16 Fourth Of July Red, White & Blue Dessert Recipes That You Still Have Time To Make

It can sometimes seem that the Fourth of July is less about the fireworks in the sky and more about the fireworks on the plate. After the grill's aw-worthy performance is the grand finale: dessert. And what a spectacle it can be with Fourth of July red, white and blue dessert recipes. On the Fourth of July, deliver a dessert you'd salute.

With the plethora of fresh berries hitting their ripe stride in July, it won't be too difficult to throw together a patriotic plate. Simply smear buttercream frosting or whipped cream over a red velvet base and sprinkle the swirly tops with red and blue berries. Alternate yogurt and berries for a patriotic trifle. Stock up on star shaped cookie cutters and sprinkles to shower cookies and cakes. Your Fourth of July dessert display will rival your local Fire Department's showing of fireworks.

Fire up the grill and smack a few burgers, hotdogs and countless ears of corn on it. Toss your potato salad in sour cream and serve a hefty amount of ruffled chips alongside it. But save some room and consider dinner an appetizer this year. When it comes to Independence Day celebrations it's all about dessert.