16 Things In Your Home You Can Fix With Clear Nail Polish


For many people, clear nail polish might seem like it has no point. After all: it's clear. When applied to your nails, all it does is leave them looking shiny and, well, clear and natural. It's not fun or exciting, it still requires careful precision when applying, and it still takes up times and leaves you with wet nails that take forever to dry. It's not even effective like a top coat or a base coat! So, it's easy to wonder why anyone even owns it at all (besides those who like the look fo clear, shiny, clean nails, which is perfectly fine, of course). But actually, clear nail polish can be used around your home for hacks than you may have realized — and these hacks have absolutely nothing to do with a manicure.

Clear nail polish is actually really great to have around your house or apartment, as it can be used in so many different situations to fix little issues that pop up. Yes, nail polish! It's basically an essential household tool — and one little bottle should last you for quite a long time, which is even better.

While clear nail polish isn't exactly a miracle worker, it's certainly helpful in fixing lots of small problems that come up. It can be used as a temporary solution before you start spending more money or time, and can fix things before they get even worse and require even more money and time. And it's inexpensive, which is just a plus. Here are a few things you can hack in your home using clear nail polish:


Make Matches Waterproof

Natalie Shuttleworth/ShutterStock

You don't realize why you need matches to be waterproof until you're stuck in some sort of dire situation, like a flood or a rainstorm while outside. Dipping your matches into clear nail polish leaves them waterproof so that they can be used basically anywhere at any time.


Keep Splintered Wood From Snagging On Things

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Having real wood furniture is great... until it starts to splinter and then begins snagging on everything, ruining your favorite clothing and even feeling painful. When you notice that's happening, use a small amount of clear nail polish on the splintered area to keep it from snagging on anything else.


Label Jars Without Smudging


If you keep food in jars or create your own spices, you likely label them with little labels and a marker. Unfortunately, markers tend to easily smudge, especially when in the fridge, which is annoying. Coat the labels with clear nail polish to keep that from happening.


Fix Tiny Cracks In Windows


Noticed a small crack in your car windshield? Or in another glass window in your home? Keep the problem from spreading and getting worse by using clear nail polish on them. Nail polish is not meant to be a permanent fix, but it should keep the crack from getting worse until you can pay to actually repair or replace the glass.


Tighten Screws

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Dealing with small loose screws in eyeglasses or loose drawers? Keep them together with a few coats of clear nail polish before screwing them tightly into place. It's a quick and easy fix.


Fix Little Holes In Window Screens

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Few things are worse than realizing there's a hole in your window screen for bugs and other things to sneak through. If it's tiny enough, you can secure the hole with a few coats of clear nail polish. Just keep in mind: This may seal up a tiny hole or help it from getting bigger, but it's not going to fix something significant.


Prevent Rust Rings On Bottles


It's not uncommon to notice things like shaving cream cans and other bottles of products starting to rust on the bottoms, especially when kept in environments like showers. It is pretty annoying, though, especially when that rust transfers to your bathroom tiles. Apply a few coats of clear nail polish to the bottoms of the cans and/or bottles, then let it dry fully before placing it back. No more rust rings!


Secure Buttons In Place


Sometimes, buttons can only last for so long before they start to get loose and threaten to fall off your clothing or other items. A few coats of clear nail polish should secure them into place and give your clothing new life.


Stop Hangers From Snagging


Wooden hangers look nice and work great... until they start to slightly splinter. Then they can start snagging on your clothing, leading to rips and tears. Keep this from happening by coating them with clear nail polish (and obviously let them dry before putting clothes on them).


Keep Shoelaces From Unraveling


Make laces last longer by using clear nail polish. If you notice the edges of the laces are starting to fray or unravel, coat them with clear nail polish. They'll be good as new!


Fix Rusty Screws


Rusty screws look bad and aren't great to have around. If you want to fix them, you can remove the rust, color them with a permanent marker, and then seal that color in with a few coats of clear nail polish.


Waterproof Garden Labels

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Making labels for your garden is essential way of keeping track of where you planted what. But they aren't as helpful after a lot of rain, when they get smudged and ruined. Keep that from happening with a coat or two of clear nail polish, which basically makes them waterproof.


Hide A Chipped Tile

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This is actually a trick that can work with any nail polish color. If you notice a chipped tile, get a nail polish in that color, and basically color in the chip to make it no longer noticeable.


Keep Chipped Car Paint From Rusting

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Is the paint on your car chipping in spots? Clear nail polish can't fix the problem, but it can keep that chip from getting rusty and looking worse. Coat the chip in clear polish to keep that from happening.


Seal An Envelope


Who enjoys the taste of an envelope when licking one to keep it closed? No one! Instead, use a small layer of clear nail polish.


Fix Fraying Clothes


You can stop basically any fabric from fraying further by applying clear nail polish to the area. This goes for ripped tights too!