16 Genius Things On Amazon Grown-Ass Women Will Love

As a grownass woman, I'm not easily impressed by products anymore. When I was younger, if something cool was cheap AF, I'd buy it. But after a few duds, I've grown a lot smarter — so if I'm going to spend money, lately it's been on genius products on Amazon that make life easier.

Luckily, a good deal and a brilliant product don't have to be mutually exclusive. Amazon is filled with stuff to help you get organized, speed up your mornings, and basically make life a little less stressful. Are you constantly running out the door, just to notice your shirt is hopelessly wrinkled? Don't bust out the iron and be late, just use a wrinkle release spray for an instant pressed look. That's only one of many impressive products that women will love.

Some of these products not only speed up your day — they're also pretty fun. If you've ever wanted a Doc Brown style breakfast machine, this breakfast sandwich maker comes pretty close. Also, you'll make everyone at work jealous when you roll in with a freshly made egg sandwich every day.

So, put your hard earned cash to good use and check out some of these genius products on Amazon. You're a grownass woman, you don't have time for anything less than amazing.


These Brilliant Toiletries That Are TSA Friendly

Squeeze Pod 10 Day Away Shower Toiletry Kit, $25 (30 Pack), Amazon

Don't mess with 3-ounce bottles and resealable plastic bags, just pack these toiletry pods and call it a day. You get squeezable pods of natural shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to last you through a 10 day vacation. The pods will pass through the TSA no problem and the sturdy design is guaranteed to never leak. Plus, the products themselves are all free of sulfates, parabens, and harsh chemicals.


This Little Magnetic Cloud That Holds Your Keys

Twone White Cloud Magnet Wall Key Holder, $8, Amazon

You'll never misplace your keys with this little cloud hanging around. Just stick this key holder wherever you like, because the powerful adhesive backing will keep it in place. Instead of dealing with hooks, a strong magnet holds your keys or any other metal items. Place one by the door and stick your keys there as soon as you get home so they'll never be lost.


This Handle That Makes It Easy To Carry Your Groceries

BaggyPal - Grocery Bag Holder, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

Bundle all your grocery bags together with this handle. The ergonomic holder makes it easier to carry one or multiple grocery bags without hurting your hands or wrists. If you have any joint pain, this holder will be quite a relief. One reviewer writes: "These handles really do help. You can put multiple bag handles into the groove and carry them together - limited only by how much weight you can carry and how bulky the group of bags is."


These Charcoal Bags That Get Rid Of Odors

Shoe Deodorizer Bags Activated Charcoal Air Purifiers, $7 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Get rid of any odor with no chemicals required with these little charcoal bags. The activated charcoal naturally absorbs moisture and odors, so you can put them in your shoes to keep them fresh or just toss them in your room to keep the air clear. They're perfectly safe to use around pets and last up to a year, because you can recharge them in the sunlight.


This Set That Organizes Your Fridge

Greenco Refrigerator Stackable Storage Bins, $30 (6 Piece), Amazon

This BPA-free stackable set will keep your fridge in order. These easy to clean bins give you a perfect place for your fruits, vegetables, drinks, and anything else you need to store. With a clean fridge, you're less likely to let food go bad, so this stacking set might save you money on your grocery bill. The set also includes an egg holder and a drink dispenser that holds up to nine cans.


This Incredible Glue That Does Everything

Sugru Moldable Glue, $22 (Pack of 8), Amazon

Hang a picture, fix a charger, and mend just about everything else with this glue. You can mold this glue into any shape, then let it cure at room temperature overnight. In the morning, it'll be rock hard and ready to use. Mold the glue around a broken mug handle and overnight, the handle will be as good as new — but it's waterproof, dishwasher proof, electrically insulating, and UV resistant, so you can use it on materials like aluminum, wood, and even some fabrics.


This Unscented Spray That Replaces Your Iron

Cold Iron Wrinkle Release Spray Unscented, $15, Amazon

A few spritzes of this spray and you'll get rid of the wrinkles on your clothing or bedding. The plant-based wrinkle release is completely unscented and also designed to remove odors and tame static cling. The 32-ounce bottle will last for months on end, and you might get to retire your iron forever.


