17 Songs That Will Cheer You Up During January

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You know how it goes: You experience the magic, love, and tinsel of the holiday season in December — and then it all disappears in January. OK, that's being a little dramatic, but the tinsel is definitely being packed away, along with your Christmas tree and mistletoe. And whatever magic that let you eat all of those snowman cookies without a care in the world — well, you definitely care about all those carbs in January. But the first month of the new year also offers a chance for a new beginning and why not start with some new music? There are so many songs that will cheer you up when holiday cheer turns to January Gloom.

Why call it January Gloom? Maybe it's because all the credit card bills from December come in and perhaps it's because all the holiday parties are over. As for those New Year's resolutions? The Washington Post reported that 25 percent of people give up on resolutions within the first seven days of the year. There's also mathematical evidence that January isn't as fun as December. According to NBC News, U.K. psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall calculated Jan. 24 as the "most depressing day of the year," using a formula.

But you don't have to let those unsuccessful resolutions, credit card bills, and mathematically-determined depressing days get to you. Put some headphones on, tune out the world, and pump yourself up with these uplifting tunes to cheer you right up.


"Feelin' Good" By Nina Simone

Simone will cheer you right up when she declares that it's "a new dawn, it's a new day, it's new life for me, and I'm feeling good."


"Something New" By Axwell /\ Ingrosso

This 2014 dance tune from the Swedish EDM duo will have you up on your feet as you dream of the potential of a brand new year.


"Days Are Gone" By HAIM

Move up and on with title track of this trio's 2013 album, which declares that "those days are gone."


"Lazy Song" By Bruno Mars

Don't feel like following those resolutions today? Mars gives you permission to kick back and do what you want in this tune.


"Liberate" By Eric Prydz

Get on your dancing shoes and groove to the "Call On Me" artist's track about liberation.


"New Shoes" By Paolo Nutini

Cue up this 2006 hit about new kicks equaling a new beginning and it'll give you a fresh start as well.


"Don't Stop Believin'" By Journey

This karaoke staple will have you keep believing that the new year can be awesome.


"Keeping Your Head Up" By Birdy

"Let go of all your haunted dreams tonight," she sings the British artist in this upbeat tune.


"Float On" By Modest Mouse

This song takes everything in stride. "We'll float on, good news is on the way," the lyrics say.


"Electric Feel" By MGMT


"My Goals" By Francis & The Lights

Write up your resolutions while listening to this an upbeat song that mentions a hard December and setting goals afterward.


"Let 'Em Say" By Lizzo & Caroline Smith

You might recongize this upbeat song from Broad City and that Target commercial. It's a fun tune that'll have you casting aside those haters in no time.


"Freedom '90" By George Michael

This hit song from the late great UK singer/songwriter is all about declaring your, well, freedom from constraints and being who you want to be.


"Heading Home" By Gryffin Featuring Josef Salvat

The message of this dance tune is simple: "Cause people gonna judge and people gonna talk / And they can say what they like / Won't keep me up at night." Word. You do you — all year long.


"Call On Me" By Starley

No, this isn't a cover of the ubiquitous Eric Prydz dance tune, but it is a lovely song letting you know that you're not alone out there.


"Bounce" By Calvin Harris Featuring Kelis

This track will give you a bounce in your step not only because it's literally in the name of the song, but because it's an unbridled and upbeat breakup song about moving forward from the past.


"Gold Dust" By Galantis

In this dance track, the singer declares, "You're like gold dust." How could a compliment like that not cheer you up? It's also a song that'll get you up and dancing in no time.