: