This Is The One Way You Should Upgrade Your Life In 2018, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

It sounds cliche to say that you want to improve your life in the new year, but that doesn't mean it's something to be ashamed of — part of growing is making constant lifestyle changes. When it comes to how to make successful adjustments, there is no shortage of tips online. A quick search will reveal lots of tips, like starting a bullet journal, making an effort to clean up more, getting rid of the things that don't serve you, taking a break from social media. These are all great ideas, but they are also more general ideas. Sometimes doing something more personalized will garner better results. If you're looking for ways you should upgrade your life in 2018, you might want to turn to your Myers-Briggs personality type for some ideas.

For those not in the know, your Myers-Briggs type is an examination of your personality based on Jungian psychology. A test, which can be found on the official MBTI website, determines your type, and uses four little letters to determine your personality type. From there, you can find out your weaknesses and strengths, which can lead to some clues as to how to best live your life. This personality summary can also give some ideas on the changes that will best suit you in 2018.

So, if you're ready to make at least one positive upgrade in the new year, consider this your guide on what to do. Of course, your MBT can't predict your future, but it certainly isn't a bad place to start when it comes to life improvements.

ISTJ: Make A Spontaneous Decision

The ISTJ personality is often considered to be the most logical personality. This means that you play by the rules, you follow through on your responsibilities, and you have a slightly more no-nonsense way of living your life. There's nothing wrong with any of that! But here's the thing: your strict policy of living by the book can make it hard to be spontaneous, and spontaneity can often lead to the most fun. You don't have to constantly push yourself to be more open-minded and carefree, but every once in a while, try to break the rules and do something out of the box. Even if it's just once, this could open new doors for you!

ESTJ: Tell Someone How You Feel

An ESTJ personality type lives life by the rule book and has very strict ideas on how things should be. Unfortunately, you also have significant trouble showing your emotions and opening up to other people. This could be holding you back from making deeper connections with others or even from getting what you want out of a situation or relationship. Make it a point to tell someone how you genuinely feel about something, even if it's tough. Being a little more emotional could definitely improve your life.

ISFJ: Celebrate Your Success

As an ISFJ personality type, you know how to get things done. But, uh, you don't know how to take credit for doing so. You're hard-working and successful, but if you can't own up to your accomplishments, then how is that fair to you? With more introverted tendencies, you may have trouble speaking up for yourself, but celebrating your own successes is so important. Improve your own feelings of self-worth by taking credit for a job well done and learning how to congratulate yourself. Maybe even write up a Facebook post or Instagram caption to do a little humble bragging. You deserve it!

ESFJ: Take A Social Media Break

ESFJ personality types are often known for being popular and friendly. The downside to getting so much attention all the time, though, is that you start to crave it a little too much. ESFJ types tend to put way too much focus and energy on who likes them, who is giving them positive attention, and how other people are seeing them. ESFJs also have trouble dealing with criticism of any kind, which often comes with being popular. So, in the new year, try to take a break from social media, for a week or maybe even a few hours each day. Social media enables you to keep track of who's watching and what others think, and you would benefit from getting a break from that.

ISTP: Get Closer To Someone

ISTPs are smart, practical, laid-back, and full of energy. But you are also a true introvert. You like to be on your own, keep your thoughts to yourself, and you don't like to open up to anyone. You hate discussing your feelings and you're not the biggest fan of commitment. Okay, fair, but opening yourself up to at least one other person could really benefit you. This year, make an attempt to get closer to at least one person, whether it's a close friend or family member or a stranger.

ESTP: Think More, Do Less

As an ESTP, you're a major doer — you get bored easily, you say things without thinking them through, you jump into things without a lot of thought, and you're constantly moving. Just... slow down a little bit. Think things through a little bit more before jumping into them or saying the wrong thing. It won't come easily for you, but it will improve the way things turn out and will cut down on negative consequences.

