17 New Beauty Product Launches That Are Going To Get You Hype

by Amanda Richards
Ashley Batz/Bustle

You know what they say about April: Showers, May flowers, and (depending on which part of the country you're in), the first time you can conceive of wearing shorts since summer's swan song in September. For me, the new beauty product launches for April 2017 are the only thing that matter this month, and this time around, they're good.

I'll admit it: When products from my favorite brands are announced before I can actually go to the store and buy them, it's slightly frustrating. In my world, no amount of beauty paraphernalia is enough, and when I hear about something, I want to get my paws on it and try it — and I want to do so as fast as possible. My job affords me that luxury, and it's my pleasure to share the best new stuff with you before the rest of the world gets a clue.

Some of the products in this roundup quietly been sitting online since the end of March (with major pushes in-stores in April), some are available on April 1, and yes, some you'll have to wait for release throughout the month. Grab a notebook and a pen and get ready to jot down the details — the future of your April beauty life depends on it.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit, $40, Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Aurora Glow Kit has got not one, not two, but six metallic highlighters in the mix, with the option to layer together or wear separately. You can apply them wet or dry — or even mix them with a hydrating oil for extra glow. Each shade is absolutely packed with glitter, and if you think they look beautiful in the palette, just wait until you see them swatched. The palette is available exclusively on the ABH website until June, when it drops in stores.

2. Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette, $45, DH Gate

Social media's favorite beauty queen Huda Kattan is back at it again with the white Vans — err, dope highlighter palettes. The 3D Highlighter Palette comes in both gold and pink versions, for dark and light skin tones, the result of 18 months of research and work from Kattan and her team. The palettes will launch in mid-April, giving you plenty of time to get psyched up to glow.

3. Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Glow Summer Collection

Marc Jaccobs

L to R: Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, $44 | Limited Edition The Bronze Bronzer Brush, $78 | Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, $44 | Limited Edition O!mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan, $49, Sephora

Nothing says "summer is coming" quite like coconut beauty products, and Marc Jacobs Beauty is hitting us with the coco-motherload. The collection is all about hydrating and refreshing the skin, leaving it luminous and glowing. The Perfecting Setting Mist is perfect for those who live to mist during hot sticky months (same), and the gel highlighter is a formula that glides so easily over your cheekbones, you'll want to put it all over your face/life.

4. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream With SPF


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream Sunscreen SPF 30, $48, Kiehls

It's as if one of my favorite skin care brands read my mind and just knew I'd spent days secretly wishing that their Ultra Facial Cream, a truly straightforward and effective formula, had SPF. Well, wish and you shall receive, apparently — the cream now has a sunscreen incarnation, complete with SPF 30. It's also got antarcticine, a glycoprotein known to withstand extreme cold, and “Fountain Plant,” which helps your skin maintain its natural moisture reserves.

5. Rodial Bee Venom Body Serum


Rodial Bee Venom Body Serum, $69, Selfridges

I was first introduced to the wonders of bee venom as a beauty ingredient by way of K-beauty — brands like Nature Republic and Benton have included it in their lineups for years. It works like a natural botox, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

That said, the Rodial Bee Venom Body Serum is the first product I've used that goes beyond the face. The day and night body gel nourishes and plumps the skin via melittin (the active ingredient in bee venom) and retinol. The serum has already started to improve my skin texture — if only getting stung by an actual bee had such beneficial results.

6. Rituel De Fille Eclipse Inner Glow Creme Pigment

Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment, $29, Rituel de Fille

There's a reason that this anti-highlighter has gone viral since news broke of its April 2017 release — and it's not just because it's black. In fact, it isn't quite black: It's more of a smoky, sooty purple. Yes, you can use it as highlighter, but you can also use it as a pigment for your eyes, lips, and cheeks — one layer will give you a sheer coat of burnt witchy goodness, while three layers will unleash the goth fantasies you've been having since the first time you saw The Craft.

7. Lancome's Visionnaire Crescendo

Lancome's Visionnaire Crescendo, $75, Lancome

Lancome describes their latest at-home peel as "an overnight, progressive peel that helps fight multiple signs of aging through a two-phase Skin Interval Training Program." That all sounds very epic, and this peel delivers on the promise. Yes, there are two phases — but you don't use them at the same time. First, you work your way through phase one, then flip the bottle over and start on phase two. 28 days later, and damn. Your skin will glow like it's never glowed before.

8. Cricket's Copper Clean Paddle Brush


The Cricket Copper Clean Brush Collection, $9, Ulta

Cricket says this brush is "uniquely designed with copper-coated bristles to leave hair shiner and cleaner. Copper is a sterile metal and these bristles help break down build-up from natural oils and styling products." After using this brush for a month, it's evident that it works — my hair has definitely improved in the shine department. However, the brush isn't for those with delicate scalps, as the process of brushing with rock hard copper can get slightly intense.

