17 Things Book-Lovers Say — And What They Actually Mean

Do you ever look at the bookworm in your life and think: is there more to what you’re saying than is actually being said here? Or maybe your book-loving bestie drops terms like “DNF” and “TBR”, and you’ve been too embarrassed about being behind on the latest lingo (YOLO, after all) to ask her to clarify. Are you friends with a reader who always has an irrefutable excuse for canceling plans at the last minute (and is somehow ALWAYS up to date on the latest literary buzz?) If any of this sounds familiar, chances are you know a bookworm who needs decoding — and this handy guide to things all book-lovers say (and what they really mean) is here to help you make sense of it all.

The fact is, being a book-lover is like any other niche specialty: we have our own lexicon, and sometimes what we say isn’t, exactly, always what we mean. (And yeah, we’ve never met an excuse to stay home and read that we didn’t like. Don’t take it personally.)

This is your (preliminary) guide to decoding the bookworm in your life — 18 things all book lovers say, and what they (aka: we) really mean.