17 Movies On Netflix That Your Teen Self Totally Flipped Out Over

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High school, it might not be as good as college, but it's better than middle school. And one thing that made it so great was the movies. From Hilary Duff-led rom coms to Orlando Bloom-starring thrillers, I think we can all agree that early to mid '00s were really peak movie years for us youths. And it looks like the Internet gods agree because they've given us 17 movies to watch on Netflix that you loved in high school.

In high school, going to the movies without your parents felt like the greatest freedom. (And, no, the irony that many of us will be using our parents' Netflix accounts to stream these movies is not lost on me.) It was, TBH, the very best of times. Unfortunately, scientists have yet to invent a time travel machine to bring us back to those simpler times, but we don't need one because we have Netflix. The magical streaming service actually has a pretty good selection of movies that we obsessed over in high school. Sure some classics are missing (RIP The Lizzie McGuire Movie on Netflix), but the streaming site has more than enough to keep you and your BFFs occupied for a trip down memory lane.


'Mean Girls'

In case you forgot what horrors pretty girls in high school were capable of.


'13 Going On 30'

Is there an age when it's no longer fun to watch Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner do the "Thriller" dance? Nope.


'A Cinderella Story'

You can now rewatch the iconic drought monologue as many times as your heart desires.


'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Go back to a time when Johnny Depp wasn't your problematic fav and Orlando Bloom was the ultimate man.


'High School Musical'

Because what is more high school than High School Musical?


'High School Musical 2'

OK, maybe High School Musical 2 is more high school than HSM.



We are all McLovin.



Say what you will about the Twilight Saga, but Twilight is a classic and deserves to be recognized as such.


'Love Actually'

Yes, our obsession with Love Actually has lasted well beyond high school, but the holiday classic will always be tied to high school sleepovers in my mind.


'Across the Universe'

The movie you loved because it was *artsy*.


'In the Land of Women'

Seth Cohen — I mean, er, Adam Brody — was so cute in In the Land of Women, you could almost forget how weirdly preachy it was.


'Mona Lisa Smile'

The movie that taught us all about sisterhood. And art. And how fabulous birth control can be.


'Hannah Montana The Movie'

Even those who didn't watch Hannah Montana must admit that Hannah Montana The Movie was perfect high school entertainment.


'Tropic Thunder'

For when you were feeling edgy.



The movie that launched a thousand English majors, and made you both believe in true love and resent it at the same time.


'V for Vendetta'

The movie that taught you about the resistance. Oh, if only we knew what was waiting for us a decade down the line...


'Sky High'

It's high school but with super powers. In other words: it's everything you wish high school had been like.

And that's a wrap. If these 17 movies don't make you want to sit down with your best friends and a pack of double stuffed Oreos, then I don't know what will.