16 Comey Day Watch Party Photos That Will Make You Say Lordy

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

From yoga parties to backyard brunches — and lots of booze — people across the country tuned in to watch the real-life Scandal-esque political showdown, as former FBI director James Comey testified about the president. The photos of Comey watch parties from around the United States offered an inside look at how Americans were handling the testimony.

On Thursday, Comey began his highly anticipated congressional testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his encounters with President Donald Trump, who abruptly fired him in May. Comey's dismissal came in the wake of the FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections. Since taking office, Trump's presidency has been mired in controversy, from an executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries to his recent decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. In the transcript released prior to the testimony, however, it was apparent that Comey's statements on his dealings with Trump are some of the most provocative developments of the presidency thus far.

In written testimony, Comey explained he was pressured by President Trump to offer his loyalty and back off the Russian investigation. And, people across the country were eagerly watching to see whether his statements could lay the grounds for his impeachment.

Politically savvy Americans from Michigan to North Carolina gathered, many with plenty of snacks in hand, to watch the show unfold. Here are photos of #ComeyDay from Twitter users across the country.

1. Bright And Early

Matt Pearce on Twitter

#ComeyDay started early on the West Coast, with doughnuts, mimosas, and lots of caffeine.

2. Savory Snacks

Corey Townsend on Twitter

This Twitter user feasted at his Comey Party — shout-out to whoever brought Girl Scout cookies for the occasion...

3. Comey Yoga

Matt Pearce on Twitter

With all the craziness associated with the Trump administration, this watch party took some time for yoga and to embrace their zen side.

4. Long Lines

Jordan J Frasier on Twitter

Many people hit the bars to watch the testimony. Bars across the country hosted viewing parties, and the lines were long.

5. Free Drinks

Laura Olson on Twitter

But at Union Pub in Washington, D.C., the lines were certainly worth it — free drinks were offered for every #TrumpTweet.

6. Tense Crowd

Leila Miller on Twitter

In some bars, like the Tattle Tale Room in Los Angeles, the mood was tense, as watchers sipped mimosas with their eyes glued to the screen.

7. No Leg Room

Alicia Rose on Twitter

At other bars, like Duffy's Irish Pub in D.C., the party was packed.

8. Movie Theater Party

Kimberly King on Twitter

While in North Carolina, viewers sat back and relaxed at a dine-in theater.

9. Comey Covfefe Specials

Katie Rogers on Twitter

At some parties, viewers brunched on Comey-inspired pub fare: the FBI breakfast, covfefe coffee, and, of course, vodka.

10. Spirited Drinks

KPRC Cathy Hernandez on Twitter

Others sipped on frozen covfefe — with the ingredients described as "a secret only known to a few select and loyal people" — or a tasty, vodka-fueled impeachment.

11. And More Drinks...

Thou Mayest Coffee on Twitter

Twitter users really like their covfefe-inspired concoctions...

12. Backyard Brunch

Naper Gals on Twitter

This Twitter user kept things more low-key: a leisurely backyard brunch with friends and mimosas.

13. Hardworking Watchers

Margo Roen on Twitter

This woman and her co-workers couldn't take the day off work, so they brought the watch party to the office.

14. Work Break

Evergreen Partners on Twitter

At Evergreen Partners in New Jersey, meetings were cancelled and snacks bought as employees took a break to watch the show.

15. An Educational Viewing

Steve Chisnell on Twitter

At Royal Oak High School in Michigan, this English teacher used the testimony as a teaching opportunity.

16. Comey And Cake

Avery Cooper on Twitter

But out of all the #ComeyDay parties across the country, nothing beats how this Twitter user spent her morning: Comey and cake. Need we say more?