17 Gorgeous Decorative Pillow Cases Under $5 On Amazon

Whether you’re remodeling or looking to add a few refreshing touches to your home, cheap, decorative pillows under $5 can instantly update any space. I’ve rounded up throw pillows of all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. You’re sure to find pillows to spice up your home or office.

When we’re talking throw pillows for under $5, we’re really talking pillow cases. Each of the picks below needs a pillow insert. Luckily, if you're in the market for an insert, you can snag a highly rated polyester pillow for as little $6 on Amazon. Or, if you're willing to invest a little more, this set of two down pillows is a steal for $18.

If you're thinking about buying more than one pillow, a variety of shapes can make your decorative pillow collection more dynamic. Square is the most common and versatile shape. Rectangular pillows are common as well and usually look best when centered on sofas and beds or leaning against a chair back. Round pillows can spice up angular furniture and pillows; there's one round floor pillow below that's sure to make a statement.

You can also use a few well-placed solids and neutrals to balance out your patterned pillows. When choosing the best color for your throw pillows, it comes down to personal preference, but if you're not up for a total redecoration, stick with colors that already exist in your space.

Take a look at the best cheap throw pillows on Amazon. They’re all highly rated and under $5.


A Decorative Pillow That Comes In Wine Red And Many Other Colors

This velvety pillow comes in solid colors and is great for anyone hoping to add texture to their space. This pick is especially ideal if you need a more understated pillow to balance out flashier picks. One reviewer noted the feel of this material: “Nice, smooth feel. Looks great. I like it.” This pillow comes in a variety of colors for $5 or less, but for the chocolate color you'll have to spend a little more.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: eight colors, including wine, eggplant, light grey, and chocolate


A Minimalist-Design Gray Decorative Pillow

With its minimalist design and simple colors, this pick brings a cool tone to any space and works well with a variety of interior design styles. One fan loved these pillow covers because, "They fit perfectly and I finally found exactly the color and pattern to put in my living room. I may need another one. I would recommend this company if you are looking for quality. The zipper closure is what I always look for in a pillow cover.” Made from a cotton and linen blend, this pillow case is soft, yet durable and comes in other colors besides the featured gray, but at higher price points.

  • Size and Shape: 12 by 20 inches, rectangular
  • Color: eight colors, including gray, dark blue, and khaki


A Classic Linen Decorative Pillow

This throw pillow is a great way to bring earthy tones and natural texture into your space. Made from a durable linen blend, it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but at varying prices. You can also use this solid pillow to break up patterned picks. One reviewer raved, “These linen pillow coverlets look very expensive. The zipper is recessed and the linen falls exactly into place. The feel of the fabric is thick and the weave is pronounced. These look and feel much more expensive and I am proud to have them in my home. [...]”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square; 20 by 20 inches, square; 24 by 24 inches, square; and 26 by 26 inches, square
  • Color: 12 colors, including brown, sky blue, burgundy, and natural linen


A Shaggy Faux Fur Pillow

This shaggy faux fur throw pillow is a playful addition to any room with its punchy color and untamed shagginess. It certainly makes a statement with its fun texture and bright teal color; but since it's a solid, you can also use it to balance out patterned pillows.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: teal green


A Silky Soft Decorative Chenille Pillow

This pick's silky soft polyester-cotton blend fabric can introduce a little sheen and luxury to your space. Plus, the tassel trim at the corners adds a bit of formality, giving your room an upgraded feel. While it's far from plain, this pick is just understated enough to break up flashier, patterned pillows. One reviewer wrote, “The cover is really great quality considering the price. I only purchased two because I had low expectations. The color is the same as the picture and it’s made very well. Bought for my living room. Just purchased another to add to the couch.” This pick also comes in cream for a similar price point as the featured brown; as well as a purple and light blue that are slightly more expensive.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square.
  • Color: brown, cream, light blue, and purple


A Buffalo Plaid Lumbar That's As Cozy As It Is Classic

This 100% cotton rectangular pillow with its bold, buffalo pattern can be a punchy yet traditional accent to any decor. This pick is available in a variety of sizes, but for the 20-by-20-inch square pillow you'll have to pay a little extra. This option comes in convenient two-packs as well, if you decide you want pillow pairs for your decorating needs.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square; 12 by 20 inches, rectangular; 20 by 20 inches, square.
  • Color: beige and red, beige and black, and beige and navy.


7. A Monochromatic Geometric Decorative Pillow

Its neutral tones and geometric print in a canvas material, make this a fun, versatile pillow to add a little zest to a whole host of decorating styles. Pair it with a solid pillow or two and this minimalist pick will really stand out. One happy reviewer said: “I was worried that it would be subpar quality, but the canvas fabric feels very nice! Not too cheap or scratchy. The pattern is clean/modern and exactly what I would've expected from the stock photos.”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: black and white with a geometric pattern


A Brown Velvet Decorative Pillow That Also Comes In Other Colors

This velvet-y pick's earthy brown palette balances natural hues with a luxurious texture. One reviewer raved, “Great for the price! The velvet is soft and the color is wonderful. Recommend!” Use this pillow to compliment your patterned pillows, or as a stand-alone piece.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square.
  • Color: six colors, including brown, blue, grey, and purple


A Striped Tan Hemp Pillow For A Textured, Yet Tailored Look

This square pillow, with its cotton-canvas fabric and neutral colors, can bring a bit of refinement to any aesthetic. The wide tan striped-print is bold, yet understated; but if this quiet color scheme doesn't do it for you, try the even bolder black and white stripe, navy and white stripe, or even the vivid orange or teal zigzag options. One reviewer compared these pillows to a designer aesthetic, “I bought two of these cases for my Kate Spade-inspired knock off sofa pillow set up. They are very cute and have great contrast. After one wash they had a little fading but just looks distressed in a good way.” For a tailored statement pillow, this is your go-to.

