16 Gift Ideas For Your Bestie That You Can Still Buy Right Now

The holiday season means different things for different folks, but one unifying feature? The spirit of gift-giving. And as we grow older and become, you know, "adults," the list of names on our gift list grows in size as well. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Just love scannin' gift guides? Check out these unique last-minute 2017 best friend gifts. You might end up adding a couple to your own "Things I Want" list that I know you still send your mom every year.

Though the Christmas tradition of gift giving is often attributed to the Three Wise Men and their prezzies of gold, frankincense and myrrh following the birth of baby Jesus, the practice actually dates back to a time before Christianity. Pagan communities, situated primarily throughout contemporary Europe and the Middle East, engaged in raucous, mid-winter festivals that included indulgent feasts, heavy drinking, and the exchange of gifts, which often took the form of carved figurines and foodstuffs. Many of them fell around the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. One such festival? The notorious Saturnalia, celebrated by the Romans.

Beginning around Dec. 17, Saturnalia, which honored Saturn, the god of agriculture, Romans would give gifts, drink heavily and upper class citizens would pay the rent of families and individuals who were struggling financially. It was essentially a week-long party with actual good consequences? Weird. But intriguing.

So why presents? Why wintertime indulgence? The point of pagan winter festivals, a concept which was adopted by early Christians, is the idea that, in the darkest, coldest, toughest months of the year, we need to help lift one another up, whether it be through socializing, singing, drinking, present-giving, or a little bit of all those things. We can bring light and love to each other's lives, so why not now when it's very cold and the world feels like it's collapsing in on itself? If there ever was a time to gift your BFF a present that makes them laugh, it's now.

Lifeprint 3x4.5 Hyperphoto Printer For iPhone

Lifeprint 3x4.5 Hyperphoto Printer For iPhone, $149.95, Lifeprint/Apple

This technology is ridiculously cool — basically, once you hook it up to your iPhone, you'll be able to print photos, GIFs, and videos (you read that right) by just connecting to Wi-Fi. See it in action here.

"I Think Your Sexist Jokes Are Boring" Tote Bag

"I Think Your Sexist Jokes Are Boring" Tote Bag, $24.95, Feminist Apparel

The tote bag version of 50 upside down smiley face emojis in a row. Boop!

"First Of All" Ribbon

Weird Empire "First Of All" Ribbon, $5, Witchsy

First of all, any and all items working to immortalize the gift that was this Kelly Kapoor quote from The Office should receive everyone's full financial support.

Second of all, do these come in bulk order sizes?

"MEH." Desk Sign

"MEH." Desk Sign, $7.50, Foursided

For your very most favorite pencil pushing pal. But maybe suggest they don't keep this in their actual cubicle.

"Personal Space II" Visor

Personal Space II Visor, $12, Eythinks

Sun protection is important, as is establishing personal space boundaries and nipping any unwanted conversations in the bud. Bye-bye!

"You're Not The Boss Of Me" Socks

"You're Not The Boss Of Me" Socks, $11.95, Feminist Apparel

For the friend who has problems with authority and circulation.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

Bob Ross Chia Pet, $24, Urban Outfitters

If you've got a BFF who needs some calming forces in their life right now, give them the gift of chill, aka Bob Ross. Now in plant form!

"Priestdaddy" by Patricia Lockwood

"Priestdaddy" by Patricia Lockwood, $18.36, Amazon

I had to stop reading this in public because I couldn't stop snort-laughing. Twitter queen and poet Patricia Lockwood's memoir about growing up with a bombastic, gun-loving, narcissistic Catholic priest father (yes, really) is divine.

"Happiness Is Owning A Chainsaw" Mug

"Happiness Is Owning A Chainsaw" Mug, $15, Tuesday Bassen

For the scariest, toughest friendo with a sense of humor on your gift list.

The Eggplant Emojibator

Eggplant Emojibator, $36, Fab.

Straight up, this is not a gift for a casual pal. But if you and your bestie have the kind of relationship in which you can exchange goofy sex toy presents designed to look like horny emojis, then ayoo, this is the perfect gift.

"Pug At The Wine Bar" Print

Schmetz Petz "Pug At The Wine Bar" Print, $12.49, Etsy

If your friend has a pet they love, there's a good chance Etsy artist Jay Schmetz has painted a lookalike animal doing... something. Like drinking wine. Or singing at an open mic. Or jumping off a diving board.

"A Book A Day" Embroidery Hoop

Stitches of Anarchy "A Book A Day..." Embroidery Hoop, $29.82, Etsy

We laugh (and read) to keep from crying, ha ha right?

"Always Prepared" Pencil Pack

Always Prepared Pencil Pack, $5, Eythinks

The mom of the friend group, who always has a granola bar and an extra $20 in cash stashed in her purse, should also probably be prepped with this pencil set. You never know when exacting revenge will be added to the agenda.

"Whatever" Hand Chenille Patch

"Whatever" Hand Chenille Patch, $18, Otherwild

If your pal is the leader of clapbacks, give them this patch. So all will know not to try them.

"Hop In Dork" Mug

Daisy and Aster "Hop In Dork" Mug, $14.45, Etsy

Like, when the aliens come to get us, "Hop in, dork" is probably what they're going to say.

Abbi & Ilana Pin Pack

Border Colie Abbi & Ilana Pin Pack, $4, Etsy

It's like one of those broken heart friendship necklaces but, uh, better. Way better.