Why You'll Miss Mona From 'PLL' Most Of All

by Caitlin Flynn
Eric McCandless/Freeform

As fans prepare for (*sob*) the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars, you're likely feeling all sorts of nostalgia about the characters you've grown to know and love — or hate — over the past seven seasons. With no disrespect to the core four, there's one character that may be missed most of all: Mona on Pretty Little Liars.

Sure, she isn't necessarily the most likable person in Rosewood, but she's definitely the most interesting. No one keeps viewers guessing quite as much as Mona. Yes, Ali's motives are often questionable and no one knows what the heck is going on with Aria right now (although her collusion with the A team may just be a major red herring). But Mona? Fans would give anything to know what's really going on inside that brilliant head of hers.

Out of all the show's characters, she's gone through the biggest transformation over the past seven seasons. When she was fed up with being victimized by Ali, she went into villain mode. Post-Radley, she returned to Rosewood and was victimized again, this time by Charlotte. And now? Well, it seems like she has the best of intentions — but there's always something about Mona that you can't quite trust. And that's one of the reasons she'll be missed so much.


She Rocks That Black Hoodie Like Nobody's Business

Apologies to Charlotte and whoever the heck Uber A is, but Mona will always be the best A on Pretty Little Liars.


Her Straight-Talking Ways

Friends don't let friends abduct people and go on the run... well, not alone at least.


She Does Not Need A Guy To Know Her Worth



If Looks Could Kill...

An eye roll from Mona is worth a thousand words.


Her Outfits Are Always On Point

Her wardrobe is the stuff of dreams.


She Puts Ali In Her Place


Someone has to do it.


Her Amazing (& Totally Creepy) Monologues

Raise your hand if this scene still gives you chills.


Her Words Of Wisdom



Even More Words Of Wisdom

Mona is basically a fountain of wisdom.


Her Independence

As the Liars fret and wring their hands, Mona frequently takes matters into her own (very capable) hands.


Her Dark Sense Of Humor



Her Relatability

Sure, becoming A was a little extreme... but plenty of people can relate to the struggle of losing a friend to the "cool" crowd in middle school or high school.


Her Brilliance

It's not just anyone who can maintain a 4.0 while running the A game and spending an extended period of time at Radley.


Her Candor



Her Way Of Thinking

Considering they live in Rosewood, this question isn't that far-fetched.


Her Fascination With The Board Game

Eric McCandless/Freeform

If anyone can crack the mystery of this sinister board game and save the Liars once and for all, it's most definitely Mona.


The Series Wouldn't Exist Without Her

Look, not to condone what Mona put the Liars through — but her actions are what triggered all the show's exciting events. She deserves some credit for that, right?