15 Vegan Easter Dessert Ideas To Add To Your Traditional Sweet Spread

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming, and everywhere you look, people are wearing pastels, which can only mean one thing: spring is officially here. If you're kicking off the season by hosting a holiday gathering for friends and families, you might want to think about including some of these vegan Easter dessert ideas to your menu. Delicious, seasonal, and easy to make, these sweet treats will make everyone feel welcome around your table.

Like most major holidays, Easter is about the big F's: family, friends, good faith, and, of course, food. From the classic holiday ham or lamb to the freshly picked vegetable dishes to animal-shaped desserts, having a complete and delicious menu at Easter is just as important as finding all the hidden eggs by the end of the day.

But just like any other gathering that is centered around food, making sure every guest has options is one of the most important jobs of hosting. Whether you're throwing an Easter brunch for relatives, a festive lunch for friends, or a traditional dinner for everyone you know and love, planning to accommodate different dietary restrictions and allergies is a must.

That's why, this holiday, make sure to include some of these 15 vegan Easter dessert ideas on your menu. Everyone deserves a sweet treat after dinner, and with these recipes, you can make sure that comes true.

1. Vegan Raspberry Lemon Chia "Cheesecake"

Love & Lemons

One of those desserts that tastes as good as it looks, this rich and beautiful raspberry lemon chia "cheesecake" from Love & Lemons is a must this Easter. While it may take a little more time and effort than other desserts, every minute spent creating this decadent dish that bursts with creaminess and just the right mount of tart flavors.

2. Two-Layer Raw Chocolate Brownies

Oh She Glows

Can you really call it a celebration unless there's chocolate there? Fill your table with rich, cocoa goodness by throwing together these vegan, gluten free, no-bake brownies from Oh She Glows. Made from a mouthwatering combination of nuts, dates, seeds, and of course cocoa, these brownies are so delicious, they're almost too good to be true.

3. Strawberry Kiwi Slush

Whitney Bond

Who says you can't drink your dessert? Loaded with fresh fruits and just a hint of sweetener, Whitney Bond's strawberry kiwi slush is an easy-to-make, fun-to-slurp dessert that will have kids and adults asking for seconds of this appropriately pink Easter treat.

4. Vegan Chocolate PB&J Cups

Love & Lemons

Kids aren't the only ones who should get sweet treats on Easter, so make sure your holiday includes candy for the adults, too. These vegan chocolate peanut butter and jelly cups from Love & Lemons are the perfect small snack for guests to munch on after the meal, or to take home and enjoy later.

5. One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Oh She Glows

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, these one bowl chocolate chunk cookies from Oh She Glows make pleasing everyone at dessert time a breeze. Chewy and gooey and oh-so-addicting, these fully-loaded cookies are easy to make, easy to clean up after, and even easier to eat.

6. Vegan Peanut Butter Doughnuts

Fo Reals Life

If you're hosting an Easter brunch instead of a dinner this year, make sure your pastry basket is stacked with plenty of after-meal treats, like these vegan peanut butter doughnuts from Fo Reals Life. Sweet, cakey, and covered in creamy peanut butter and chocolate glaze, these donuts will be the most Instagram-worthy dish on the dessert table.

7. No-Bake Peach Tarts with Ginger and Coconut

The Kitchn

Gluten-free, vegan, and no-bake-needed, these beautiful peach tarts from The Kitchn are almost too pretty to eat. The perfect combination of juicy peaches, spicy ginger, and smooth coconut, these eye-catching desserts have something in them for everyone.

8. Blueberry Lemon Almond Cake

Fruits and nuts come together in this sweet and tart dessert cake from Green Kitchen Stories that can easily be made vegan-friendly. A distant relative of the traditional sponge cake, this blueberry lemon almond cake is rich, sweet, and just the right amount of sour to please the taste buds of everyone who tries it.

9. Almost Instant Chocolate Chia Pudding

Oh She Glows

Make your holiday just a little bit easier with this *almost* instant chocolate chia pudding from Oh She Glows. Creamy, cool, and naturally sweetened, this decadent dessert will be a hit with vegan and non-vegans alike.

10. Jessica's Pistachio Oat Squares

Love & Lemons

Add a little crunch to your creamy dessert table by adding Jessica's Pistachio Oat Squares, as shared on Love & Lemons. A nutty, flaky alternative to traditionally rich desserts, these are the perfect after meal bites for people who usually don't enjoy sweets.

11. Vegan Banana & Chocolate Coconut Pie

The Kitchn

No matter the holiday, pie is a must. Instead of baking this Easter, though, try this simple vegan banana and chocolate coconut cream pie from The Kitchn that only requires the crust goes in the oven. Rich and creamy, this dessert is so good, you'll forget it's a vegan version.

12. Healthier Strawberry Shortcake

Cookie + Kate

With the help of this healthier dessert idea from Cookie + Kate, you can have your cake and eat it too. A vegan version of a traditionally sugar and cream-heavy dish, this strawberry shortcake made with coconut milk, maple syrup, honey, and plenty of fresh strawberries, will make you feel (almost) healthy while you chow down.

13. No-Bake Coconut Snowballs

The Kitchn

Can you tell I appreciate a good dessert that doesn't require the oven being turned on? Smooth, sweet, and bite-sized these no-bake coconut snowballs from The Kitchn only take a few minutes to make, and even less time to eat. Trust me when I say you're going to want a double batch for this dessert.

14. Blackberry Sorbet

Naturally Ella

Spring is in full swing, which means its time to start experimenting with cold desserts. What better time than Easter to try Naturally Ella's sweet and juicy blackberry sorbet? Easy to make and allergy and food restriction-friendly, this icy dessert will help you throw the coolest holiday gathering yet.

15. Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Bean Macaroons

Love & Lemons

Break out the vegan chocolate and get ready to have fun making these crunchy and sweet vanilla bean macaroons from Love & Lemons. Bite-sized sweets that will have everyone reaching for seconds, these vegan-friendly coconut cookies will disappear before your eyes as quickly as you can serve them, so make sure to bake extras.