Tweets That Got Last Night's 'Bachelor' So Right

by Marenah Dobin

Even though Monday night's episode of The Bachelor was only one hour long, there was still a lot to talk about. As per usual, there were plenty of tweets about Week 9 of Nick Viall's Bachelor season in response to everything that went down. First off, there was that awkward and totally unnecessary Andi Dorfman cameo appearance that we were teased about for weeks. Don't get me wrong, I loved having her back on the TV screen, but it would have been a million times better if the final four women interacted with her. Did they even know she was there? Or were they just stranded outside in the freezing cold?

I have no idea why they just didn't have that rose ceremony inside, but it was the saddest one of the season (not that we've actually had many) since the most hyped up contestant, Corinne Olympios, was sent home. Love her or hate her, you have admit that was tough to watch. And it's even more difficult to move forward with Corinne-free episodes.

Then we still have the Rachel factor. Why is Rachel Lindsay still on this show when we all know she isn't going to end up with Nick? And her departure keeps getting dragged out since we only saw one fantasy suite this week and it wasn't even with her.

Along with the Corinne and Rachel situations, here are the tweets that summed up exactly what we were all thinking during the episode's key moments.

1. When Andi Walked In

They're really pulling out all the stops to add some drama to this season.

2. When Andi & Nick Actually Started Talking

I just hope that Andi talks about her appearance on Nick's season in her next book. Please.

3. When The Rose Ceremony Took Place Outdoors

Why couldn't they do this inside of the hotel? Were the women not miserable enough? That was so unnecessary.

4. When Corinne Got Sent Home

I know that Corinne isn't everyone's cup of tea, but how are we supposed to get through the remaining episodes without her antics?

5. When Corinne Declared That She Was Done Sucking Up To Men

Good for Corinne! Plus, this is the perfect lead-in segment if she appears on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

6. When Corinne Said She Wanted A "Normal Relationship"

I don't blame her for thinking this, but I'm not sure what she was expecting from this experience.

7. When Corinne Fell Asleep In The Limo

Even in her exit speech, she was classic Corinne. Taking a nap on screen was the perfect way for her to end her time on the show.

8. When You Realized That Rachel Is Still There

We all love Rachel. I mean, that's why she was chosen to star on The Bachelorette. But I could not feel any less invested in her relationship with Nick when I know that she doesn't end up with him.

9. When You Tried To Come Up With Logical Reasons For Rachel's Presence

Maybe they didn't spoil the season with the whole Bachelorette announcement, and Rachel makes it to the end but doesn't choose Nick herself. It could happen, right?

10. When Nick Went On A Date With Raven In Finland

When I think about traveling on The Bachelor, I usually think of tropical locations and beach make-out sessions — not shivering in Finland. But at least, the word "Finland" provides plenty of opportunity for puns.

11. When Nick's Turtleneck Appeared On Screen

Yep, we also had to watch Nick make out with Raven in a huge turtleneck.

12. When Raven Said Her Ex Never Gave Her An Orgasm

This reaction to Raven's claims just makes me think that her ex's phone must have been blowing up when this episode aired.

13. When Raven Told Nick She Loves Him... Again

Raven has been the best person on this show for a while, but I am just so confused by all of her voiceover dialogue about how she's nervous to tell Nick she loves him. She. Already. Did. This. MANY EPISODES AGO. I blame Nick's lack of reaction for why she may have forgotten.

14. When You Realized This Episode Was Only An Hour

We only got to see one date, but at least we get Corinne and Alexis back next week.

15. When You See Rachel In The Preview For Next Week

Nice try, Chris Harrison. There's no way your narration is going to get us hyped about what's at stake during Rachel's overnight date with Nick.

My head is still reeling from Monday night's episode. Sure, it was only one hour, but so many tweet-worthy things happened. Now, I just want more.