17 Movies 'Real Housewives' Fans Need To Watch If You Can't Get Enough Of The Fabulous Drama

by Danielle Burgos

In 2006, Bravo had an idea that would change television — a reality show taking a peek inside the lives of glamorous women with lots of money and time to kill. And so, Real Housewives was born. Now an empire of nine series, 15 spin-offs, and highly anticipated specials and follow-ups, the franchise features drama that viewers simply can't get enough of week after week. But if you still need more wine-fueled ridiculousness, here are 17 movies all Real Housewives fans need to watch.

Some of the films listed inspired the entire series; Peyton Place and "bored housewives" classics Valley Of The Dolls paved the way for every table-flipping fight on a Housewives episode. And the other movies will feel just as drama-filled as the franchise. Seriously, even off-season, the action doesn't stop. Just look at how former Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita recently said that she would come back to the show if the producers got rid of the entire existing cast besides Dolores. Clearly, between social media feuds, Page Six appearances, and personal brand marketing, the Real Housewives ladies live large on and off camera. These movies not only match their theatrics, but do them one better.


'Cruel Intentions'

A '90s spin on a scandalous 1700s book (that's right — sex and drama existed before this century) updates the location to an elite Manhattan private school and keeps all the twisted scandal.


'Grey Gardens'

And what happens after the glow of the cameras fade? This classic documentary follows two of Jackie O's relatives fallen from the halls of wealth, living their own lives at former mansion Grey Gardens. To be fair, they seem happier than their gilded peers.


'Valley Of The Dolls'

Big hair, bigger drama, and housewives on pills galore in this film adaptation of the bestselling trashy novel that gripped a nation.


'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'

Basically Valley Of The Dolls on acid, this campy sequel takes the original and triples the ridiculousness, much as Real Housewives of New Jersey notched up Real Housewives of Orange County.


'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie'

Trends, drugs, and the two hottest messes to totter into fashion, Edina and Patsy, make this movie a must-see.


'Peyton Place'

This is the film that actually inspired the Housewives franchise. A gorgeous New England town hides all sorts of juicy secrets behind closed doors, including secret affairs, hidden pregnancies, malicious gossip, and murder. Even the start of World War II can't slow Peyton Place down from creating drama.


'Eight Women'

It's a French musical murder mystery about a group of people who get ready for Christmas at an isolated estate when the master of the house is found murdered. The only suspects are the eight women in attendance, and secrets, lies, and jealousy come pouring out... in song.


'Written On The Wind'

The ultimate in melodrama from a master of the genre shot in glorious Technicolor. The story was based on a real, high-profile scandal, only changing states and source of fortune before plowing ahead with the drama. Spoiled oil-money siblings run amok as the company geologist falls for the drunkard brother's secretary/wife. The film also features one of cinema's greatest bad girls, Marylee.


'Marie Antoinette'

The ur-Real Housewife, Marie Antoinette is rich, bored, and surrounded by intrigue. Fortunately, director Sofia Coppola has much better taste, making this a candy-confection version of the rise and fall of French monarchy, all the scandal intact.


'The Women'

If you think old movies are boring, you haven't seen The Women, a mile-a-minute star-filled film about, yep... bored housewives in the fabulous penthouses of Manhattan. These gals are razor-sharp and when they find out their husbands are having affairs, they go straight to the other women. Check out the tail end of the clip above for one of the greatest double-zingers in film history.



John Waters takes on Douglas Sirk, even casting Tab Hunter as Divine's husband in this skewed melodrama with a surprisingly happy ending.


'Best In Show'

Jennifer Coolidge steals the show as woozy gold-digger Sherri Ann, who lands her man and is taking their poodle to the Mayflower Dog Show while chomping on popcorn and wearing fabulous furs.


'The Queen Of Versailles'

A documentary following wealthy resort wife Jackie Seigel as she orchestrates building the largest, most expensive single-family homes in America, as the U.S. economy begins crumbling around her.



Real Housewives is the most entertaining take on cliques since this '80s cult film, featuring a vindictive trio of rich girls that'll feel very familiar to fans of some certain housewives.



Whit Stillman's chatty chamber drama might be tamer than RHONY fans are used to, but it'll provide the much-needed petty NYC wealthy person problems to get you between seasons.


'All About Eve'

The kind of deep, orchestrated betrayal not seen since Vicki Gunvalson learned her boyfriend faked cancer, Broadway star Margo Channing's "number one fan" turns out to be gunning for her spot at the top.


'Born Rich'

A documentary about and by the young and the wealthy. Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson gets more honest answers out of his peers than any paper's Page Six. Including interviews with IRL barons, Vanderbilts, and a pre-White House Ivanka Trump (yup).

Hopefully these films will hold you over until until RHONY Season 10 starts on April 4.