16 Donald Trump Jr. Tweets That Might As Well Have Broken The Internet

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Donald Trump's son has been living in the public eye for quite awhile, but what you might not know about him is that he loves Twitter as much as his father does. In fact, Donald Trump Jr. tweets pretty much constantly, and a lot of his tweets are pictures of food, clap-backs against people who don't like his dad, and questionable jokes at the expense of social movements. If you check out his feed, you'll see that if you scroll to the bottom where it loads more tweets, you'll still be on the same day as where you started at the top of his feed.

Over the course of his father's presidential campaign and time in office, Trump Jr. has tweeted some truly astonishing (and often incredibly controversial) pieces of content. He's a fan of attacking socialism, retweeting conservative influencers and publications, and standing up for his dad whenever possible.

Like his father, Trump Jr. also has a penchant for releasing important information via his Twitter feed, in lieu of the more traditional setting of a press conference. For example, Trump Jr. released his emails with Russian diplomats via a Twitter post.

Donald Trump might be the king of Twitter, but his son isn't too far behind. Here are 19 times Trump Jr. basically broke the internet with his astonishing tweets:

The Time He Tweeted During The Grammys

When Hillary Clinton showed up at the 2018 Grammy Awards to read an excerpt from Michael Wolff's book Fire and Fury (which details the first year of the Trump administration), Trump Jr. was not happy.

After this tweet, he reportedly added in a follow up tweet, “The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have ‪@realDonaldTrump in office ‪#GrammyAwards2018.”

The Time He Incorrectly Referenced The #MeToo Movement

There's a lot going on in this tweet. First, Trump Jr. is incorrectly using the #MeToo hashtag (and arguably mocking it) in a tweet by conservative Candace Owens which thanked the President for saying he loved the way she thinks.

Then in a follow-up he got angry about her tweet being supposedly deleted by Twitter, when in actuality she had deleted it herself to rephrase the content in a newer post.

The Time He Talked About Self-Awareness

Twitter had a field day with this one. After accusing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (the man representing Harvey Weinstein) of being a hypocrite, Twitter users went to town on Trump Jr.'s own lack of self awareness, given how many sexual harassment claims have been laid against his father, to no avail. Trump has denied any misconduct, and maintains that all sexual abuse and assault allegations against him are false.

One such Twitter user clapped back, "Worth noting that your father has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by more than a dozen women."

The Time He Told People To Vote On The Wrong Day ... Twice

So, election day was on the day he was tweeting, and Trump Jr. told everyone to vote the next day. Enough said.

His "This Is Why I'm Fat" Twitter Series

Trump Jr. seems to love posting pictures of food and captioning those pictures with some variation of "This is why I'm fat." It's like a collection at an art gallery, only different. He's done it with buffalo wings, a queso fountain, and even warmhearted familial anecdotes.

All The Times He Proved That "Moron" Was His Favorite Insult

In addition to posting pictures of food and explaining how they make him fat, Donald Trump Jr. has another habit of calling Twitter users who offend him "morons." He especially likes to do it while correcting their grammar, which seems to be a two-for-one victory in a single tweet.

The Time He Revealed A Serious Frustration Against Hipsters

This one doesn't really seem to need explanation. Or rather, it defies any explanation whatsoever.

The Time He Used The World "Lit" To Describe A Supreme Court Retirement

Though it makes sense for why conservatives would view Justice Kennedy's retirement as a "lit" situation, the word seems a little bit forced here.

Also, it's worth noting that Trump Jr.'s "lit" week included the Supreme Court upholding a travel ban and a judge ordering his father to return migrant children to their parents, to name a few things.

That Time He Retweeted This

In what was a shockingly offensive move, Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted this image, and Trump Jr. felt a need to retweet it. It's possible Huckabee was trying to suggest that Pelosi wasn't tough enough on MS-13 gang members. Regardless of his thinking, many on Twitter accused the tweet of being racist.

That Time He Used A Historic Political Win As A Way To Misconstrue Socialism

Though most democrats would agree about their desires to impeach Trump and reform ICE, Trump Jr.'s belief that democrats want to ban the Second Amendment or get rid of borders can't be backed up.

Plus, his reference to "unbridled socialism," a direct callout to the historic win of 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was inaccurate. Though Ocasio-Cortez has been endorsed by (and is a member of) the Democratic Socialists of America, this doesn't mean she's an "unbridled" socialist looking to uproot capitalism. As Vox's Jennie Neufeld notes, "the DSA is not a formal political party. Rather, it claims to be 'the largest socialist organization' in America and tries to work within the Democratic Party to weaken capitalism, not end it." For example, Ocasio-Cortex supports Medicare-for-all, as well as a single-payer health care system, tuition-free college, and banning private prisons, to name a few of her issues.

The Time He Used Hillary Clinton's Campaign Slogan To Support Kanye West

In a similar move to his "Me Too" hashtagging, Trump Jr. used Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan as a way to support Kim Kardashian's defense of her husband Kanye West. West notably tweeted a variety of controversial statements about supporting Donald Trump and also claimed that African Americans chose to be enslaved for 400 years.

The Time He "Side-Eyed" Meryl Streep

It's a bold move, taking on the majesty that is Meryl Streep. But Trump Jr. is a bold man, and wasn't psyched about Streep's comments to a reporter that she wanted Melania and Ivanka Trump to speak up.

Streep said, “I don’t want to hear about the silence of me. I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump. I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.”

The Time He Made A Puzzling Reference Towards #Trump2020

Is Trump Jr. arguing that an unsafe country for women will improve his father's chance at the presidency? Or that women in the United States are totally safe and this is a complete lie, which it's not? It's unclear. Maybe he will tweet a follow-up to clarify.

The Time He Was Annoyed By The Idea Of Oprah Running For President

After Oprah gave a rousing speech at the Golden Globes, and NBC posted a tweet calling her "OUR future president," Trump Jr. was extremely displeased. The end.

The Time He Argued For Less Complex Disney Characters

In response to a tweet that argued Disney needs to create more princesses who have had abortions, are pro-choice, are undocumented immigrants, union workers, and trans people, Trump Jr. disagreed pretty heavily. He didn't seem to recognize the implicit problem with Disney princesses, or all of the ways in which Disney princesses have been outdated in the past. It's unclear whether he liked Moana or not.

The Time He Incorrectly Interpreted Socialism ... Again

Journalist Gabriella Paiella from The Cut explained the irony in this tweet perfectly: "Ah yes, nothing like a holiday in which the collective benefits from the distribution of free goods to illustrate that socialism is bad."

Overall, it's pretty hard to say whether it would be better if Trump Jr. would never tweet again, or if it's preferable for him to let his steam out on this outlet rather than in another area. Really, though, who messes with Meryl Streep and Oprah?

The Time He Was Repeatedly Trolled By Seth Rogen Via Twitter DM

This is just good, clean comedy by Seth Rogen, who began DMing Trump Jr. after finding out that the President's son followed him on Twitter. Stephen Colbert did it too.

Trump Jr. has yet to respond to Rogen's trolling.

As with any online relationship, Twitter users have interacted with Trump Jr. just as much as he has posted. Check out some of the best clapbacks to Trump Jr.'s tweets, if you can't get enough of the social media prowess of Trump's Twitter-happy son.