17 Summer Camp Movies Streaming Now That'll Make You So Nostalgic For Bunk Fights & Color War

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For many of us, summertime as a kid was a time of glorious childhood freedom. It was the time to roast marshmallows by the fire, douse yourself with bug spray before playing outside, and if you were fortunate enough, enroll in summer camp. Camp was a place to explore childhood independence, discover new friends, play sports, conduct bunk raids, and indulge in arts and crafts — whatever you wanted to do for fun, camp was the place to get it done. For so many people, summer camp is associated with many great childhood memories, and that's why reliving those glory days through summer camp movies streaming online will make you feel major nostalgia all summer long.

Watching movies set at sleepaway or day camp can be a great way to celebrate your former adolescence, childhood adventures, and the various groups of people that came together to make summertime a memorable experience for you. The 17 movies on the list below all take place at summer camp, from classics like the remake of Parent Trap to more modern favorites like Camp Rock and Camp Cool Kids. These movies will make you super nostalgic, but also kick your summer season into high gear.

1. Camp

Hormonal high school teenagers combined with summer theater camp leads to some dramatic things happening.

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2. Meatballs

A summertime classic, Meatballs explores all the awkward stages of teenage puberty, hormones, and independence.

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3. The Parent Trap

The greatest takeaway from this movie: eating peanut butter with Oreos is total bliss.

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4. Troop Beverly Hills

Imagine having a camp instructor this fabulous. The combination of camp uniforms and closed-toed pumps was a fashion statement beyond its time.

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5. Camp Nowhere

Did you know Camp Nowhere was the first major film for Jessica Alba? Now you do.

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6. Heavyweights

At summer "fat" camp, Ben Stiller plays a ridiculously extreme fitness counselor.

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7. It Takes Two

Twin stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen trick their guardians into falling in love by means of their good ole Camp Callaway. It's a hilariously cute movie.

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8. The Babysitter's Club

This group of teen girls takes responsibility to a whole new level by running a camp of their own. Talk about early stages of #goals.

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9. Moonrise Kingdom

Set at Camp Ivanhoe, Moonrise Kingdom is about two young love birds trying to find their own way.

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10. Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer isn't kid-centric (note the R rating), but it gives a funny look at what some camp counselors could be doing behind the scenes.

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11. Camp Rock

Camp movies aren't complete if they don't include singing and dancing by Demi Lovato and the Jonas brothers.

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12. Fired Up

Cheer Camp anyone? So good.

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13. The Parent Trap (Original)

If you're a fan of the Lindsey Lohan remake you'll definitely love the 1961 original.

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14. Indian Summer

A retiring camp director (Alan Arkin) invites eight former campers to reminisce about the good old summer camp days. It's a movie that'll take you right down memory lane.

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15. Happy Campers

For those of you wanting to reminisce on those teenage years with a dark comedy, Happy Campers is for you.

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16. Addams Family Values

Wednesday Addams at camp? Yeah she's over it before it even begins.

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17. Camp Cool Kids

Who doesn't want to be the coolest kid at summer camp?

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There is nothing better than feeling like a kid again, so enjoy these movies during your next nostalgia-filled marathon.