17 Rom-Coms On Netflix You Totally Forgot Existed

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Romantic comedies are the best kind of movies. They have everything: flirting, awkward moments, pratfalls, love, and, if we're lucky, an unexplained choreographed dance sequence. Once you find your favorites, it can be easy to find yourself watching the same rom-com over and over again. But these 17 rom-coms on Netflix you totally forgot existed should give you more than enough options to get out of your romantic comedy funk.

Netflix has a huge array of rom-coms available to stream, and yet most of us fall into the trap of watching the same favs again and again instead of trying out new things. But, if you're tired of watching 13 Going On 30, or feel like taking a trip down the early 2000s rom-com memory lane, then you're going to want to watch the rom-coms you totally forgot existed. Before you get all up in arms, just because we forgot these rom-coms doesn't mean they're not quality comedies of a romantic nature. It's just to say none of them ever fully reached Sweet Home Alabama or When Harry Met Sally status. But just because these 17 rom-coms on Netflix may have been forgotten, that doesn't mean that they should stay that way.

'Rumor Has It...' (2005)

Rumor Has It... is a pseudo-spin-off of The Graduate, so expect wacky family relationships and inappropriate lovers galore. Most of all, expect to be asking yourself how you could forget a movie starring Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Aniston.

'Leap Year' (2010)

It should surprise no one to learn that Amy Adams carries Leap Year, a classic fish out of water rom com that finds Adams searching for her boyfriend in Ireland, only to fall in love with her bitter tour guide.

'Burying The Ex' (2014)

Burying the Ex is the classic boy meets girl, girl dies, boy meets other girl, first girl returns as a zombie.

'The Switch' (2010)

You'd think a movie who's premise includes a man getting drunk and switching his BFF's sperm donor sample with his own would never be forgotten, and yet I bet some of you are hearing about The Switch for the very first time.

'The Heartbreak Kid' (2007)

Remember that time Ben Stiller starred as a hopeless romantic who married the perfect woman only to find out she was a monstrous brat? Yeah, nope.

'Chalet Girl' (2011)

Yes, Chuck Bass himself (Ed Westwick) was in a romantic comedy with Felicity Jones way back when we were all obsessing over Gossip Girl. You're welcome.

'Playing It Cool' (2014)

Chris Evans is best known for playing the All-American hero Captain America, but in Playing It Cool, he's actually a playboy.

'Love, Wedding, Marriage' (2011)

Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz played newlyweds in Love, Wedding Marriage, a movie about a marriage counselor (Moore) who starts having doubts when her parents get divorced.

'In The Land Of Women' (2007)

Adam Brody was at the height of his Seth Cohen fame when he starred in In The Land of Women, a rom-com/family drama that also starred Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. (Crazy cast, I know.)

'Waiting For Forever' (2010)

Another OC alum's step into the land of rom-coms, Waiting For Forever is a whimsical love story that, unfortunately, failed to launch Rachel Bilson's career on the big screen.

'The Break-Up' (2006)

The Break-Up was one of the most talked-about movies of 2006, so it's pretty shocking to realize that, as a culture, we seemed to have all but forgotten about it just 10 years later.

'Larry Crowne' (2011)

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts starred in a rom-com together, and you probably didn't even know.

'Masterminds' (2016)

Masterminds is more of a comedy than a rom-com, but its exact genre doesn't erase the fact that it came and went pretty unnoticed.

'It's A Boy Girl Thing' (2006)

It's a Boy Girl Thing is like Freaky Friday, but instead of a mother-daughter body switch, it's two high school students who hate each other. How could this be anything other than a classic?

'Peace, Love & Misunderstanding' (2011)

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding is probably best known as the movie with a naked Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but don't forget that it also featured a Gossip Girl hottie, Chace Crawford.

'Behaving Badly' (2014)

Behaving Badly was Selena Gomez's first attempt at an R-rated comedy. If you've heard of it, you probably thought it was stuck in development hell and never came out, but come out it did, and you can now watch it on Netflix.

'Frank' (2014)

It's tempting to forget about Frank, the movie that hides Michael Fassbender's beautiful face behind a giant paper mache mask, but you really shouldn't. It's pretty great.

And, just like that, these rom-coms you forgot existed are forgotten no more! May no rom-com be forgotten ever again.