ISFP: Focus On Self-Care More

ISFPs, you are fiercely creative and adventurous and passionate. That's great! But you are also prone to lots of stress and some serious breakdowns if things don't go the way you wanted them too. You also tend to get down on yourself when it comes to confidence. These are things you can work on by focusing on self-care. Give yourself some time to relax, be zen, and just do things you enjoy without worrying about anything else.

ESFP: Make More To-Do Lists

An ESFP is super creative, fun, outgoing, and entertaining (in fact, you're known as an entertainer type!). Your weakness? You often have difficult focusing, planning, and doing things in a constructive way. To upgrade your life in 2018, start making more to-do lists. Write one out every morning when you wake up. Writing out your short-term goals for the day and checking them off as the hours go by can help you get things down in the most efficient way. It's worth a shot!

INTJ: Give Someone A Second Chance

INTJs are a rare personality type. If you fit this description, you're super smart, logical, and extremely analytical. These are good traits to have, but, uh, you can also be a little arrogant and judgmental, and these things can make it tough for you to have close relationships, especially in the romantic sense. If this is ringing a bell, plan to improve your life by giving at least one person or thing a second chance. Whether it's a job you're determined to give up or someone you're holding a grudge against, pick something. It might not be in your nature to do so, but it could also help in the long run.

ENTJ: Give Up Control Of One Thing

You're a natural born leader, and that's awesome. Here's the thing, though: that tendency to always want to be the leader also makes you stubborn, demanding, and often tough to be around. To upgrade your life, you're going to need to give up control of at least one thing. Maybe it's a project at work, something you've been trying to change about a partner, or even a silly fight with a friend. Whatever it is, try to stop taking the reigns on absolutely everything.

INTP: Talk To Someone New

As an INTP, you're really smart, creative, imaginative, and hard-working. You are also a serious introvert who hates to go out and who may, uh, also hate people. Okay, the last one might be a bit extreme, but seriously - one way to upgrade your life is to go out and talk to someone new or be a little bit more social. Go to one party. Or, if that sounds awful, go to a coffee house. Go somewhere! Make friends with someone new! Or if that's a huge no, make more plans with a friend you already have.

ENTP: Meditate More

The ENTP can also be called the "debater." This is a nice way of saying you can be argumentative, intolerant, and you might tend to think you're always right. You also have trouble focusing. So, to improve your lifestyle, start trying to meditate. Sure, you might hate the idea, but give it a shot — you might find that it helps you focus more and feel more tolerant about the opinions and thoughts of others.

INFJ: Take Breaks More Often

As an INFJ, you're super hard-working and passionate about everything you do. But you're also a serious perfectionist and you're really, really hard on yourself when you mess up. You also work yourself so much that you tend to burn out. It might sound weird, but one way to upgrade your life is to take more breaks, not less. Give yourself a few hours each way to do absolutely nothing — sit back, read, relax, watch a movie, anything. Just give yourself some rest!

ENFJ: Do Something Selfish

The ENFJ personality type is a strong one: you love to be there for others. You're kind, generous, you help everyone, and you always put others first. That's great, it's just that... you have to put yourself first sometimes, and you have a hard time doing that. As a result, you tend to have confidence issues and you can find yourself stressed out and sad at times. Make it a point to do something just for you once in a while, even if it feels selfish.

INFP: Make A Structured List Of Goals

As an INFP, you tend to live in your head a bit. You're really passionate and creative, but you're also very idealistic, which can be a good and bad thing. It can leave you acting a bit impractical, which isn't going to lead to success. So, make a list of goals for the upcoming year, but get super specific with it. Make different lists, of long-term and short-term goals. Try to make a schedule. The more specific, the easier it will be to follow in a realistic way.

ENFP: Sign Up For Yoga

You're a free spirit who is also friendly, lovely to be around, and very popular. Lots of great personality traits there! But you also find it hard to focus and stay motivated, you get stressed out way too easily, you overthink everything, and you have emotional outbursts because you don't know how to deal with your emotions. Something that will upgrade your life and benefit you is yoga practice. It can help you focus and feel more serene, it will keep you from feeling stressed and help with overthinking, and it's a good way to channel all of that emotional energy.