Most Comfortable Underwear For Big Butts

Here’s a bold statement: I like my butt. I do. It’s been with me through thick…and thicker. And on that journey, I’ve discovered the beauty of comfortable underwear for big butts. You see, pre-Kardashian butt appreciation was scarce. Jennifer Lopez carried the lone torch, but it seemed to be all about the Paris Hiltons of the world. All butts are great butts of course, but the modern outlook on big butts (and the underwear you dress them in) seems especially bright.

[Update: Since publishing, most of the original underwear featured in this article had sold out, so our team of commerce editors researched and tested an array of new cuts, styles, and materials to help you find the best underwear for big butts that are available on the market today.]

For me personally, I'm most satisfied with a comfy boyshort that stays put. My underwear drawer is pretty reflective of that. In addition to pairs and pairs of boyshorts, there are some lace trimmed hipsters that are incredibly comfortable without compromising on style. There are also my personal favorites: cheeksters, those magnificent undies that are also comfortable enough to wear all day long. I even have a few extra-secure high waist briefs. Hey, don’t judge me. That’s just one of the best kinds of underwear, in my opinion! Call them granny panties if you like, but they get the job done right. (But don't worry, if you're more comfortable in a bikini thong or G-string, I've included some of those, too.) Whichever pair you go for, just know this: Fat bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go 'round.

1. Our Tester-Approved Pick For The Most Comfortable Underwear For Big Butts

These high-waisted underwear are 77 percent modal, which is one of the most comfortable materials on the market. Modal is considered second in softness only to micromodal, which is even silkier. However, through all of our research, we couldn't find a pair of micromodal panties that were constructed to accommodate a bigger butt. And that brings us to the other key comfort factor: the seamless edges.

Seamlessness is not just for preventing visible panty lines, it can also prevent underwear from pinching and cutting into your hips, thighs, and butt. In this case, the seamless edges ensured the fabric laid flush against the wearers skin without digging into their butt or thighs.

Although these underwear are so comfortable that wearers claimed they literally felt like wearing nothing at all, there are a couple of minor downsides. For one, the waist sits too high to be worn with mid- or low-rise pants. Also, while they remain totally comfortable throughout the day, they do start to stretch out — but don't worry they bounce back to their original shape after washing.

Available sizes: S-XL

2. Also Great: A Similar Pair Of Seamless Underwear, But In Plus Sizes

Although this pair of seamless briefs aren't made with super soft modal like our top pick is, they do have a similar seamless fit and are super stretchy. Both of those features prevent the underwear from pinching or digging into the butt, hips, and thighs while the full-coverage cut prevents them from riding up. Reviewers say they're breathable, non-binding, and — of course — super comfortable.

But not all underwear are perfect, and neither are these. The one flaw with this pair of panties is that they are made with nylon which, while comfortable, can trap heat and moisture.

Available sizes: 2XL - 3XL

3. The Upgrade: A Pair Of Seamless Boyshorts Approved By J.Lo

These commando cotton boy shorts have a surprising online reputation. According to a Hollywood costume designer, they're known as a top pick for famous people because they're thin, breathable, and frankly don't feel like you're wearing anything at all. Jennifer Lopez (known for her booty) has also gone on the record to say that she wears and loves them. Since they're stretchy and laser-cut, they won't ride up or show through extremely thin fabrics, either.

If you are ready to drop $35 on underwear, these are great, but it's understandable that many people (including our testers) found them too pricey for a single pair.

Available sizes: XS-XL

4. The Aesthetic Pick: A Pretty Pair Of Underwear That Is Famously Comfortable For Big Butts

Hanky Panky is another celebrity-loved brand, as well as a commonly-recommended option for big butts on Reddit. People love them because they come in so many different style options, including these Hanky Panky signature lace boyshorts, which (unlike many other full-coverage options) still fit into the category of sexy lingerie. They're made from nylon lace with a bit of spandex for stretch, and they have a cotton gusset to keep things breathable and sanitary. Reviewers are raving because they're beautiful, don't ride up, and won't cut off circulation in the legs.

However, not only are these expensive, they are significantly more delicate than your average pair. Both the company and reviewers recommend hand-washing them.

5. Also Great: A More Affordable, But Still Pretty Alternative to Hanky Panky

If the price tag of the Hanky Panky underwear is off-putting, these Mae hipster cheekies are a great alternative. Not only are cheekies a big-butt favorite on related subreddits (just like Hanky Panky underwear), but these come in a pack of three for only $18. The fully-lace style is both elegant and stretchy, and since they're low-waisted and sit flat, they'll remain invisible underneath most items of clothing.

Available sizes: S-XL

6. Popular Suggestion: A Thong That Tons Of Redditors (and Kim K.) Swear Buy

According to Reddit users, when you can't find anything that covers your butt, it's time to uncover it — intentionally. Thongs are one of the most commonly recommended solutions because if your panties are between your cheeks to begin with, you won't have to readjust them all day. The Hanky Panky original thong is an extremely popular option. It's made from mostly cotton, has a cute lace waistband that won't show lines, and it actually stays put. (This brand was actually the only one Kim Kardashian would wear when she stopped going commando.)

It's only available in one size. Reviewers from sizes 6 to 12 say it works well, but one size-4 reviewer says they're too big.

  • Available sizes: One Size

7. Also Great: A Plus Size Version Of The Same Thong

Finally, there's the Hanky Panky plus-size thong, which is similar to the original, but features a fully-lace design and fits sizes 14 to 24. It comes highly recommended by Reddit users and fashion writers as well as Amazon reviewers, who say that the high-rise fit feels great and the fuller-coverage behind is "not like butt-floss thongs that sit in the crack." Instead, it has just enough fabric to prevent a wedgie, but not so much that your butt feels confined.

Of course, the downside (again) is that not all buyers are pleased with the one-size-fits-all option.

  • Available sizes: One Size

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