These 17 Christmas TV Episodes On Netflix In 2017 Will Warm Your Heart For The Holidays

'Tis the season to curl up in front of a yule log and watch your favorite holiday episodes of television back-to-back. Or maybe just watch the yule log. Hey, some of them are pretty interesting. With this collection of 17 Christmas TV episodes on Netflix in 2017, though, you'll never get bored this holiday season. You'll laugh and you'll cry, and you might be a tad uncomfortable from all the laughing and crying, but you will definitely be entertained.

Whether you like a classically cozy Christmas or spooky Santas are more your thing, there's a Christmas TV episode on Netflix to suit your holiday needs. Are there comedies? Absolutely. Are there heartfelt dramas? Obviously. Are there musicals, animated options, and is one of the things on this list just a yule log? Yes, totally, and I think you knew the answer to that already.

When the weather outside is frightful, holiday TV marathoning is the most delightful. Warm up a hot toddy and put your phone on do not disturb: It's Christmas TV time. The type you can stream without having to get out of bed, put on your pants, or call any of your relatives before watching.

Here are some Christmas episodes on Netflix to get your holiday season started.

1. "A Benihana Christmas," The Office (US Version)

"A Benihana Christmas" remains one of the most enduring episodes of The Office for a reason. The hour-long special from Season 3 is as amazing as it is painful to watch. Between competing Christmas parties, romantic squabbles, and a deeply uncomfortable karaoke performance of "Your Body Is A Wonderland," it's easily one of the top Christmas episodes of all time.

2. "Christmas Scandal," Parks & Recreation

One of Parks and Recreation's best qualities is how so many of its episodes feel timeless. The Season 2 Christmas episode, though, is an alarming reminder of that. It opens with an absurd local sex scandal that spins out of control, but what happens as a result is immensely charming. Also, it adds to the lore of Pawnee raccoons, which is always a treat.

3. "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," Grey's Anatomy

This early episode of Grey's Anatomy is the perfect encapsulation of the series. It balances light and dark, angst and excitement, and everything else that comes with celebrating Christmas when you're in your 20s and stressed out and sad. "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is the television equivalent of putting on a sweater knit by Izzie Stevens at the end of a long, tough day. Seriously.

4. "Symphony of Illumination," How I Met Your Mother

This Very Special Episode of How I Met Your Mother is the only one from the series narrated by anyone other than Ted. In "Symphony of Illumination," Robin receives some terrible news right around the holiday. While Ted doesn't know exactly what's going on with her, he knows it's bad, and sweetly does everything he can to make it better for her.

5. "The One With The Rockin' New Years Eve," Friends

This is the one with "the routine" and if you've never seen it, don't let anyone spoil it for you. Just watch, and enjoy. Friends never made a bad holiday episode, right? Trust that this is among the best of the best.

6. A Very Murray Christmas

If you like your Christmas specials musical and melancholy, the star-studded A Very Murray Christmas special on Netflix is your peanut butter and jam.

7. "Chapter 8: The Upside Down," Stranger Things

Episode after episode of Joyce Byers decking the halls with frantic, fear-inspired cheer, and you didn't think you'd get to see Christmas come to Hawkins? Sure, that's not the purpose of the episode — the rescue attempt is — but Christmas dinner won't look quite the same after you finish the Stranger Things Season 1 finale.

8. "Forgiveness And Stuff," Gilmore Girls

One of the only episodes of Gilmore Girls that was an explicit Christmas episode was way back in Season 1. Emily and Lorelai are arguing (surprise!), and Rory is forced to attend her grandparents' ritzy holiday party solo. Then, suddenly, there's a medical emergency. It's part-cozy, part-agonizing, just the way a Gilmore Girls holiday should be.

9. The BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

In this unique one-off episode, Todd and BoJack sit down to watch an old episode of Horsin' Around, which is the corny '90s sitcom that made BoJack famous. While the Netflix series occasionally allows viewers glimpses of Horsin' Around, this is the first time — and thus far, the only time — where fans can watch a full episode of the show-within-a-show. Also, it's the Christmas special. Hooray!

10. "The Night of The Meek," The Twilight Zone

This episode from the original run of The Twilight Zone is just the spooky, Santa-filled throwback every Christmas marathon needs.

11. "A Very Sunny Christmas," It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If your ideal Christmas involves a grown man biting a mall Santa on the neck, "A Very Sunny Christmas" is probably the only holiday episode worth watching. Not since Die Hard had Christmas content made use of so much fake blood.

12. "The Abominable Bride," Sherlock

The BBC gave viewers everywhere a gift when they chose to set the Sherlock Christmas special in the 1890s. How precious is Watson? So precious. Also, it's a great episode.

13. "The Best Christmas Ever," That '70s Show

In this Season 1 episode, devilish Laurie Forman spikes the punch at Red and Kitty's holiday party. The result is just as messy and ridiculous as you'd expect, and Mila Kunis is so good as a drunk teenager on the verge of tears for no discernible reason.

14. "Afternoon Delight," Arrested Development

There's no way to describe this episode of Arrested Development without spoiling at least one of the jokes. Just know that it's a masterfully crafted 22 minutes of television, and one that manages to slip a particular four-letter word by censors thanks to a bit of genius editing. You'll certainly never hear "Afternoon Delight" the same way again.

15. "Kimmy Goes To A Hotel!" Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After being deprived of so many regular holidays in the bunker, Kimmy's determined to make up for lost time in Season 2. This results in her picking an arbitrary day to celebrate as Christmas, and luckily for her, her friends are down for the ride. Of course, nothing ever goes the way it's expected to on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

16. "Christmas Waltz," Mad Men

It takes a powerful episode, or a powerfully weird one, to stand out in the golden era of Mad Men. "Christmas Waltz" is one of those. Christina Hendricks' aching Joan Holloway Harris steals every scene from Jon Hamm's brooding Don Draper, and there's a subplot about the Hare Krishna. It also sets up an important arc for Lane Pryce.

17. "Fireplace For Your Home: Birchwood Edition"

Hey, some people just want to sip a spiked egg nog and stare into a fictional fire. No judgment here.

Whatever your holiday television needs are this year, Netflix has an ample Christmas 2017 TV selection. The streaming giant has so many genres, lengths, and emotional reveals to offer — enough to roast anyone's chestnut. Happy holidays!