15 Beauty Products Every Cat Lover Needs

There are few things I love more than cats and makeup. When those two things collide, it's basically a party as far as I'm concerned. That's why these 16 beauty products every cat lovers needs are so perfect. From sheets masks to glosses, you may not think that a lot exists in the world of beauty and cats, but it's really not that niche of a market.

Cat-themed beauty really isn't that odd in the grand scheme of things. If you're a beauty and skin care lover, you know that there are some seriously strange products on the market (see: sheet masks with snail enzyme and bee venom). Since there are products that you wouldn't expect all over the place these days, why not have cat makeup? From Hello Kitty products to lip gloss meant to simulate the feel of kissing a cat's wet nose, this stuff exists, and it's perfect for cat lovers.

Plus, products don't have to be quite so overt. From Katy Perry's Katy Kat range with Covergirl to cat eye makeup looks and similarly themed palettes and mascaras, there's subtle and overt homages to your favorite felines all over the beauty industry. These 16 beauty products, though, are all clearly cat-centric, and if you're looking to combine your too favorite things, you're in luck.

1. Cat Headband

Etude House My Beauty Tool Kitty Hair Band, $8, Hollar

If you love a good mask, this cat headband will keep your hair in place while you relax.

2. Anti-Wrinkle Cat Mask

SNP Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Sheet, $5, ULTA

Fight wrinkles and have an adorable cat mask? Yes, please.

3. Sleeping Mask

Wildfox Cateye Beauty SleepEye Mask, $34, Saks

Sleep is integral to beauty. Why not sleep with a cat mask?

4. Cat Face Mask

Baby Magic Mask Sheet Soothing Cat, $2, MeMeBox

Who doesn't want a cat face while they treat their skin?

5. Kitten Perfume

Kitten Fur 1oz., $20, Demeter

This may not be for me, but for the serious cat lover, it's perfect.

6. Cat Makeup Bag

The Emily & Meritt Cat Shaped Pouch, $25, PBTeen

You'll need something to carry all those cat-themed product in.

7. Cat Mirror

Tabletop Cat Mirror, $16, Urban Outfitters

For putting on your cat makeup.

8. Cat Shaped Perfume

Grace by Grace Coddington, $145, Sephora

Now to find out how to repurpose the bottle.

9. Cat Compact Mirror

Betsey Johnson Compact Mirror, $35, Macy's

Yes to cats in flower crowns.

10. Cat Soap

Bar Soap Party Pack, $28, Meow Meow Tweet

Cats may not like water, but you will with this soap.

11. Cat Lady Liner

Eye of the Tiger Feliner, $18, Crazy Cat Lady Concotions

Get that cat eye perfect.

12. Cat Nail Decals

Black Cat Nail Transfers, $5, Etsy/Kate Broughton

Carry your love of cats everywhere via your nails.

13. Tiger Mask

Berrisom Animal Mask — Cat, $14, Amazon

Domestic cats aren't the only cat products out there.

14. Cat Lip Gloss

Cat Lip Gloss Set, $6, Forever21

Who could pass up something so cute?

15. Cat Lip Balm

Too Cool For School Max in Pocket Lip Balm, $12, Sephora

It's purrrfect.

If you love cats just as much as you love beauty, these 15 products are seriously going to make your day.

16. Paul & Joe Lipstick

Paul & Joe Lipstick Refill, $15, Beauty Bay

Does a cuter lipstick exist? I think not.