The One Life Upgrade That Will Boost Your Career In 2018, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

In order to keep your career from getting too boring, you need to invest time in making some changes every once in a while. They don't even have to be huge and life-changing — making some basic adjustments could be key to improving, boosting motivation, and maybe even making you excited to head to the office. When it changing things in your career, though, it can be tough to figure out where to start, because the whole idea can be a little intimidating. Instead of opting for general tips, you should go for something that's more personalized for you. Your Myers-Briggs type is a great place to start to get ideas on life upgrades to make in your career.

In case you aren't familiar with the term, your Myers-Briggs type is an examination of your personality based on Jungian psychology. To determine your type, you can take a test through the official MBTI organization. After the test, you'll be given four letters that determine who you are (seriously, you'd be surprised at how accurate these can be!). Once you know your type, there's a ton of information on your strengths and weaknesses that can be used to figure out how to make important decisions. And, in this case, it can lead you to some answers on what to do with your job.

Whether you want to change up your career completely or just want to make some small adjustments, your Myers-Briggs personality type can help steer you in the right direction. The sooner you get started, the better!

ISTJ: Delegate Work More Often

Anyone who is an ISTJ craves responsibility in the workplace. You prefer to follow strict rules and guidelines to get your job done, which makes you pretty great at what you do. The downside? You don't like to give up any of those responsibilities. This will often leave over-worked, which is never the best path for anyone. Upgrade your career by learning how to delegate better. Pick at least one task you're responsible for and ask for help, or see if someone below you can take over - whatever makes sense. Giving yourself extra time and breathing room will help you concentrate more on the important stuff

ESTJ: Network As Much As Possible

As an ESTJ type, you love to follow the rules and work hard to get tasks done. You're also excellent at working with a team and you know the importance of socializing in the workplace. Use this to your advantage — this year, focus on upgrading your career by networking as much as possible. Go to networking events, reach out to others in your field, and get to know your coworkers better. It's never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with other people in the playing field.

ISFJ: Celebrate Your Achievements

As an ISFJ, you are a really hard worker who is dedicated to getting things done. You probably genuinely love what you do, which is awesome. The thing is, though, is that ISFJ types are known for their inability to accept responsibility for their achievements. You're super humble, and that's great! But when it comes to your career, you have to learn how to celebrate your achievements — it's such an important step in moving up. Focus on taking credit for a job well done, and learn how to brag a little bit. Alert your boss of your achievements so that they can see what a great job you're doing. That can only be a good thing!

ESFJ: Ask For Constructive Criticism

Anyone who is an ESFJ type is a hard worker who works best with a team and who typically gets along with their coworkers really well. You know how to respect authority, which is something that's really important to you. One thing you're not great at? Listening to constructive criticism. You can often take this too personally, and honestly, you have to learn how to react differently to it. Constructive criticism could lead to important changes that could really help advance your career. Try to put aside your emotions and focus on how it can help you instead.

ISTP: Make A To-Do List Every Morning

As an ISTP, you're adventurous and you don't exactly love to follow the rules. You're not into strict guidelines and would much rather take things as they come. This can be good, but for a lot of careers, it can also be a big negative — sometimes structure is necessary. This year, try to get used to working off a to-do list, even if it's a small one. It will help you focus and get the job that needs to be done completed.

ESTP: Ask For A Promotion

Those who are ESTP types have a knack for making good decisions and tend to work well under pressure — you probably love spontaneity. But you probably also hate working under a manager and having to listen to someone else's rules. So, take a step in becoming the manager and ask for a promotion (as long as the timing feels right!). Since a management position is where you feel most comfortable, you need to start moving in that direction. This particular promotion might not get you there right away, but it should give you more responsibility and freedom.

ISFP: Move Towards A Career That Helps People

Whether you're unhappy in your current career or you're just trying to think of one in general, you might want to make a move towards something that helps people. ISFPs are known for being super helpful, observant, and loyal — this makes you perfect for a career that helps people, like a nurse or a teacher. You'll find that you thrive best in this type of environment, so if you feel unfulfilled in your current position, you might want to consider something more along these lines.

ESFP: Offer To Help Struggling Colleagues

Probably the best thing about your workplace personality, as an ESFP type, is that you make your job a fun place to be. You're super helpful, encouraging, and kind, and you know how to motivate people to get things done. So, use your powers for good: Offer to help any colleagues who might be struggling. If you're looking for a manager position, this could make you look good — and it's a good way to network as well as foster relationships with co-workers. Making the environment more fun and friendly is also beneficial to you!

INTJ: Practice Teamwork

If you're an INTJ, chances are good that you're a natural born leader. You like to be in charge, and you like to do things your way, while also having a certain amount of freedom. You're a good employee, but you probably aren't great at teamwork — you don't like to work with others unless they see everything your way. But here's the thing: teamwork is so important in any workplace, for getting ahead and for getting things done. As uncomfortable as it might make you, it's definitely something you should practice in the coming months.

ENTJ: Seek Out A Promotion

As an ENTJ, you're an ideal worker. You're good at what you do, you know how to adapt to anything, and you're super organized. You also work best when you're growing with your career, so make sure that happens. Talk to your boss about possible growth within your company, whether that means a promotion or just taking on some new tasks.

INTP: Step Out On Your Own

If you're an INTP, you find that you work best on your own. You also do best when you're working on something new and exciting, and you often feel like you need some freedom to get things done. These qualities can definitely be positive, but they can also make it tough to work with a team or under a manager. Consider doing something on your own, whether it's a side job or starting a new career entirely. Don't alienate yourself, though - a partner may be helpful. You might not like working with others, but that doesn't mean it isn't beneficial.

ENTP: Take On More Challenges

ENTP types love a challenge — you love to take on something new and figure it out. You're another natural-born leader who thrives in management positions. To upgrade your career, make an effort to take on more challenges. If you aren't your own boss, ask your manager for the opportunity to work on something new and different. Or maybe you're finding that your current position doesn't offer enough challenges - so find something different that will.

INFJ: Find Something That Has Meaning For You

As an INFJ, you will do best in a career that means something to you. You're creative and like to work out of the box, but you also love to help people, and you feel most satisfied if what you do has meaning. If you aren't happy with your current position, look for one that makes you feel good, like you're doing something of importance. If you can't change your career, try to find the meaning in the tasks that you're doing - it will help motivate you.

ENFJ: Stop Taking On So Much

If you're an ENFJ, you're a hard worker who loves to help others and is eager to please. You're a natural born leader because of these things, but you also tend to take on way too much. Overburdening yourself will never help you in the end. Instead of taking on everything, learn to delegate or simply say no once in a while. Focusing on what needs to get done instead of focusing on 15 different things will help you be better at your job.

INFP: Do Something Artistic

INFPs are known for being creative and artistic. In the workplace, you don't like to just do a typical office job — you'll really thrive in the arts, in a job that allows you to be super creative and gives you some freedom. To upgrade your career, look for a position that allows you to do something that has meaning to you, something that advance your full potential. You might want to try writing, painting, graphic design, etc.

ENFP: Travel For Work

ENFPs are serious free spirits. You love to explore new things and you love to work with other people who want the same things as you. Because of your open-mindedness and need to explore, you should consider traveling for work, if possible. You'll be able to meet new people, learn new things, and take work to a different level. Definitely a great way to upgrade things!