9. MAC Cosmetics Metallic Lips

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Metallic Lips Collection, $17, MAC Cosmetics

When MAC says that metallics are having a moment, I'm inclined to listen. The MAC Metallic Lips collection is a celebration of all things molten, metal, and metallic, and the formula doesn't sacrifice pigmentation and comfort in the process. Fans of this kind of lip look should act fast — the Metallic Lips collection will only be available through May 4.

10. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray

Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray $17, Paul Mitchell

Leave-in conditioner doesn't generally inspire me — in fact, it often triggers harsh memories of my mom spraying me down with detangler before dragging a comb through my intensely tangled hair. The new Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray is good enough to make me forget that memory — in fact, it's good enough to convince me that my bathroom is a private spa. The lightweight leave-in mist works best for dry, moisture-deprived hair, and the blend of tea tree oil, lavender, and mint is nothing short of soothing.

11. Hot Tools CurlBar

Hot Tools

Hot Tools CurlBar, $90, Ulta

No, it's not some kind of low key beauty-themed squirt gun — but let's face it, you'll fully pretend that it is once you've got one. According to the brand, the Hot Tools CurlBar " allows you to curl your hair and avoid that awkward shoulder move we all do, ultimately preventing any shoulder, elbow and wrist strain in the process."

I thought it could be a gimmick at first, but it actually makes a difference. The CurlBar comes in two sizes, and even has a timer to let you know how long to curl each piece of hair. Beachy waves have never been so easy to achieve.

12. Dove Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirants


Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, $5, Amazon

This is the perfect antiperspirant for people who hate antiperspirants. It's super light, and goes on instantly dry — that's right, no more walking around your apartment with your arms in the air waiting for your pits to absorb the good stuff. Dove's Dry Spray comes in two fragrances, and has 48-hour odor and wetness protection, and according to Dove's research, left absolutely no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.

13. Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush


Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Mia Brush, $219, Clarisonic

I'll admit it — when Clarisonic announced the arrival of a foundation application brush that would attach right to your Clarisonic, I was skeptical. After all, do we really need our foundation to oscillate onto our faces? As it turns out, we don't need it — but it sure does make a difference. The new brush head fits on any Clarisonic device, and according to the brand, "generates more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute." That's a whole lot of blend power — and when it's time to remove your makeup, all you have to do is swap it out with your standard Clarisonic brush head.

14. Laura Gellar Pillowtop Illuminators

Laura Gellar

Liquid Gelato Pillowtop Illuminator, $26, Laura Geller

The formula for this illuminator comes in two shades, Gilded Honey and Ballerina (both of which are beautiful). However, what makes this illuminator really special is the packaging. The sheer liquid formula is released through a cushion dispenser that only lets out a tiny bit of product at a time — in other words, you can't overdo it unless you really, really want to. It even comes with a replacement pillow top cushion, for when the original gets too saturated.

15. Memo Paris Eau de Memo — 10th Anniversary Celebration

Eau de Memo, $275, Memo Paris

For months, I've been looking for a fragrance that makes me smell like a grown-ass woman. Plenty of musky, bergamot-rich scents have almost gotten me there, but nothing quite like Memo Paris' Eau de Memo. With key notes of Jasmine Absolute, Leather Accord, and Green Tea Accord — along with ingredients like bergamot, saffron, iris, moss, and leather, this incredible scent is unlike any I've come across — so much so that if you like that kind of scent story, I encourage you to treat yourself on this splurge-y item. Cop it if you're looking for something that will make you smell like uninhibited sex, business, and luxury travel — or any combination of the three.

16. Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask

PREVAGE City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask, $78, HSN

I live in Manhattan, and to say that pollution is a problem for my skin is a very massive understatement. According to Elizabeth Arden's research, particle pollutants can actually be 20 times smaller than the average human pore — which means that all that nasty pollution can basically buffalo its way into your face-space and do its dirty work. This mask fights back against the tiny buggers with antioxidants, a smart polymer, and botanical blends to detoxify. Plus, it peels off, which is just a super fun thing to do on a Sunday evening.

17. Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006

DARK STAR 006 in UltraViolet Blue, $130, Pat Mcgrath

“The DARK STAR 006 kit is all about the infinite blackness of outer space,” says makeup artistry legend Pat McGrath, “a star before it goes supernova, the iridescence of a raven’s wing, a kohl-rimmed punk with smoke curling from their cigarette, but also a refined rebellion.”

If it sounds dramatic, that's because it is. McGrath has hit her fans and stans with yet another incredible launch, this time in the form of eye kits. There are three kits to choose from: Dark Matter, UltraViolet Blue, and UltraSuede Brown. Each kit comes equipped with three pigments, a gloss, an eye kohl, and a blender brush, so you can make eye magic happen in a variety of ways. Warning: If you're reading this after the April 11 launch date, there's a good chance these are already gone — Pat McGrath just has that instant-sell-out magic.

These are just some of the excited beauty launches coming your way in April. Set your clocks, mark your calendars, and keep your eyes peeled — some of these are so good, they could be gone before you know it.