Twitter Is Freaking Out About Dany & Jon On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/HBO

Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode was thrilling, to say the very least. Fans saw Jon make good on his crazy plan to breach the wall and abduct a wight. What followed was a brutal battle between Jon's squad and the immensely massive army of the undead. Sadly, in the midst of the chaos, one of Dany's dragons was taken down by the Night King and Jon Snow almost died as well. He ended up making it out alive and when he woke up, a grieving Mother of Dragons was by his side. Dany and Jon shared a touching moment on Game of Thrones and added fuel to their flirtation in the process. Oh, and Jon recognized Daenerys as "my queen," which really set Twitter off.

The moment began with Jon's blurry vision bringing Dany into focus, which was super suggestive of their connection if you ask me. I don't know, but cinematography aside, Dany immediately told Jon that she would fight against the Night King's army alongside him and he responded with, "Thank you, Dany." She was clearly all sweetly flustered by his use of her nickname, but things got really serious when he followed up by referring to her as "my queen." He even told her that he would "bend the knee" if he wasn't laying in bed with wounds all over him. When she questioned about his followers up in the North, he told her that they would see how amazing she was and follow her as well. Then, they held hands and every fan on the planet exploded into swoons. One thing is for sure, Dany and Jon 'shippers on Twitter were absolutely all about the moment... while others felt slightly icky about it.

Most Fans Really Want To Forget They Are Related

Some Lost It When They Held Hands

The "My Queen" Line Really Set Fans Off

Some Finally Gave Into It

And Some Fans Straight Up Hated It

And, sure, Jon is technically Dany's nephew but they don't know that yet. Also, Targaryens basically require that you be blood related in order to get together, so let's all just enjoy the love for the moment, huh? Don't @ me.