16 Pairs Of Plus Size Underwear That Are Cute And Comfortable

I've never had a flat stomach. That's not a bad thing, but it does make finding cute and comfortable plus size underwear a bit of a chore.

If you've ever looked through plus size underwear options, you know that "cute" usually isn't the first word that comes to mind. I'm saying that as a huge fan of granny panties, but there's only so much beige underwear you can look at before you wish there was a better selection. Then on the flip side, there's a lot of new websites for sexy plus size lingerie. This is an amazing development, but when I'm running to the grocery store, I don't really need a g-string and garter set.

So, what's a curvy lady to do when she needs some cute, comfy underwear? Well, thankfully Amazon has a lot options. If you're in the mood for a high waisted brief or a comfortable lacy thong (comfortable thong does sound like an oxymoron, but it's possible!), they've got some adorable plus sized sized choices. All of these underwear go up to at least 2X and most to 4X or more. You won't have to worry about your underwear rolling down or riding up. You definitely won't have the underwear that manages to roll down and ride up at the same time, somehow challenging physics and being insanely annoying.

So, if you'd like to fill your delicates drawer with cute and comfortable underwear, these 16 are a great place to start. And since you look cute at any size, there's no reason why your underwear can't do the same.


A Cheeky Panty With An On-Trend Band

Torrid Trim Lace Cheeky Panty, $19, Amazon

I love a great boyshort! One made entirely of stretchy lace is even better. These are a little cheeky, aka not 100 percent butt coverage, but they don't ride up. The wide waistband makes these underwear more secure than your average lace piece and gives them a unique look. There's even a matching bralette if you'd like an all over lacy ensemble.


A Three-Pack Of Everyday Undies With Lace Detail

Olga Without a Stitch Lace Brief Panty, $27 (3 Pack), Amazon

When you want some easy, comfortable underwear with a little bit of fun, these are great. The lace waistband gives these briefs a really cute look while the full coverage is comfortable enough to wear all day long. Made with a silky microfiber, it's designed to look smooth under clothes and stay in place without pinching.


A Hipster Panty With Intricate Detail

Elomi Bijou Flirt Strappy Brief, $8-$37, Amazon

Comfortable panties don't have to be boring. These underwear are the epitome of sexy and comfortable. The interesting strappy details on both the front and back are very alluring, but the material is soft and you're still fully covered.


A Thong That Doesn't Remind You Of Dental Floss

Hanky Panky Plus-Size Retro Thong, $25, Amazon

I've always wanted a thong with a little more coverage and this is it! These underwear look like briefs from the front, but have a thong back to avoid panty lines. You won't have to keep pulling these up and ending up with a whale tale, they stay in place and look smooth under any fabric.


A Duo Of Leak-Proof Period Panties

Intimate Portal Total Leak Proof Briefs, $15-$40 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether your period is in that "is it over?" phase or you need something for spotting protection at night, these underwear are perfect. They aren't meant to replace a tampon for all day use, but for light flow or spotting times, these can save you a panty liner. Or if you're having a very heavy day, these with a tampon will ensure you'll have no leaks. Though they're waterproof, these underwear are totally comfortable. Plus, there's a little pocket where you can keep extra pads or tampons in case of emergencies.


A Classic Lacy Thong With Just The Right Amount Of Stretch

Hanky Panky Women's Plus-Size Original Thong, $22, Amazon

A classic thong with a wide lace band to make you feel sexy and comfortable all night long. One Amazon shopper wrote: "Most comfortable sexy panties ever! I am a size 18 and ordered the plus size and these fit me to a T, with no riding up or digging in where they shouldn't be. I bought these upon recommendation from a friend who hand washes hers and she has had some for 7 years and they look brand new. Best money ever spent on a pair of panties. Definitely will be getting more."


A Full Coverage Panty That Stays In Place

Warner Women's No Pinching Modern Brief Panty, $10, Amazon

With a wide waistband, these briefs are designed to stay in place without digging into your skin. The silky microfiber has a good amount of stretch, so they can cover you fully without pinching in anywhere. The high waist looks retro and classy and keeps these panties from ever falling down while you're out and about.


These Low Rise Lace Underwear That Are As Comfy As They Are Sexy

CharmLeaks Womens Sexy Lace Underwear, $16 (6 Pack), Amazon

Who doesn't love a little lace from time to time? These underwear have a pretty lace back with seamless sides. They're very stretchy and if you find a low rise more comfortable, these would be a great fit. Each pack comes with an array of colors so whether you're in a hot pink or off-white mood, you'll be set.


An Easy Brief Panty With Gorgeous Floral Patterns

Goddess Kayla Brief, $8-$24, Amazon

Perfect for summer, these breathable, lightweight panties are as comfortable as they are adorable. The fully-printed patterns come in six different designs, and the bow detailing and subtle scalloping give it a fashionable edge over standard briefs.


A Satin Brief With Retro Appeal

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Highwaist Brief, $15, Amazon

Look like an old Hollywood movie star with these gorgeous briefs. The satin fabric shines while offering good stretch and the contrasting details look fancy, but they don't cause any extra lines under your clothes. There's even a bow on top that matches the outline detailing. Get them in six colors and up to a XXL size.


A Five-Pack Of Stretchy & Breathable Microfiber Briefs

MyGxR Microfiber Breathable Briefs, $16-19 (5 Pack), Amazon

It's so annoying when you get a great fitting pair of underwear, then find out the material doesn't breathe at all. Not going to happen with these underwear. The microfiber fabric is designed to give you as much stretch and breathability as possible. The wide waist and leg bands help keep the undies up without any cutting or squishing.


Undies With An Interesting Mesh Cut-Out

Elomi Sachi Full Brief, $30, Amazon

These panties fit and feel like your typical high-waist briefs, but the strappy detailing and mesh panels give it some visual appeal. Reviewers say that they're "elegant and sexy," especially when paired with the matching bra.


These Low-Rise Boyshorts With a Cheeky Look

Parfait by Affinitas Women's Casey Boyshort, $20, Amazon

These boyshorts have such a cute cut! You get a little extra coverage on the legs, but a low rise and a cheeky look in the back. They're extra sexy, but feature a wide stretchy waistband to keep them in place. Perfect undies for when you want to wear something a little sassy that feels as good as your old granny panties.


These Colorful Underwear With A Wide Waistband

Paramour Women's Sophia Boyleg, $15, Amazon

A midrise panty that's cute as can be. The wide waistband has extra stretch, so it'll stay in place without rolling over. And, they fit right below the belly button, so you can still wear these with most jeans and not have to worry about them peaking out of the waist of your pants.


A Polyester Pair With Retro Details

Lunaire Women's Plus Size Limoges Hipster, $11-$18, Amazon

If you want a retro look without a super high waist, these are ideal. The lace travels from the front insert all the way around the back giving you a slightly see through look. It all stretches wonderfully and has a cotton gusset for comfort and breathability.


These Assorted Thongs With Cute Patterns

UWOCEKA Assorted Thongs, $21, Amazon

Sometimes all you want is tons of low-maintenance underwear in cute designs. These assorted thongs come in various styles and materials, but they all have this in common: they're colorful, they're made from cotton, and they're super budget-friendly when bought in bulk. Get them up to an XXXL.

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