These Memes Prove We Don't Deserve Dogs

During the darkest of days, there's always one thing that can make you feel better — dogs. Even if you don't have a dog, thanks to the internet you're never far from an adorable four-legged friend. These memes about dogs for National Dog Day that will make your heart flutter prove that canine companions are the true stars of social media on National Dog Day, Aug. 26, and every day.

When my German shepherd passed away six years ago I went to a local beagle rescue and asked for the laziest dog they had. I work from home, and I wanted a small dog that would be content to lie by my feet while I was busy writing. What I got was the bossiest, sassiest, most energetic dog on the planet. BiBi came from a rescue in Puerto Rico where she was found trying to cross a highway with her litter of puppies. Because she was raising her pups on the streets she had to be cunning, smart, and always in charge — characteristics she refuses to let go of.

She was also diagnosed with a chronic disease called megaesophagus, which means that the muscles in her esophagus are paralyzed, and in order to swallow her food she has to be fed upright in a dog highchair. Here she is below taking a power nap in her chair after dinner.

Despite being the definition of high maintenance, and being afraid of things like shopping carts, Halloween decorations, and plastic bags, BiBi has taught me more about life and love than any human.

If you're feeling a little blue this weekend, the pups in these memes for National Dog Day can help you see the world as a place where mealtime is always the most exciting part of any day, there are no problems that can't be solved with a nap, and nothing is better than going for a walk, putting your nose to the ground and taking in the smell of the neighborhood.

1. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

2. When Someone Calls You Instead Of Texting

3. How It Feels To Finally Go On Vacay

4. Adulting; The Struggle Is Real

5. When Your BFF Refers To Someone Else As Their Bestie

6. But's It's OK Because You & Your Dog Are Like ...

7. And ...

8. When You Should Apologize, But You Don't Want To ...

9. Because Pizza Is The Answer To Every Question

10. 5-Second Rule Means You're Still Gonna Eat It

11. When You Don't Want To Go Out

12. When Someone Won't Stop Talking

13. Running Through Target Trying Not To Buy Everything

14. The Weekend Got You Like ...

15. When Your BFF Drops Game Of Thrones Spoilers

16. Watching Lorelai Marry Christopher On Gilmore Girls

17. When You're Psyched To See BAE

Fell better, yet? Because, dogs!