16 Items To Travel With That Will Upgrade Your Next Vacation, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type


I'm sure all of us are guilty of accumulating quite a lengthy wishlist of travel accessories we need after we book a new vacation. There are headphones, books, moisturizers, and eye masks to stock up on so you can feel at home both while you travel and once you land. But, you don't exactly want to roll around the weight of your bedroom and bathroom around do you? Don't worry, there are specific items to travel with that will upgrade your next vacation, based on your Myers-Briggs type. When you pack according to your personality type, you're ensuring that you'll have that specific necessity that helps accentuate the bliss of vacation.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a helpful personality assessment that allows you to get to know yourself a little better. According to the indicator, there are 16 personalities. While some people are introverted, others are extroverted. While some people tend to ~feel it out~, others analyze situations to arrive at a logical conclusion. It makes sense that ISTJ would travel in a different style than an ESFP. While one type might not be able to handle traveling without an assortment of organizational bags, another type could happily wander the world with only a backpack and two pairs of underwear.

Thankfully there is a superstore of travel products out there... and it's called the internet. And it covers everything, like accessories and knick knacks and journals, that will make any Myers-Briggs type feel comfortable while they're out navigating the the open road.


Women's Organizing Travel 4-pack


Uncommon Goods

You are all about staying organized. And let's be real, traveling isn't necessarily organizing goals. Our luggage turns into a pit of tangled clothes and you cringe at the thought of mixing clean and dirty underwear together. Enjoy your vacation by staying orderly with simple bags that keep all the necessities separate.


Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat Camera


Urban Outfitters

Your brain is always storing specifics about certain people you know and meet. Traveling brings a whole new wave of friends to remember things about. Make it easier on your mind by taking a million pictures. Because this camera is instant and you're considerate, leave a few pictures with new friends for them to remember you by.


The School of Life Journies Journal



You are fueled by finding meaning. Traveling isn't just to ~get away~, it's to connect and inspire. It's to have deep conversations, it's to potentially change your life, it's to dig your toes into hot sand and feel it all. It's crucial to keep notes which is why having a travel journal on hand and in hand, always, is necessary. This way, you won't forget that brilliant idea you got after that soul revealing conversation with the resort bartender.


Aesop Jet Set Travel Set



Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you're going to lower your standards for self-care. You're all about being independent, and probably find comfort in solo travel, which means you know how to take care of yourself. And to empower yourself even more, you ~treat yourself~. Look no further than this travel set of skin and hair care so you can look and feel your best beyond borders.


Standard Baggu



These babies roll up into tight little bunches so you can easily fit a ton in your carry on without hoarding too much space. When unraveled, they become reusable bags. It's perfect for toting fresh produce from the farmers market down the street from your AirBnB. You're all about efficiency and flexibility which makes this bag the travel companion of your dreams.


ENO SingleNest Hammock


Dick's Sporting Goods

While everyone is plugged into their headphones and reloading their Instagram feed, you're one to quietly absorb the beauty of the present moment. Why not travel with a portable hammock? It rolls up well for backpackers and will offer you many moments of cherished delight. Feel the sea breeze wash over your shoulders and feel like you're floating.


Real Binoculars by Seedling



You're curious by nature, so when you're booking travel, it's probably for a safari adventure or a whale-watching excursion. You leave the house to learn. Why would you go on any of these journeys without a set of binoculars to get the close up of that whale breaching or that lion roaring?


Paris Museum Pass


Paris Museum Pass

You are not one for nonsense. When you're traveling it's more about taking in the facts. What's historical about a certain locale? What's culturally significant? And so it makes sense that it's museums that really get you going. Get yourself a museum pass. Paris, France has a great option. Just saying


Picturesque Florals Passport Holder



If you catch wind of a travel deal, you are not one to pass it up. Even if that means your ticket says you take off tomorrow. Spontaneous and all about being active, you're constantly mazing around this fascinating world. And because one ticket leads to another, make sure you have your passport in a vibrant cover so that you don't lose it. You wouldn't want to miss another opportunity to cross borders.


Body Silk - Rose | Ylang


French Girl Organics

Traveling is your nature. You adapt well to both new environments and social groups. Let your skin easily adapt to the climates too. Let's be real, you can totally rough it, as long as you're with a decent group of people, but you don't hate a little bit of luxury. Hey, it's all about staying comfortable while you're bopping from city to city. Keeping yourself feeling fresh with organic, mesmerizingly fragrant body spray.


Large Straw Tote



If the world is full of possibilities, like how you see it, you're going to need a bigger bag. A modern Mary Poppins, you can fit just about anything in a bag meaning that where you go and what you take with you can amount to endless possibilities.


Vivian Sunglasses



You are always on the go to combat boredom and routine. Protect your eyes from the bright travels ahead and don't leave the hotel room without your sunglasses.


2018 Need a Vacation Planner by kate spade new york


Paper Source

You are the friend who organizes the crew's whole vacation — from finding travel deals to making the Pinterest board vacation dream become a reality. With all this itinerary concocting going on, you'll be grateful for a planner that keeps things organized so you can move through your vacation logistically and with ease.


The Carry On



You're a person who just wants things to go well. And you'll go out of your way to achieve that harmony. Let your luggage do a little bit of that work for you. This carry on by AWAY will keep your belongings secure thanks to its unbreakable design and your phone charged, thanks to its ingenious ejectable charging station.


ASOS Straw Floppy Hat with Polka Dot Bow Detail and Size Adjuster



When you're traveling it's definitely with a crew. And you're leading the pack from beach to surfing lessons to the bar. Because you're always taking responsibility, you should probably have a hat that stands out so your friends can keep up and find you as you zig zag from activity to activity.


We Are Never Meeting In Real Life.: Essays



Sure, you made the Pinterest board, you analyzed when the best day to purchase tickets would be, you scripted the itinerary. And now all you need for a perfect vacation is a good book. Look no further than 'Samantha Irby's We Are Never Meeting In Real Life.: Essays.' You appreciate a solid read and Irby's stories will keep you laughing as if you're on a really good first date. Take the book to dinner!