23 Tweets About Week 8 Of Nick's 'Bachelor' Season That Will Make You Say "Same"

ABC/Phillippe Bosse

Things definitely got real for Nick Viall Monday night in all four of his relationships on The Bachelor. Nick went on hometown dates with each of the women and even asked multiple parents for blessings to marry. Needless to say, the episode had plenty of awkward moments and there were plenty of tweets that served up perfect reaction to week 8 of Nick's Bachelor season.

There was just so much to react to from Nick and Raven making out in what appeared to be a swamp to Rachel taking Nick to church to Corinne shopping with Nick at an "exclusive mall" to Vanessa and Nick making a scrapbook with her students. Nick experienced quite a bit, and I have to say that all of the women were super lovable. I have no idea how Nick was able to make a choice after those dates, but obviously he has and we'll get to see that next week since we were stuck with another "to be continued" episode.

And that's because at the end of this episode, Nick's first Bachelorette ex, Andi Dorfman, showed up. Obviously, she's just there to look fabulous, show him what he could have had, and impart some sort of advice, but I'm still excited to see what kind of conversation they have. Unfortunately, we all have to wait until next Monday for that to go down.

In the meantime, I have these tweets to give me both entertainment and solace as I try my best to pass the time until the next episode.

1. When Nick Had The "Rose Ceremony" On The Couch

Where was Chris Harrison? That was not a rose ceremony. Sure it was cute, but now I want to know what they were all planning to wear that night.

2. When Nick & Raven Made Out Covered In Mud

It sounds totally gross, but Nick and Raven turned their mud make out into a totally romantic date. Raven manages to make everything cute.

3. When Raven Found Out That Her Dad Is Cancer-Free

This was definitely one of the most heart-warming moments of the episode.

4. When Nick Went From Rachel's Date To Corinne's

Don't get me wrong, I loved both dates, but showing them back to back made the differences really stand out.

5. When Rachel Took Nick To Church

With her hometown date, Rachel made some fans love her even more.

6. When You Got Sucked Into Shipping Nick & Rachel

Why did they spoil the ending to their own show? This is so tough to watch now.

7. When You Couldn't Help Rooting For Nick & Rachel Anyway

It would be a #TotalNickMove to turn up on Rachel's Bachelorette season. At the very least, he could pull an Andi Dorfman-style cameo appearance.

8. When Rachel's White Brother-In-Law Told Nick He Was White

I mean, he wasn't wrong and it was a hilarious way to break the ice.

9. When Rachel's Dad Did Not Appear On The Show

We were all looking forward to Rachel's dad confronting Nick, but I guess we will have to wait until Rachel's Bachelorette season until he appears.

10. When Corinne Dropped $3K On Her Shopping Spree

I loved everything about Corinne treating Nick to that shopping spree at that very exclusive mall in Miami. I have no idea how a mall can be "exclusive," but I loved how every salesperson seemed to be familiar with Corinne. That felt right to me.

11. When Corinne Told Nick She Loved Him

This isn't boding well for my girl Corinne.

12. When Nick Met Raquel

Nick's one-on-one with Raquel was everything to me.

13. When Nick Tried The Olives

It seemed like there was so much weight placed on that moment and it really didn't seem like Nick was super into the olives that Mr. Olympios prepared.

14. When Corinne Told Her Dad She Loves Nick & They've Been Dating For A Month & A Half

Oh, Corinne.

15. When Corinne Talked To Her Dad About Her & Nick's Future

This conversation only would have been better if Corinne's dad mentioned something about sponsored Instagram posts.

16. When Corinne's Dad Said She Was The Lid To Nick's Pot

The phrasing was unusual, but I will be looking for excuses to apply this metaphor in my own life.

17. When Nick Met Vanessa's Students

This was definitely one of the sweetest dates of the season. How can Nick not pick Vanessa?

18. When Vanessa's Dad Didn't Want To Give Nick His Blessing, But Did Anyway

I love Vanessa's dad for asking the questions that needed to be asked. I also loved him for giving in since it's clearly what Vanessa would want him to do.

19. When Vanessa Realized Other Women Were Dating Nick

Vanessa seemed very thrown off when she realized Nick had similar conversations about getting engaged with the other women's families during hometown dates. I felt bad for her, but that's the whole premise of the show.

20. When Raven Talked About Being Afraid To Tell Nick She Loved Him

Raven is my girl, but she already told Nick that she fell in love with him during their private time during a previous date.

21. When Andi Showed Up

She would never! But it would be poetic if she really did pull a Nick and join the competition.

22. When You Put More Thought Into Andi's Appearance

Obviously, fans are happy to see Andi, but there's seriously no chance that she's there to do anything other than dispense advice and throw some shade Nick's way.

23. When The Episode Ended Without A Rose Ceremony AGAIN

This is ridiculous. The episodes are supposed to end with eliminations so I can mourn the loss for a whole week until the next Monday.

I need to know what happens next and I need it now. Thank god I have Twitter to give me some Bachelor entertainment in the meantime.