12 Things Every Book Lover Has Said

A lot of people have their own catch phrases. And if you're a book-lover, you'll definitely recognize these 12 things every book-lover has said. Whether you grew up reading, or you didn't develop a love of books until you were older, or you stay up every night reading and haven't slept for several years because BOOKS, for some reason book-lovers have certain expressions that they all use. Is there some secret script that every reader owns, outlining exactly what lines to say? If yes, I would like to read it immediately. But also, it's not necessary, because through some innate power every book-lover assumes the role of The Reading Ingenue. And surprise! You already know your lines.

Do we all say the same things because we're reading the same books? Or is it just the common experience of going to a bookstore, picking out something amazing, and taking it home that puts these words in our mouths?

The truth is, there's something about reading that bonds people together, perhaps because you feel an instant affinity with anyone who would also rather be in a coffee shop somewhere picturesque, sipping a cappuccino and reading quietly. That concept alone is a book-lover cliche, and so are the following things that every reader, at some point or another, has said.

1. "There's Nothing Like The Smell Of Books!"

Every book-lover remarks on the smell of books at some point or another. Because you can't help it: the smell is SO. AMAZING. It smells like adventure and learning and other worlds and libraries and IT'S PERFECTION.

2. "So Many Books, So Little Time"

You always have a stack of books you want to read which exceeds the actual time you have for reading. And at one point, you've probably uttered the above cliche — or you even own a t-shirt that says the phrase on it. Because it's true: you always wish you were reading.

3. "So... What Are You Currently Reading?"

This is your go-to conversation starter, because it will cause one of two things to happen. Option one: the person will tell you about whatever book they're reading, and you can begin an interesting conversation. Option two: they will say they don't like to read, and you can go find someone else to ask the same question in hopes of a different answer.

4. "What Did You Think Of The Book I Recommended???"

Ah, yes. The moment when someone actually reads the book you recommend, and then you have to wait patiently for their reaction. Did they like it? Did they hate it? The anticipation is AGONY.

5. "I Wish I Could Live In *Insert Fictional World Here*"

Whether it's Hogwarts, the world of Jane Austen, the Shire, etc., you've definitely said this at one point or another.

6. "I'm In Love With *Insert Fictional Character Here*"

Does reading ruin your actual love life, because you are obsessed with a fictional character? Of course not! *nervous laughter*

7. "Just Let Me Finish This Chapter"

You're always late, because you're always begging for five more minutes so you can finish a chapter. Because you just HAVE to get to a suitable ending spot — you couldn't just drop your book like a hot potato and jump out the door!

8. "I Can't Go Out Because I Need To Finish This Book"

Let's be honest: there is no suitable ending spot. Sometimes, you just have to give up your plans so you can finish the entire book. We've all been there.

9. "I Can't Go Out Because I Just Finished This Book And Now I Have A Reading Hangover"

Of course, sometimes finishing your book has other problems, such as developing a reading hangover and not being able to go out because the book was so good. And annoying your friends because all you can talk about is the book.

10. "If A Person Doesn't Like *Insert Favorite Book Here* That's A Dealbreaker"

Whether it's a dealbreaker for friendship or for a romantic relationship, every book-lover has that novel that's so important to them, that they couldn't imagine having a relationship with someone who doesn't like it. And if they haven't read it yet... they will be forced to read it. That's what happens when you're friends with a bookworm, so they might as well get used to it.

11. "Haha Of Course I Didn't Buy Another Book"

"No, I didn't buy another book, even though I have no room on my bookshelf and I already have a huge TBR pile in my room! Haha of course I would never do that. Now go away and don't ask so many questions."

12. "It's A Perfect Day To Stay In And Read"

You've said this whether it's raining, snowing, or the most perfectly breezy spring day. Because you know it's true: any day is the perfect day for reading.

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