17 Gifts For Your BFF Who Loves Peter Kavinsky, Harry Potter, And Jane Austen

By Kerri Jarema

With November well on its way, the holiday season is officially upon us. But before you go freaking out about how much you still have to do and what little time you have to do it with, take a deep breath. Because I'm here to help you figure out the perfect bookish gift for at least one very important person on your list: your brilliant, bibliophile BFF. "But," you're probably thinking, "my friend has pretty much every book on the planet, and so much book swag that she might very well qualify for an episode of Hoarders." And, believe me, I get it.

Shopping for your reader pals can be particularly difficult when you don't know what books they have or want to have in their home libraries and so many bookish enamel pins they could fill two whole denim jackets. Luckily, bookish items are always in style and so there are always tons of new and unique bits to pick up, even for the best friend who seemingly has it all. Below are 17 items, at a range of price points, that any book reader would love to find in their stocking or under the tree this year:

A Sweatshirt Fit For The Heroine Of Her Own Story

Pretty Bookmarks That Support Women's Charities

Tea That Celebrates Her Favorite Classic Writers With Each Cup

A Fancy Candle Inspired By The Brightest Witch Of Her Age

A Chic Bag To Carry All Her Books In Because She Deserves More Than Those Freebie Totes

Harry Potter Cookie Cutters For The Reader Who Loves To Bake

The Ultimate Fragrance For Lovers Of That Old Book Smell

A Graphic Tee From Her Favorite Bookish Film Of The Year

A Book Stack In The Form Of Super Cute Ear Candy

A Reading Journal So Pretty She'll Actually Want To Write In It

A Rom-Com Board Game That Will Bring Her Favorite Sophie Kinsella Books To Life

An Adorable Keychain For The Kathleen Kelly In Your Life

Jane Austen Socks That Will Bewitch Her Body And Soul...Or At Least Keep Her Feet Warm

A Flannel PJ Set Because She Still Wants To Look Cute While She's Reading On The Couch

The Only Pillow For Her Reading Nook She'll Ever Need

A Mug For Long Winter Nights Spent With A Good Book & Cup Of Cocoa

A Literary Necklace That's Sure To Spark Conversations