16 Pieces Of Home Decor For Under $25 That Will Make Your Space Feel Like Spring

Courtesy of Brands

Oh my goddess, spring is here. I can tell because I start to mildly sweat at random points throughout the day. Also? It's officially time to finally take down my Christmas lights (shut up) and put up more appropriate decor that the neighbors won't complain about because "Christmas was three months ago" or whatever. If you're in a similar boat, deck out your home with these 16 pieces of spring home decor under $25.

Spring is the season of rebirth. Mother Earth emerges from an icy shell, stretches her glorious arms, and says, "Winter sucked, eh?" We swap out our flannel shirts and black leggings for flannel crop tops and black leggings, and it's also time for all of us to go to the salon for this season's trendy new hair color: millennial pink unicorn pumpkin spice latte ombre highlights.

It's always nice to freshen up your dwellings with stuff you find at the dollar bins at Target and other reasonably priced purchases. Plus, spring gives us an excuse to buy lots of faux flowers, which I love, because hey, you can't kill 'em!

If you're ready to add a little spring to your home, keep scrolling for 16 items that are both fun and festive and budget-friendly.