  • Size and Shape: 20 by 20 inches, square
  • Color: a tan and white stripe; black and white stripe; a magnified tan linen; a navy and white stripe; an orange and white zig zag; a teal and white zigzag


A Mermaid Sequin Pillow For A Touch Of Glamour

This square pillow is on the smaller side, but its technicolor sequined front adds a little glitz and glamour to any space. Plus the mermaid sequins allow you to "draw" designs, letters, or patterns to make these pillows seemingly ever-changing for an easy, even daily, update to your room. One reviewer said, “The pillowcase is good quality. The sequins change to display other color when you move your hand over them.”

  • Size and Shape: 16 by 16 inches, square.
  • Color: fuchsia gold, vintage rust, and chess


A Navy Velvet Lumbar Pillow That Also Comes In Lavender

Given its rectangular shape and deep blue hue, this luxe velvet pillow can be the muse for a whole new jewel-toned color palette for your decor, or can add a bit of drama to any existing decor. One reviewer said, “I am very happy with these. The color is perfect, the texture delightful, and the quality is good. I would order more.” Pair this solid pillowcase with a square, patterned pillow, or set it against a chair back all by itself for a luxurious punctuation to any room. If you're looking to weave this color throughout, try adding the varying shapes and sizes this pick comes into your cart as well.

  • Size and Shape: 12 by 20 inches, rectangular, 18 by 18 inches, square and 20 by 20 inches, square
  • Color: six colors, including light blue, dark blue, and violet.


A Decorative Pillow Perfect For Fall

For a seasonal option, or to invite autumn to come a little early this year, this seasonal throw pillow is a fun addition to signal the change of seasons. The cotton and linen blend fabric has that rustic charm, but it's clean typography, and greeting fall can blend seamlessly into any decor.

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: light tan with “hello fall” printed on the front


13. A Colorful Geometric Pillow To Tie Any Room Together

With this pillow's plethora of bold colors and dramatic print, this pick can handle the job of tying together even the most eclectic of spaces. Made of a durable linen, it's available in other variations of geometric patterns as well as some seasonal options; just note these other options are at different price points. One reviewer said, “I really like this pillow. The colors are pretty, the fabric is durable, and the price can't be better.”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: multi-colored geometric pattern, but it’s available in 43 other prints and patterns that include a variety of other multi-colored patterns as well as some seasonal prints


A Decorative Pillow With Optional Matching Loveseat And Sofa Covers For A Total Update

To fully transform a room, this pillow gives the option to buy a matching loveseat and sofa covers. This dandelion print has beautifully cool tones with that bright pop of yellow for a bit of colorful play. If this print doesn't do it for you, check out the 23 other color options; just note they're not all under $5.

This polyester pillowcase is durable and soft. One fan said, “The fabric is soooo soft and it looks so beautiful on my couch. I was really worried when I ordered this that the fabric was that kind of fabric that grabs at your skin, but this fabric is incredibly soft.”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: 23 prints and patterns including, dandelion, a flamingo print, golden leaves, a white and blue magnolia, and an array of geometric options


A Decorative Pillow That Keeps Things Spooky

For those who can't wait for Halloween and are looking to bring it into their home year round, this Jack-O-Lantern print pillow is a must have for a punchy, but cute pop of spooky fun. Made of 100% cotton, this pillow case is soft and durable. One reviewer noted, “Covers are as they appear on the website. Nice, deep colors and good, heavy quality. Design is on both sides of the cover, which is a pleasant surprise. Add a nice seasonal touch to decorating, and they are an excellent value for the money.”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square
  • Color: Jack-O-Lantern print


16. A Round Floor Pillow For a Bohemian Vibe

This round, two-toned, polyester throw pillow features a mandala print that introduces a beautifully intricate pattern for a true statement pillow. Not only is this piece a great functional floor pillow, it can spice up any room and add extra seating. While this pillow's diameter is unclear, the round shape and multi-functionality show just how hard a decorative pillow can work for your decor.

  • Size and Shape: round
  • Color: black and white; tan and white; blue and white.


A Decorative Pillow That Animal Lovers Will Adore

This adorable, yet tasteful cat print pillow can add a bit of humor and play to any decor. It's especially great for cat lovers, but this quirky print can honestly be a bright and lighthearted addition to any space. The yellow flannel is soft but durable, making for a long-lasting and cozy pick. One fan noted, “It is much prettier and well-made than I even hoped for. The material is very soft smooth and thick with raised stitching. Brings a sunny pop of color to my bed and works perfect with my couch. This is a solid purchase, great pillow cases, I would buy again.”

  • Size and Shape: 18 by 18 inches, square.
  • Color: 26 prints, including a yellow background with a novelty cat print, a bird and flower theme, tropical leaves, cacti, and a whole host of other natural scenes and prints

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