15 ‘The O.C.’ Quotes That Are Still Painfully True Today

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It’s been 13 years since The O.C. ended, but fans still can’t help marathoning it over and over again. There’s something so comforting about the show, that makes you feel like you’re watching stories about your old friends, reliving memories from your own early teen years. But more than a decade later, there are so many lines from The O.C. that still ring true, from Sandy’s heartwarming fatherly advice to Taylor’s relationship wisdom to Seth’s sarcastic self-deprecation.

One of the many aspects of The O.C. that continues to win fans over is how relatable it is, despite all the melodrama that gets a bit out of hand by the third season. Yes, there are plenty of moments that feel like they're straight out of a soap opera, but there’s at least one character that everyone identifies with, whether it’s their positive, empowering attributes, like Summer’s passion for activism, or their biggest insecurities, like Ryan’s struggle to find somewhere he truly belongs. And some of those characters’ most popular quotes are the best reflection of how meaningful the hit show was and still is.

Here’s a look back at those lines that still resonate so deeply. Prepare yourself to be fully read.


"Congratulations. You’re a Cohen now. Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt."

Seth says this to Lindsay when the Cohens find out she's Caleb's daughter, and it's honestly the best, most succinct description of the family we know and love.


"Do you know what I dream about when I dream about Thanksgiving, which is a lot? I dream that I eat so much deliciousness that all the blood rushes to my stomach and I pass out right at the table. Please do not deny me that."

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because you get the day off and because it revolves around food. And Seth understands how important that is.


"In the rock-paper-scissors of romance, love trumps fear. Actually love trumps everything."

Taylor drops some sage advice when it comes to relationships that we all can still learn from. It's a corny quote, but she's absolutely right.


"The minute you were born, I knew that I would never take another easy breath again without knowing that you were safe."

Seth always had a way of getting into trouble, becoming Ryan's partner in crime. But what Sandy says to Seth is really what every parent thinks when they have a kid, regardless of whether they experience as many misadventures as Seth and Ryan do on the show.


"You know, it's exactly this kind of voodoo science that lets politicians deny global warming."

What a surprise, more than a decade later, politicians are still denying global warming. Summer would be horrified to hear that nothing's changed.


"Excuse me, the girl just has a healthy sex drive."

Before advocating for sex positivity became a mainstream movement, Taylor was reminding everyone that it's perfectly fine for a woman to be sexually active and enjoy herself.


"I'm not doing any favors. You have to live with what you did. It's over."

Years after the episode that ended in Marissa's death, fans still haven't forgiven Volchok for drunkenly killing her. And Ryan's quote expresses this sentiment in the best way.


"We're all beautiful and we're all dysfunctional. Surf, sex and scandal, it's a recipe for a cultural phenomenon, don't you think?"

The O.C. loved including meta lines that seemed to describe the teen soap itself, and this one perfectly encapsulates why fans still love the show so much.


"I'm like a monster, dude, I'm all I think about. And not in a good way."

Seth's quotes about his anxiety are still extremely relatable, and perfectly convey how difficult those feelings can be to deal with.


"You should just focus on the good stuff in your life. Like school... or... comics. Yeah, I got nothing."

Zach's quote represents anyone who's tried cheering up a friend and failed. But hey, points for effort.


"Intimacy, it's a tricky business."

Taylor is the wisest teen on the show when it comes to sex and relationship advice. Assuring Summer that intimacy isn't easy to navigate is so important.


"Trust me, man, no girl wants to be alone on Valentine's Day."

Seth might not have been that great with the ladies, but he learned valuable advice from his mom, Kirsten, who considers Valentine's Day the most important holiday. But really, this is an evergreen reminder that if you like someone, you should ask them to spend the romantic holiday with you.


"A good cause, poor odds, a chance to ruffle some Newpsie feathers? How could I say no?"

Sandy still knows the recipe for a fun time.


"Sometimes a good kid goes though a rough time. And we might think that by closing a door to her, or to him, we're teaching a lesson. And when that child needs us the most, we're not there for them."

What Sandy says while trying to get Marissa back into Harbor can be applied to any situation in which teens feel misunderstood and aren't getting the help they need.


"There’s been tragedy, and comedy, and first loves, and broken hearts. Family members were lost, and found. It hasn’t all been perfect, but we’re all family here."

Sandy says this after graduation, but it sums up the show and the rollercoaster ride of emotions it put fans through. The show's fourth and final season, following that finale, shows that no matter how many obstacles the characters encounter, their bond just keeps growing.

The O.C. wasn't always the most realistic of TV shows, but it spoke the truth — the painful truth — a lot of the time.