17 Fall Movies That'll Make You So Ready For The Season Of Halloween & Pumpkin Spice

by Tatiana Tenreyro
Columbia Pictures

Now that August is rapidly passing by, it’s time to prepare for the fall. Autumn is the best season. There’s the perfectly chilly weather, the gorgeous foliage, and two holidays that involve food — there’s no way to go wrong with all that. But one of the best things about the season is that there are so many amazing movies set in the fall. This doesn’t just include Halloween-themed classics. There are films of all genres that’ll instantly put you in the mood for the upcoming season, from classic rom-coms to comedies.

If you’re a rom-com fan, you know that fall is the perfect season for some of the best love stories — especially if they’re set in New York City. Joe said it best in You’ve Got Mail, remarking, “Don't you just love New York in the fall?” And there are countless other romantic fall classics, like When Harry Met Sally and Autumn in New York.

Plus, even though Halloween is the perfect holiday for films given its spookiness, Thanksgiving is another fall holiday that perfectly sets stories for dysfunctional family gatherings in films, including Pieces of April, Son In Law, Home for the Holidays, and more. These movies will surely get you in the fall spirit just in time for both holidays.


'When Harry Met Sally'

The New York City fall foliage makes Harry and Sally's love story even more magical. You can rent it out on Amazon.


'Autumn In New York'

Following the theme of New York City love stories in the fall, this one is the ultimate weepy romantic flick for the season, following Will and Charlotte's unconventional romance. Rent it on Amazon or watch it on Hulu if you have a Showtime subscription.


'October Sky'

Based on former NASA engineer Homer Hickam's true story, this film shows how Hickam's interest in rocket science grew after witnessing the Sputnik 1 cross the sky. Rent it on Amazon.



What better movie to get you into the Halloween spirit than the scary classic named after the holiday? Rent it on Amazon.



For many, this season means it's the best time to watch scary movies. But for those who grew up with Disney Channel flicks, the best way to celebrate fall is by watching Halloweentown and its sequels. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch it on Disney Now or rent it on Amazon.


'Son In Law'

Thanksgiving films are truly underrated but this Pauly Shore comedy shows that the holiday is the perfect setting for hilarious chaos. Shore plays Crawl, the eccentric party animal boyfriend of Rebecca, who takes him to visit her conservative parents for Thanksgiving. Rent it on Amazon.


'Planes, Trains, And Automobiles'

This John Hughes classic pairs Steve Martin and John Candy as total opposites who have to join forces to find a way to get home for Thanksgiving amidst a snowstorm. You can rent it on Amazon.


'Addams Family Values'

This is the perfect fall movie because it takes place during Thanksgiving, but it definitely fits the Halloween mood. Revisit your childhood memories by watching it on Amazon.


'Mistress America'

This Greta Gerwig film is the ultimate non-romantic New York City-based fall flick. It starts out with Tracy (Lola Kirke) beginning her school year in the fall and culminates with a lonesome Thanksgiving between Tracy and Brooke (Gerwig). Rent it out on Amazon.


'Home For the Holidays'

In this dramedy, Claudia (Holly Hunter) travels to her childhood home to spend Thanksgiving with her parents and chaos ensues. You can watch it on Amazon.


'Pieces Of April'

Much like Home For the Holidays, Pieces of April also tackles dysfunctional family dynamics. Katie Holmes plays the edgy titular character, who invites her family over to her small New York City apartment for Thanksgiving. You can watch this underrated indie flick on Amazon.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

The Nightmare Before Christmas makes a great Halloween movie, but you can also continue watching it long after Halloween is over to prepare for Christmas. Win-win! Sadly, Netflix is no longer streaming it as Disney prepares to launch its own streaming site. But you can watch it on Amazon.



This Wes Anderson cult classic takes place all the way through the fall, so it's an excellent one to watch during the season. You can watch it on Amazon.


'St. Elmo's Fire'

This '80s gem is set in the fall, following its amazing cast as the characters re-evaluate their lives after graduating from college. Watch it on Amazon.


'Good Will Hunting'

Even though New York City is often shown in films as the ultimate setting for the fall, Good Will Hunting proves that Boston's is just as gorgeous. Rent out this classic on Amazon.


'Garden State'

Even though Garden State uses the season to show how bleak and somber being back in his hometown is for Andrew (Zach Braff), it's still a great movie to watch during the fall. Plus, it has an amazing soundtrack that's perfect for the season. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch it on HBOGO or rent it on Amazon.


'You've Got Mail'

Meg Ryan is the ultimate fall rom-com queen. Besides When Harry Met Sally, she also is part of an iconic romance in You've Got Mail, with both Kathleen (Ryan) and Joe (Hanks) expressing how much they love the season. Watch it on Amazon.

It's almost time to curl up on the couch drinking cider and watch all these great flicks.