17 Bathing Suits You'll Be Obsessed With If You Have Small Boobs

by Melanie Richtman
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One can never have too many bathing suits, or at least that's what I've been telling myself since roughly the seventh grade when I ordered a bathing suit in every style from Delia's. However, finding bathing suits for small boobs isn't as easy as it sounds and can often require some research. Luckily, as a woman with small boobs, I am a pro at shopping for swimsuits that are far from ill-fitting.

As a young, naive teenager, I spent most of my youth searching for bathing suits with significant padding, wishing to trick people into thinking I had cleavage. Spoiler alert: I didn't and I don't. But as I've gotten older, I've slowly realized that finding the best bathing suits for a small chest in the fit department can do way more for your bust than layers of padding.

These days, there are swimsuits of all different shapes and designs, from v-neck one-pieces to trendy wrap two-pieces that are circulating all over Instagram. But what it really all comes down to is wearing what you feel best in. So no matter what kind of suit you're looking for, there are so many options out there for you.

Here 17 of of the best bathing suits for a small bust.

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1. This Sporty Racerback Suit

A sports bra-style suit works great for most cup sizes because of the support it offers. It's also a great option if you're looking for a suit with more coverage.

2. This Striped One Piece

Deep V-necks and cross style necklines are always a plus for small boobs. The cutouts and striped pattern make this no ordinary one piece, and a perfect swimsuit for small busts.

3. This Simple One Piece

Raise your hand if you're stoked that one-pieces are back in style, because I definitely am. This classic, black bathing suit will be the LBD of your summer swim wardrobe.

4. This Retro Bikini Top

You can never really go wrong with a push-up top, and this retro style is just so cute.

5. This Tie Front Bikini Top

You know those lace-up sticky bras that have been blowing up your Instagram feed? This is basically the bikini top version of that, but cooler.

6. This Sporty Tie Dye Top

Similar to the first suit on this list, a sporty top is great for days when you want to be doing more than relaxing on the sand. No matter how small your boobs are, you don't have to worry about this suit falling off in the middle of a tubing adventure!

7. This Ruched One Piece

If you're trying to fake a fuller bust, ruching can be your best friend.

8. The Classic Triangle Bikini

One of the benefits of having small boobs is that the classic halter triangle top silhouette has more than enough support for a day at the beach.

9. This Strappy Top

Accentuate your bust with this strappy halter top.

10. This Trendy Top

The tan lines might be weird, but probably worth it for this cute suit.

11. This Plunging One Piece

One of the biggest pros of having a small bust? Getting to wear a deep v-neck with no nip slip fears.

12. This Reversible V Neck Suit

It's like two suits in one! Whether you wear the black or lime green side out, the cut of this piece is great for people with smaller boobs.

13. This Striped Zipper Top

The zipper in this sports bra-inspired top will act like a very lightly padded push-up bra.

14. This Peek-a-boo Top

This top would arguably be a lot harder to wear with a larger bust, so take pride in your small boobs.

15. This Strapless Ribbed Suit

Just revel in the fact that your boobs need little to no support.

16. This Crochet Bikini

No padding necessary.

17. This Printed One Shoulder Top

This print is super cute, plus the one shoulder trend is so hot right now. It's a win-win.

Additional reporting by Kara McGrath.

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