31 Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend, Because They're Your Real Bae In Life

OK, let’s be real — we all know who the real bae is in life: your best friend. Partners come and go, and though some may stick, you will always have your besties no matter what. This is why showering your best friends with love on Valentine’s Day is important too. So, what is a good best friend Valentine’s Day gift idea?

Before diving in, think about the relationship you have with your best friend. Do you send GIFs constantly back-and-forth to each other? Were you at the front of the Women’s March together while holding matching signs? Do you have your own little book club? Are the two of you desperately hoping that, someday, tea parties will become a thing, and even tried convincing your squad to come to one?

No matter the type of relationship you and your best friend may have, this gift guide should suit any type of best friend combination. It’s a mix of classic bestie pieces, gifts with hidden jokes, and thoughtful, sweet ways to show how much your bestie means to you. For the wine-aholics and even the aspiring novelists, there’s a gift in this guide for every best friend imaginable.

Fill In The Love Journal


Fill In The Love Journal, $10, Amazon

One of my best friends recently sent one of these to me and I sobbed the entire way through. Show your friend how much they mean to you by filling this book out and sending it to them!

Heart Tea Set


Heart Tea Set, $50, Amazon

Are you and the bestie obsessed with throwing teas? Get her a set and throw one together with your friends for Galentine’s Day!

Guava Pink Ceramic Mason Jar Mug With Infuser

David's Tea

Mason Jar Mug, $23, David’s Tea

Or if your friend is a tea lover who has to take a cup to work every day, get her this ceramic mason jar that comes with its very own infuser.

Bae Brass Pendant Necklace


Bae Brass Pendant Necklace, $18, Francesca’s

Show bae that she’s the real bae on this V-Day.

Holographic Cardholder

Urban Outfitters

Holographic Cardholder, $12, Urban Outfitters

For the business woman bestie who also loves to party on the side, this holographic cardholder is the best of both worlds.

I Miss Your Face Candy


I Miss Your Face Candy, $27, Etsy

Is your best friend far away? Show her how much you lover her face with this box of chocolates.

Besties book


Besties Book, $11, Amazon

For the book lover bestie in your life – give her what she really loves: more books to fill up her aspiring library.

Heart Balloon Set


Heart Balloon Set, $22, ModCloth

If your bestie is obsessed with taking Instagram photos, take her on a photo shoot and give her these heart balloons as an accessory!

Ponytail Holder Set

Urban Outfitters

Ponytail Holder Set, $8, Urban Outfitters

Tired of your best friend always asking for a hair tie? Get a set for her!

Fries Before Guys Coozie


Fries Before Guys Coozie, $8, Francesca’s

Because it’s just so honest and you need to remind your friend that fries always come first.

Personalized Journal


Personalized Journal, $16, Etsy

Are you best friends with the aspiring novelist? Give her a personalized journal to sketch out all of her thoughts for her new book.

Valentine’s Day Heart Socks

Kate Spade

Heart Socks, $24, Amazon

What better way to say I love you then with socks? Seriously though, there’s nothing better.

Mellow Love Marshmallow Hearts


Mellow Love Marshmallow Hearts, $10, Anthropologie

Is your friend a hot chocolate kind of gal? These marshmallow hearts are the perfect accessory for her hot cocoa.

Be My Valentine Gift Set


Be My Valentine Gift Set, $55, Starbucks

Or, if your bestie is basically Lorelai Gilmore when it comes to coffee — get her this entire Starbucks set that comes with a heart mug, a bag of whole bean coffee, and a key necklace…subtly letting her know that the key to her heart is actually coffee.

Blush Round Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters

Blush Round Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

For the fashionable bestie — these blush round sunglasses are perfect any time of the year.

Love Potion Mug


Love Potion Mug, $14, Amazon

Are you and your best friend always buying each other cheesy mugs? Then this will be perfect!

Bring Me Wine Socks


Bring Me Wine Socks, $12, Amazon

More socks, but this time, you’re letting her know what truly matters, wink wink.

Wine Is My Valentine Stemless Wine Glass


Wine Is My Valentine Wine Glass, $12, Francesca’s

To go with the wine socks, obviously.

Best Friends Bracelet


Best Friends Bracelet, $34, Etsy

The little inscription is on the inside of the bracelet — kind of like your very own hidden secret.

The Original Love Bomb

The Love Bomb Company

The Original Love Bomb, $13, The Love Bomb Company

For the green juicing, protein shake, smoothie lover in your life — get her one of these love bomb mason jars.

Girl Power Patch

Urban Outfitters

Girl Power Patch, $14, Urban Outfitters

Who run the world?

BFF Travel Mug


BFF Travel Mug, $20, Amazon

Even though you and your bestie have been friends for like, ever, you can admit to her this year that you know who really captivates her heart.

Besties Heart Keychain


Besties Heart Keychain, $20, Francesca’s

If it’s a key chain accessory, does that make the whole best friend charm bracelet thing seem more adult? Eh, who cares, they’re adorable. Get it for her anyway.

Rhinestone Choker

Urban Outfitters

Rhinestone Choker, $14, Urban Outfitters

Does your best friend despise cheesy gifts? Get her something she will actually use all the time then — like this rhinestone choker.

She Is Fierce Pencils


She Is Fierce Pencils, $7, Etsy

For the activist and feminist best friend in your life, get her motivated with this set of pencils!

Hello Gorgeous Purse Mirror

Paper Source

Hello Gorgeous Purse Mirror, $10, Paper Source

You can’t really ever go wrong with purse mirrors –especially in the era of lipstick and eyebrows.

Tiny Hearts Cold Cup


Tiny Hearts Cold Cup, $35, Amazon

Is your bestie in desperate need of a new cold cup? This will do!

Single Taken Hungry Mug


Single Taken Hungry Mug, $15, Amazon

For an even funnier reveal, get her a dozen doughnuts to go with the mug!

Lips Icon Pouch

Urban Outfitters

Lips Icon Pouch, $12, Urban Outfitters

Is your friend really in to bold fashionable pieces? This lips pouch will be a perfect addition to her wardrobe!

Small Heart Dish

Kate Spade

Small Heart Dish, $21, Amazon

If your best friend always wears a bunch of rings, give her a little dish to go on her bedside table that will collect all of her jewelry at the end of the night.

You’re My Person Mug


You’re My Person Mug, $20, Etsy

Last, but certainly not least, tell your person how much they mean to you.