17 Life Upgrades That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

Some people struggle with doing nice things for themselves. I have family members and friends who only buy gifts for the people around them and never think to buy for themselves. Unfortunately, I do not have this problem. Last year, when I was Christmas shopping, I picked up a gift for myself almost every time that I ventured out to brave a shopping mall. How can you spoil anyone else if you don't know how to spoil yourself? I'm not sure that it's great logic, but it does help me sleep at night. If you aren't prone to splurging, you may be wondering why anyone spends money on little luxuries, but some life upgrades are totally worth the splurge.

Whether it makes life easier or just more pleasurable, splurging on yourself is a valid thing to do. Granted, not everyone is able to afford big purchases, and that's OK! You can find ways to splurge that don't involve money, like painting your nails or indulging in a long bubble bath. But if you do have a bit of extra cash and want to treat yourself, I've got a few suggestions. From big-ticket items to small luxuries, these are my favorite life upgrades that you should consider.


Nice Candles

Nest Fragrances Holiday Classic Candle, $40, Amazon

One of my closest friends ruined my life by gifting me this candle a couple of years ago. It was a super thoughtful gift, but now my candle standards are super high. You can justify a pricey candle because you're worth it, OK!


A Top-Notch Sheet Set

Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $239, Brooklinen

Spending a ton of money on sheets doesn't sound like fun, but you spend so much of your life in bed that you'll thank yourself after you buy these.


A Luxury Bathrobe

Hydrocotton Bath Robe, $79, Williams Sonoma

Half-heartedly wrapping a towel around your body after a shower is so 2017. A luxury bathrobe will make you look as regal as you feel.


Cozy Socks

Cozy Bunny Slipper Socks, $13, DSW

As someone who is always freezing, I cannot preach the gospel of cozy socks enough. They're perfect for lounging, especially in the winter cold.


Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers 50 Count, $24, Amazon

I finally caved and bought velvet hangers last week after hearing so many great things. These take up much less room than plastic hangers and are *so* much better for your clothes. And having all-matching hangers feels really #adult, so!


An Electric Toothbrush

Quip Electric Toothbrush, $35, Quip

I never thought I'd find a toothbrush to match my Instagram aesthetic, and yet, here I am. I'm drooling over all of Quip's minimalistic toothbrushes.


A Comfortable Office Chair

ErgoChair 2, $299, Autonomous

Most people spend 40 hours a week at work, but if you, like me, work from home, you're probably sitting on your couch, and that's doing a number on your back. A nice office chair may just save you from inevitable back pain.


A Wool Blanket

Australian Wool Blanket, $68, Target

Fellow blanket lovers can attest to the importance of a blanket's quality. If it's too thin or threadbare, there's no point in using it. Get yourself a wool blanket, and you'll look forward to going to sleep every night.


Silk Pajamas

Two-Piece Print Silk Pajama Set, $87, Neiman Marcus

I sleep in ratty, oversized T-shirts, but if you want to class it up a bit, try a silk pajama set. You'll wake up feeling luxurious, regardless of what the day might bring.


Artisan Soaps

Rosemary Lemongrass Soap, $8, Etsy

You don't know how much you need artisan, handmade soap until you've tried it. Just trust me on this one.


Seat Warmers

Heated Car Seat Cushion 2-Pack, $25, Amazon

This is another luxurious-feeling item that doesn't actually cost that much. You can head to work without waiting for the heater to come on thanks to these seat warmers.


A Nice Journal

Bombay Brown Leather Wrap Journal with Tie, $15, Barnes & Noble

Journaling can be a wonderful form of self-care and a way to keep track of your daily activities, so why not splurge on a journal you'll be proud to carry around?


A Sturdy Backpack

Herschel Backpack, $80, Nordstrom

Whether you're on a college campus or commuting regularly, a good bag can make walking much easier, especially if you're carrying a ton of stuff around.


An Espresso Machine

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle, $215, Amazon

Who needs Starbucks when you've got your own fancy coffee at home? An espresso machine makes it easy for you to whip up cafe-quality drinks without leaving your kitchen.


A Nice Water Bottle

Blue Granite Bottle, $25, S'well

You already know that disposable water bottles are bad for the environment, but if you haven't made the switch to a reusable bottle yet, try this bottle from S'well. It's fashionable enough that you'll want it is an everyday accessory.


A Massage Chair

Massage Chair, $499, Sharper Image

While nothing beats a professional massage, a massage chair can be a great alternative if you just need to relax a bit — every single night.


A Flower Subscription

Farmer's Market Collection, $44 monthly, The Bouqs Company

When you're filling out this subscription form, The Bouqs Company wisely asks if they're for a friend or for yourself. You won't have to wait on anyone to buy you flowers if you go all out and buy your own floral subscription. It's genius. Make 2018 the year of treating yourself, whether the treats are small or over-the-top. You deserve it.