17 Sleep Products For People Who Have Trouble Getting A Full Night's Rest

You know that fun game you play where you go to bed exhausted and then stare at the ceiling for the next four hours? Good times. If this sounds like you, then allow me to introduce to you the 17 best products for people who can't sleep, brought to you by someone who's always tired but likes to stay up until 3 A.M. thinking about that one embarrassing thing I said to an attractive man seven years ago.

Missing out on precious slumber is no joke. You don't need me to tell you it's bad for your mind and body ... but I will anyway. I'm going to bypass the part where I talk about my under-eye bags and move on to the more serious ramifications of lacking sleep.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, loss of sleep can lead to impaired memory, moodiness, increased conflict with others, withdrawal from normal daily activities, and a greater likelihood of getting into a car accident. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services adds increased anxiety is another side effect, along with a bigger risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, says the NHS, a lack of sleep can disrupt your immune system and libido, and make it harder to conceive.


And yet, a whopping one-third of us doesn't sleep enough, says the NHS.

If you're part of the one-third, here are 17 products you should check out that might help you get a more peaceful slumber.

1Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets work because they use something called deep touch pressure (DTP), which science has found has a number of benefits. If you can't seem to get your mind to calm down, a weighted blanket (or vest) might do the trick.

2Foot Warmer

Serta Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Heated Foot Warmer


You've probably read by now it's best to sleep in cooler temperatures because it helps make you sleepy. At the same time, nothing makes you want to throw your alarm clock against the wall like cold feet. If your little piggies have frostbite, keep your tootsies warm with a foot warmer.

3Hoodie Pillow

HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase


Remember the good ol' days when you used to pull your hoodie over your head and fall asleep in math class when the teacher was probably talking about something important? Why stop now? This hoodie pillow looks trés cozy. I can almost feel myself drooling, with Mr. Meyers talking about solving for X...

4Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains


Don't you hate it when the sun rises? If you're sensitive to even the tiniest sliver of light, blackout curtains are your friend. Perfect for people who work the night shift, and vampires.

5Noise Canceling Earplugs

Adept Sound Ear Plugs Noise Cancelling


Ear plugs are impossible to sleep in because they dig into your head and feel like they're going to get lodged in your brain. Not these. Not only do they block out the noise, but they're softer and more flexible.

6Sheet Clamps

Bed Sheet Fasteners


Maybe you're an active sleeper. Maybe you share the bed with someone who tries to act out every fight scene from Game of Thrones in their sleep. Either way, nothing stinks more than waking up in the middle of the night with the fitted sheet all up in your business.

7Pregnancy Pillow

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


You don't need to be with child to enjoy this ginormous pillow that will support you in all the right places. If you enjoy sleeping on your side, you might also wake up with painful joints. Never again!

8Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp


Lighting is everything. If you pay close attention the next time you get a massage, you'll notice they help create the ambiance with careful lighting. A Himalayan salt lamp is soothing and calming, and it will make you look like an Instagram influencer. Masseuse not include.

9Heated Massage Pillow

HoMedics, 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat


Oh. Em. Gee. This pillow massages, vibrates, and gets warm, and you're never going to want to get out of bed again.

10Knee Pillow

Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow


Side sleepers, rejoice! There's another special pillow just for you. Sleeping on your side with your legs stacked can mean trouble for your whole body. This knee pillow will support you properly and can even relieve pain in the blink of an eye.

11PM Light Bulb

GE Align PM Lighting Bulb


Due to their blue light, regular light bulbs can disturb our melatonin levels — and melatonin is part of the natural sleep cycle. This low-blue light bulb is perfect for evening use and won't clash with your beauty sleep.

12Molded Foam Eye Mask

Bucky® 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask

Bed Bath & Beyond

This isn't a regular eye mask. It's a special one. The piece that goes over each eye is cupped, so if you want to take a schnooze in the middle of the day, you won't mess up your eye make-up. (Or, it's great if you just don't like stuff right up against your eyes.)

13Breathable Sheets

Sheex Original Performance Collection Sheet Set


I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of waking up in the middle of the night with soggy sheets stuck to my bum. These sheets let you breathe and keep moisture at bay, so you're always comfortable and cozy.

14Musical Pillow

Medium Support W/Dreampad Technology


You use the Dreampad in conjunction with an app, and — you guys? — it actually plays music. It comes with 10 music choices, or you can play your own from your phone or an mp3 player.

15Sleep Pad

Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad


This sleep pad does it all. It will track your sleep cycle, heart rate, and whether you're snoring. It offers personalized coaching to help you sleep and feel better. You can even control things in your home like the lights and temperature — just by getting in and out of bed. Science! Will it do my taxes, too?

16Noise Machine

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine


This machine plays white noise, thunder, ocean sounds, rain, summer night (not sure what that sounds like...), and brook. Point is, you're going to be mellow as heck if you've got this in your room.

17Sunrise Clock

COULAX Wood Sunrise Sunlight Alarm Clock


This clock will wake you up gradually with light that starts soft and dim and slowly gets stronger. Plus, it plays soothing noises like bird sounds, so it almost feels like you're in the rainforest, minus the mosquitoes. Sleep tight!