17 Instagram Poets For An Inspirational Feed

Hannah Burton/Bustle

In a world where social media rules much of what we do, it can be easy to get bogged down in the more negative aspects of life. Because of this, uplifting content has become incredibly popular, especially on Instagram The most visual and curatorial of the social media platforms, Instagram isn't the most obvious place to post poems, but because of its focus on aesthetics, beauty, and inspiration, it has become the perfect home for some emerging writers.

While there is definitely a time and place for a picture of a sunset or a bathroom mirror selfie, Instagram also functions as a platform for emerging writers to share their work with a large audience. Using a heavily visual medium to post written content is perfect for the fast-paced world we live in. Most artists use the way the poem is presented — everything from the material, to the type being used, to the caption of the picture — to deepen the meaning of the words. People may think reading requires time, but these Instagram poets are here to show you that inspiration can be found anywhere, and sometimes the most abstract and meaningful concepts can be conveyed in just a few words.


R.M. Drake

R.M. Drake is the perfect gateway account for anyone interested in checking out the world of Instagram poets. Drake uses colorful backgrounds to accentuate their thoughtful poems.

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Illustrations are juxtaposed with typewriter font for a classic look with a twist. Alfa fuses old and new to create bite-sized artistic posts.

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Another fan of the typewriter aesthetic, JmStorm uses the medium to convey universal themes of passion and understanding. This account proves that the simple black and white combination is both effective and beautiful.

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p a v a n a

p a v a n a uses all white backgrounds and a comfortable typeface to bring the focus to her intense — and timely — short poems.

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J Iron Word

J Iron Word plays with fonts, mediums, photographs and screenshots to make this account playful and accessible. The little poems focus on advice for lovers and dreamers alike.

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Christopher Poindexter

With one of the most impressive Instagram aesthetics, this account has pictures and poems mixed together to create a film noir vibe. Cool colors and chucks of text may be more intimidating than the other accounts, but these posts are worth the few minutes it takes to read them.

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M.FireChild is perfect for anyone who is looking for the occasional reminder that being a hopeless romantic can be beautiful. The account features both passionate photographs and romantic bits of poetry.

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Posting a poem every day, this account focuses on ethereal themes of love and understanding. While not all of the posts involve photos like the one above, all of the poems are just as emotionally charged.

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Beau Taplin

This Australian based, word savvy poet will get you through your most difficult relationship troubles. Beau Taplin focuses on language and verse to create impactful poems imbued with life lessons.

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Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill's poetry feels more traditional in the way it is presented. For anyone looking for a more classic form of presentation, this Instagram account is the one to follow.

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Rupi Kaur

Simplicity at it's best. Rupi Kaur supplements her poems with illustrations that make the content even more inspirational. .

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Nayyirah Waheed

Simple, concise and emotional, Nayyirah Waheed presents poems that cross medium without fear.

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Tyler Knott Gregson

Most distinct for the way medium is manipulated, Tyler Knott Gregson's poetry is visually interesting on many levels. Perfect for all kinds of readers, this account will appeal to those who want more color in their Instagram feed.

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Josua Ryan Steward

This slanted text is repeated in many of the posts, creating an off-center, unique feel to the poetry.

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While most of this poetry is only a few lines, McDarklight's intense photos add insight and complexity to the complicated verses. McDarklight is not afraid to address any topic, and the short musings are both inspirational and comforting.

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J. R. Rogue

J.R. Rogue focuses on words, rather than presentation, to express eloquent and thought-provoking poems.

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Alison Malee

Alison Malee is perfect for readers who enjoy a little color in their feed. Relying on design as well as poetry, this poet presents wonderfully uplifting messages through her words and illustrations.

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