17 Outfits From 'Gossip Girl' That Are Still Stylish

by Melanie Richtman
Courtesy of The CW

If there is one thing The CW is good at, it's creating super entertaining, highly dramatic TV shows about high schoolers. Specifically, really wealthy, really fashionable high schoolers. Gossip Girl was one of the CW's most stylish shows. So much so, in fact, that many outfits from Gossip Girl are still in style today.

What made Gossip Girl's wardrobe choices so great — aside from the exquisite designer pieces you would never get to wear in real life — was that each character had a very specific style profile, allowing teenagers everywhere to find fashion inspiration from the show, regardless of their own personal style.

Blair Waldorf was obviously the preppy one. Her demure, retro style, filled with decorative headbands, mixed prints, and vintage silhouettes was inspiration for anyone who prefers a more classic look (or anyone who can appreciate flawless accessorizing).

Serena Van Der Woodsen's personal style brought major sex appeal to the show, but in a boho chic kind of way. Maxi dresses, tall boots and messy braids were her signature. I personally modeled my high school style after Serena.

And then for those fans who had a little bit of a rebellious streak, there was good-girl-gone-bad Jenny Humphrey, who quickly reinvented herself from innocent prepster to an edgy bad girl. Whether you liked her new look or not, you had to love her bold style switch. Plus, everyone loves a good leather jacket.

So without further ado, here are 17 of the best outfits from Gossip Girl that are still stylish now.

1. Blair's Turtleneck

Turtlenecks made a dramatic comeback this year.

2. Serena's Cutout Dress

It's pretty hard to go wrong with a dress this cute.

3. Serena's Over The Knee Boots

Courtesy of the CW

There is a small chance Serena started the over the knee boot trend.

4. Serena's Blue One Shoulder Dress

Courtesy of The CW

I must say, Serena was really ahead of the one shoulder trend.

5. Serena's Orange Maxi Dress

Courtesy of The CW

Apparently one shoulder dresses were Serena's thing, and I'm only just now noticing.

6. Jenny's Fishnet Tights

Courtesy of The CW

I'd be willing to bet that Jenny Humphrey would've rocked the fishnet-under-pants look that's been popular this year.

7. Serena's Cold Shoulder Top

I didn't even know cold shoulder tops existed back in 2009.

8. Blair's Decorative Choker

Royalty (or Manhattan's elite) have been wearing chokers forever. They just happen to be a lot more expensive and elaborate than the chokers we're used to.

9. Vanessa's Bomber Jacket

Courtesy of The CW

Bomber jackets made a comeback in 2017.

10. Blair's Elie Saab Dress

Courtesy of The CW

Because let's be real, Elie Saab is never going to go out of style.

11. Serena's Chic Neck Scarf

Serena Van Der Woodsen has always been a trendsetter.

12. Serena's Distressed Sweater

Courtesy of CW

Where can I buy this sweater in 2017?

13. Blair's Open Shoulder White Dress

This neckline is everywhere right now.

14. Blair's Slip Dress

This slip dress wasn't supposed to be seen, but I think that might be the whole point of the trend. It's supposed to be a little scandalous and sexy.

15. Blair's 1950s Inspired One Piece

It's quite possible Blair Waldorf started the one piece trend.

16. Blair's Slip Dress (That Was Meant To Be Seen In Public)

Her first slip dress was actually meant to be worn as a slip. This one was made to be seen.

17. Jenny's Sheer Gown

Courtesy of The CW

I would wear this dress tomorrow (if I had a fancy event to go to, which I do not).

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