17 Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

So whether you're ready for it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, which means time to find the perfect gift. Cue complete stressing because you have absolute no idea what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day. You there? Because I am. Which is why these simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas will help you put together the perfect gift without having to put much effort into it!

Sounds too good to be true? Well get used to it, because these gifts are exactly what you need! From funny jokes to simple sweets, these gifts not only are great for your significant other, but will have you thinking of date ideas to go along with it for your evening. For example, that tea cup set could instantly turn your place into a tea party for Galentine’s Day, or the printable beer labels that will make drinking games all the more fun. Did I just make your Valentine’s Day date planning easier? I hope I did!

There are gifts for all types of people — from simple and elegant to the funny and foolish, there’s a gift for every type of person. The sentimental lover, the quirky best friend, or even your roommate, these gifts will surely work for whatever person you consider your Valentine this year!

Louis Sherry Chocolates

Louis Sherry Chocolates, $8.50 - $65, Anthropologie

The prices range based on the amount of chocolates you want to splurge on — 2, 12, or 24.

Game Shirt

Game Shirt, $14.99, Etsy

I feel like the next simple step for this gift is to let your video game loving partner to play games all day. The will certainly love you for it!

Coffee & Mug Gift Set

Coffee & Mug Gift Set, $26.95, Starbucks

How much simpler can it get for the coffee lovers? This set is perfect and requires practically no effort!

Heart Flask

Heart Flask, $14, Urban Outfitters

Fill up this little heart with some of your partner’s favorite liquor and voilà, you have the perfect gift!

Fill In The Love Journal

Fill In The Love Journal, $15.99, Anthropologie

All you have to do is fill the spaces in, and the gift is perfectly sentimental and utterly sweet.

Color Me Happy Book

Color Me Happy Book, $8, Amazon

For all of the people who are still not over their adult coloring phase.

Valentine’s Day Beer Labels

Valentine’s Day Beer Labels, $9.99, Etsy

Is the man in your life a simple guy who would just really love a pack of beer? Make it a special gift with these easy labels.

Books Are Bae Mug

Books Are Bae Mug, $12, Dormify

Let your book lover know who’s their real bae this Valentine’s day.

Love Notes

Love Notes, $12.95, Anthropologie

This book of poems will surely be the perfect simple gift for any lover of words.

I Like You, I Love You by Carissa Potter

I Like You, I Love You, $12.95, Urban Outfitters

For the people you love so much that the granny panties area normal daily occurrence.

Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarine Earrings, $25.50+, Etsy

These earrings are elegant, simple, and an easy way to wow your partner or friend this Valentine’s Day!

Inside Out Heart Cup and Saucer Set

Inside Out Heart Cup and Saucer Set, $55, Dormify

How cute is this little tea cup set? The hearts make it all the more Valentine's Day chic, but it's precious year round.

Lov Organic Tea

Lov Organic Tea, $17, Anthropologie

A perfect addition to a tea cup or a mug, or a stand alone gift for that one tea addict in your life.

XO Pillow

XO Pillow, $36, Dormify

This pillow sends a very simple message, and goes well with any kind of bed or couch!

Plush Valentine Bear

Plush Bear, $11.75, Amazon

You have to have a cute guy like this on Valentine’s Day. It’s like, the law.

Heart Fingerless Gloves

Heart Fingerless Gloves, $19.90, Etsy

These gloves are perfect for the hard worker in your life who is always cold in the office!

I Heart Mom socks

I Heart Mom socks, $8, Urban Outfitters

For the person in your life that just really, really loves their mom ... or to buy yourself and wear in front of your own Mom, the OG Valentine of your heart.