This Blender That Makes Smoothies Insanely Easy

NutriBullet Blender, $80 (12 Piece), Amazon

This blender comes with two sized jars and sealing lids, so you can blend your smoothie right into your cup, then head out the door. The 600-watt motor can handle all fruits and vegetables and gives you a smooth blend in as little as 30 seconds. It's got stainless steel blades, and breaks down seeds, skin, and nuts for the healthiest, smoothest drinks you can make.


These Mesh Bags That Protect All Your Clothing In The Laundry

BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Bag Set, $8 (Set of 5), Amazon

Protect all your clothes with laundry bag set. The silky mesh bags keep your delicates safe to make your bras, hosiery, and underwear last through hundreds of washes. The bags make it easy to keep colors separate and the range of sizes will work for any of your clothes. This set also comes with a large dark bag that protects colors in the wash as well.


These Silicone Sponges That Never Smell

Innerneed Food-grade Antibacterial Silicone Dishwashing Brush, $16 (5 Pack), Amazon

These silicone sponges are so clean, they don't absorb bacteria or germs and never get that "old sponge" smell. Plus, the BPA-free silicone withstands up to 500 degrees, so you can use it as a potholder or trivet. Easy to clean, quick drying, these silicone brushes are the most hygienic option for your kitchen. They also come in different colors so you can color code them for things like scrubbing pots, pans, vegetables, and fruits.


This Cooker That Makes Breakfast In Under Five Minutes

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $23, Amazon

Don't wait in line at Starbucks for breakfast, use this sandwich maker for a morning meal that's ready in less than five minutes. Just put in your muffin, eggs, cheese, and meat or veggies, and you have a perfectly cooked breakfast ready to go by the time you get out of the shower. Your sandwich slips right out due to the non-stick coating, then you can put all the parts in the dishwasher for a deep clean.


This Daily Planner That Gives You The Best Year Ever

Bloom Daily Personal Planner 2017-2018, $8, Amazon

Keep track of your schedule and goals to have the best year ever with this planner. Covering August 2017 to July 2018, you get two-page spreads to cover each month, then space for more detailed notes for every week of the year. With inspirational quotes and places for extra notes, you'll keep all your appointments, lists, and ideas in order and be ready to achieve your goals for the year.


This Meal Prep Bag That Everyone On Amazon Loves

Fit & Fresh Jaxx FitPack Meal Prep Bag, $30, Amazon

Over 1,400 people on Amazon are going crazy for this meal prep kit. You get a BPA-free insulated bag, five reusable containers, an ice case, and a shaker bottle, so you'll have all the tools to bring a healthy lunch into the office. The containers are leak proof and the ice pack/insulated bag combo ensures your food stays cold and fresh all day long.


These Bamboo Towels That Are Super Soft And Hygienic

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels, $23 (Set of 4), Amazon

Grownass women don't need mildewy towels smelling up the bathroom, and that's exactly what you'll avoid with this bamboo cotton towel set. Bamboo is an eco-friendly product that's incredibly soft and antibacterial. It resists mold growth and mildew, so these towels will never smell and stay extra clean between washes. The super light feel leaves almost no lint on your body, and they dry quickly between uses.


This Innovative Desk Accessory That Charges All Your Devices At Once

MixMart Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Stand Dock, $26, Amazon

Keep your cords in order and your devices charged with this standing dock. The 100 percent bamboo organizer holds up to five devices with a USB plug for each. The material is eco-friendly and strong, and it even has a little holder for your desk essentials, like pens and scissors.


This Organizer That Keeps All Your Stuff Safe As You Travel

BUBM Nylon Waterproof Travel Organizer, $20, Amazon

It's easy to lose toothbrushes and chargers when you travel, so keep it all organized with this case. The water-resistant shell and padded interior keep your things from getting damaged, while the many pockets give you room for all your stuff. The durable handle and hanging hooks make it easy to carry or hang up in the bathroom for easy access, especially in small hotel bathrooms.

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