How To Deal When All You Want To Do Is Scream


If there was ever a time when we all needed an extra boost in the happiness department, it would be now. I can't sign onto Facebook without seeing people fighting and calling each other names and saying terrible, heartbreaking things like, "Make America great again!" I'm in desperate need of things to help me deal when all I want to do is scream β€” so I went looking for them. Most of these things make me laugh until my face hurts; one or two give me the good cry I need. Whatever the case may be, I always feel better after visiting these pages, which serve as a reminder that there are still things to smile about in our world, even if one of them isn't the president of our country and all of the people he's appointing to serve him.

But I won't get into that... right now. This is about self-care, after all.

Research has shown that smiling can help improve your mood and reduce stress, and a good belly laugh can boost your immune system and release a burst of endorphins. Having a good time is literally good for your health. Don't let current affairs cloud your state of happiness too much (although of course keep fighting the good fight, too). Keep on scrolling and feel the love.

Barack Obama/Joe Biden Memes

I play this scene out in my head and do their voices, and I giggle so much. Uncle Joe, you're silly.


Actual footage of the Oval Office right now.

The Endless Screaming Twitter Page

Basically an accurate representation of every single one of our inner monologues.

Trump's Hidden Musical Talent

Who knew he was so adept at ruining our basic freedoms and playing the accordion?

The I Feel Like Twitter Page

Go to the bathroom before you check this out, because you're going to laugh harder than you've ever laughed before. You've been warned.

Trump On Spinal Tap

How does this work so well?

Michelle Obama Rapping With Missy Elliot

Remember when this happened? Of course you do. How could any of us forget?

Every Single Post On Bustle's Instagram Page

I know what you're thinking, and don't worry: Bustle did request permission before they used these photos of me. (And also, no, those aren't really photos of me. Just, y'know, in case that wasn't actually clear.)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Don't ask me what it means. I don't know.

This Cover of "Creep"

Whenever you feel alone in the world, let Carrie Manolakos break your heart in the best way possible.

These Very Realistic Car Sound Effects

If this doesn't make you laugh, I can only assume you don't have a soul.


ZooBorns is a website dedicated entirely to newborns... born in the zoo! If baby animals can't turn that frown upside down, nothing can.

Tuna The Dog

Tuna the dog is beyond special. This Chiweenie has a major overbite, recessed jawline, and "shrivelneck." Follow him on Instagram and your day will instantly brighten. Also see: Walter and Norbert.

Some Of The Best Face Swaps You'll Ever See

@TopSwaps is a collection of some of the funniest face swaps ever created, like this baby face/nose swap. Genius!


When you're bored at work or sitting on the can, head to JibJab and throw your own gorgeous mug (and those of your pals) into funny clips and e-cards. It's quite entertaining/horrifying.