16 Chocolate Products At Trader Joe's That Every Chocolate Lover Needs To Try Immediately

Very few people can resist the rich, creamy, decadence of chocolate. It is a vice for many and a borderline addiction for some. For most, though, chocolate is one of those little parts of life that just makes everything a little bit sweeter. Some prefer it in its natural candy form, while others see it more as an ingredient. If you are a self-proclaimed chocoholic looking to add a little variety to your cocoa-filled repertoire, quirky grocer extraordinaire is here to help with these 16 things all chocolate lovers need to try from Trader Joe's.

To call chocolate popular in the United States would be a gross understatement. In reality, $22.4 billion was spent on chocolate in 2017 alone, according to Statista; the highest amount we've spent on chocolate in five years. If past trends serve as any indication for what is to come, 2018 could very well top that staggering statistic.

Considering the competitive market and clear demand for chocolate-y goods, is it any surprise Trader Joe's threw its hat in the ring for most creative chocolate offerings? I don't think so. True chocolate fans will already know about most of what TJ's has to offer, but if you really want to be in the know, here are all the goodies to look out for the next time you're perusing the aisles.

1. Sumatra Coffee Brownies

There are very few perfect pairings in the world, but coffee and chocolate are undoubtedly one of the finest. These brownies are perfect when you want a more substantive, chewable alternative to your dessert espresso.

2. Crunch Cinnamon Squares Milk Chocolate Bar

How can you go wrong with the best breakfast cereal combined with chocolate?

3. Chocolate Filled French Crêpes

When domestic desserts just won't do the trick.

4. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

If this cookie were an emoji it would be the one smiling and drooling with closed eye. This one is a bargain at $3.99 when many restaurants have been known to charge upwards of $8.99. Plus you can't eat a restaurant skillet cook in in your underwear. Check. Mate.

5. Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

The orange and chocolate combination is particularly popular during the holidays, but these treats allow you to indulge all year round.

6. Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar

Is is a sweet snack? Is it a breakfast beverage? Only one way to find out.

7. Chocolate Mint Flavored Cupcakes

These fancy little treats have a rich hidden secret: ganache filling in the middle.

8. Sipping Chocolate

Who says you need teeth to get your chocolate fix?

9. Chocolate Bar Quintet

This wintry variety pack contains five bars of unique chocolate confections. It includes cinnamon crisp, orange peel, honey, hazelnut, and toffee and sea salt.

10. Chocolate Babka

Trader Joe's take on this New York classic is one of the best you can get outside of the Big Apple.

11. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Arguably the best companion for chocolate is peanut butter. The depth of the dark chocolate in these perfectly complements the salty filling.

12. Chocolate Almond Butter Tart

Think of it as the fancier cousin of a classic peanut butter pie.

13. Chocolatey Cats Cookies

You know, there is a good chance these were intended for children, but kids always have the best food, so don't let that discourage you.

14. Chocolate Chip Waffles

It is hard to imagine a way someone could make the best breakfast food even better, but adding chocolate chips definitely can.

15. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans are great because not only are they delicious, they are a quick and easy way to fulfill both your sugar and caffeine needs.

16. 4-Pound Plus Bars

Trader Joe's took the motto "So nice we did it twice," only they doubled it. This take on their acclaimed Belgian bars is quadruple the size of their traditional Pound Plus bars. Available in both dark and milk, it's perhaps the best (and largest) item a chocolate lover can snag at their local TJ's.