17 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can Make At Home

The bigger the gift, the bigger the heart, right? False. Although our society believes that expensive jewelry, eclectic chocolate, and lavish dining experiences are the perfect way to gift Valentine’s Day… this is just not true. Sometimes, the most heartfelt moments are the ones that require a lot of thought and energy. That said, it's no secret that finding the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea can still be rather challenging. But it's worth the hunt — trust me.

I mean any old person can walk into a store or hop on a computer and be done with the Valentine’s Day gifting experience. I’ve always been one to think of something crafty – something that shows my guy, or even my girlfriends, how much they mean to me. Not only because it took me a lot of time to make, but I’m using words, and chocolate of course, to show them how much they truly mean to me. Some people wait for Christmas to express these kinds of emotions. I love to wait until Valentine’s Day.

So if you have a special someone, or even just a bunch of friends, that need some extra loving this Valentine’s Day – consider making some of these DIY gifts. Some are personal, others funny, but all of these ideas will melt their hearts.

52 Reasons I Love You

This is a pretty common gift idea, but it’s always a classic one! Grab an old deck of cards and decorate it with 52 reasons – and let them know it’s perfect for reading one a week for an entire year!

Box Of Memories

Valentine’s Day is all about being romantic and stuff, so give your partner (or best friend) a box of memories that really stood out to you. It is the simplest and yet most heart-felt gift you could ever give.

Gift Basket Of Treats

Have any leftover blueberry/strawberry baskets that you simply don’t have the heart to throw out? Why not decorate them and use the basket as a way to deliver treats!


For all you bookworms out there, they would certainly never say no to another bookmark!

Bath Bomb

If you have a friend or partner who just needs a good night of relaxation, make these bath bombs and get them all the essentials for the ultimate bath experience — wine, candles, the works.

Mason Jay Filled With Candy

Even the simplest gifts look freaking cute in mason jars!

Bag Of Donuts

Warning: You must restrain yourself from eating all donuts so you can at least gift one of them in the cute package you carefully worked on.

Bouquet Of Chocolate

Why in the world would you ever buy flowers when you can have a bouquet of chocolate? Genius.

Decorated Case Of Beer

Does your partner love beer? Or maybe even root beer? Decorate a four or six-pack of their favorite brew to make it all the more special!

Love Potion

If beer isn’t your lover’s favorite, then pick up a bottle of what they do love and just replace the label with a corny homemade “love potion” label!

Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

If you have a small mini-game board that you don’t use, time to make use of it! Grab some white and red paint and paint out a board on the top, while also painting 10 old checkers (5 X’s and 5 O’s).

Heart-shaped Love Poem

If you would rather give words then chocolate, then write up a beautiful poem and print it in the shape of a heart!

Chocolate Mailbox

Looks big in the picture, but this little mailbox is probably the size of your thumb. Buy a bag of chocolate candies (the mini Hershey bars work really well) and use some scrap paper to make these little mailboxes!

Heart-shaped Crayons

Have leftover crayons in your closet that you can’t wait to get rid of? Grab a small heart-shaped mold tray and make these little crayons!

Macaron Pops

It’s everyone’s favorite little decadent treat! Wrap a macaron with a love note written on card stock.

Chocolate-covered Strawberries

What could be more decadent than a bowl full of chocolate-covered strawberries? Probably adding a bottle of bubbly to go with it…

‘Let’s Spoon’ Card

I actually cannot handle this card – I'm still laughing about it. Pull out all of your best puns and throw them on the card, because Valentine’s day is the time to get cheesy.