These Tweets About 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Episode 6 Basically Describe Your Every Feel

Photo courtesy of HBO/Bustle

There was something in Sunday's episode to evoke feels in even the most hardened viewer, as these tweets about Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 prove. While the latest installment hasn't been without its bad press, it's still hard to truly dislike the episode. While it may have been on the sensational side, it also gave the audience a boat load of moments we've been waiting for forever.

In no particular order, we finally got someone clueing Daenerys in to the fact that her newest ally might be laboring under a severe case of lovesickness for her; the dragons venturing beyond the wall; the Hound and Tormund Giantsbane comparing notes on Brienne of Tarth; and Sansa and Arya finally locking horns about the different choices they've made to survive. On top of that, there was also flaming swords, the return of an old Stark, and several fight scenes that were just too cool to last.

If audience gratification feels cheesy to you, then sure, it's effectively a slab of televisual brie. But given the sheer quantity of Twitter reactions? It was impossible not to have some sort of emotional response to the show, and that's got to be a good thing.


Because You've Got To Respect The Night King's Jock Credentials

Let's not even get into how Gendry also conveniently acquired the sprinting skills and stamina of a gold medal winner.


Because Dany And Jon Were TOO Damn Much

It was like porno for incurable romantics: that hand holding gave people the shivers.


Because It Was Ripe For Political Parallels

Because, as The Root have already observed, you know the White Walkers are metaphors for white supremacy, right?


Because You're Not Crying, You Just Have Something In Your Eye

Your allergies must be acting up.


Because It's Making Viewers Question Their Ethical Code

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?


Because Jon Snow Has Some Kissing Up To Do

The hand holding was nice, but he's got some compensating to do for effectively getting one of Dany's babies murdered and then transformed into a scary undead ice zombie. Not cool.


Because A Dragon Death Is Worth Ten Minor Character Human Deaths

There are roughly 50,000 minor characters on Thrones, so it's hard to get really upset when another one bites the dust. Viserion, however? That's a totally different story.


Because The Arya/Sansa Tension Is Becoming The Scariest Thing On 'Game Of Thrones'

Did she really threaten to cut Sansa's face off? Young lady, take a time out.


Because Dany And Jon Weren't The Only Potential Romance On The Show That Were #Goals

Tormund's love for a certain tall blonde might be the realest thing on the show.


Because Pertinent Questions Were Raised

I'm not saying everything has to make sense. But maybe just the basics, right?


Because The Hound Was The WORST This Episode

Seriously? Throwing a rock to bait crowds of rabid wights cornering you on a tiny ice stump felt like a good life decision? Also, stop shading Tormund for trying to make friends; your Rebel Without A Cause act got tired three seasons ago.


Because The Timings Don't Add Up

Presumably the ravens have been in the same intensive sports training course Gendry enrolled in.


Because Who Says Fantasy Can't Be Relatable?

Undead ice zombie dragon Viserion is so every person who's been woken up by their roommate getting dressed to high pitched pop music at silly o'clock in the a.m.


Because It Made Someone Invent The Word "Baephew" And We're Dying

It's tough finding a good man in George R.R. Martin's world. No wonder Dany felt compelled to wing it over there to dish out some fiery street justice to everyone trying to murder her dude.


Because What Will Jon Snow Become?

Given the fact that he's the most beautiful of them all, probably the latter, no?


Because It Was An Emotional Rollercoaster

No wonder people are comparing it to the Red Wedding.


Because Viserion's Death Has Changed Everything

So... Jon Snow now has to defeat the Night King, the wights, the White Walkers and an the Blue Eyes White Dragon?

It may have divided opinions, but nobody in the Twitterverse seemed immune to having an explosion of a reaction to something in "Beyond The Wall." Thanks to Episode 6, this show is now officially Game Of Feels.