17 Addictive True Crime Movies & Shows You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

by Tatiana Tenreyro

There's something strangely relaxing about watching murder mystery and true crime TV shows and movies. Netflix gets the appeal and has become the top streaming site for the genre's fans, with plenty of movies and TV shows that make for a perfect marathoning session. Over the years, the streaming service's content has continuously changed, with Netflix adding more and more original series and movies about fascinating crime stories to the mix. So if you have a Netflix account and can't get enough of the genre, you're really in luck.

Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and The Confession Tapes have fans awaiting new seasons, but in the meantime, there are plenty of new shows and movies you can watch. Many of these look into different aspects of crime, from the role that race plays in the criminal justice system, to the emotional toll the victims experience as they cope with the aftermath of their assailants’ actions. So instead of re-watching true crime shows and movies you've already seen a ton of times, give something new a try with one of the below titles. And remember, Netflix often takes off content without much warning, so don't wait — you won't want to miss out on these riveting documentaries and movies inspired by true crime.


'Amanda Knox'

You probably know who Amanda Knox is by now, but this documentary looks into her trial, conviction and acquittal from various angles, digging deeper into the mystery of the murder of her roommate in Italy.


'Josef Fritzl: Story Of A Monster'

Elizabeth Fritzl's story is one of the most horrific crimes of modern day. This documentary tells the story of how her father, Josef Fritzl, held her captive for 24 years, abusing and raping her.


'Interview With A Serial Killer'

This gripping documentary allows you to get a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer, featuring interview with Arthur Shawcross, who murdered 14 victims and raped two of them.


'Captive For 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Story'

Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping terrified the nation in the '90s. Dugard was found alive, but spent 18 years held captive by a sex offender and his wife. This documentary looks into the aftermath of her horrific experiences.



What if the boogeyman was real? This documentary delves into the terrifying story of an urban legend that turned out to be shockingly real.


'Casting JonBenét'

Casting JonBenét isn't your typical murder mystery documentary. It casts various actors to play the role of JonBenét Ramsey and her family in a fictional film, with the actors expressing their own views on the child pageant queen's death.


'Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer'

You might remember Aileen Wuornos' story from the Oscar-winning film Monster. This documentary follows up Nick Broomfield's 1992 doc Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, questioning the decision of her death sentence.


'Who Took Johnny'

After Johnny Gosch disappeared while on his paper route, the mystery behind what happened to him remains unsolved. This documentary attempts to piece together the information on the suspects and Gosch's potential murder.


'Audrie & Daisy'

This timely documentary tells the story of the aftermath of sexual assault, as well as the role that social media and bullying can play in harming victims further.


'The Witness'

This documentary investigates the murder of Kitty Genovese, whose name became synonymous with the bystander effect after she was killed in front of 38 witnesses who didn't attempt to prevent her death.


'Team Foxcatcher'

After the 2014 release of Foxcatcher, a movie based on wrestling coach John du Pont, this documentary focuses on telling the true story of the events leading up to du Pont's murder of wrestler Dave Schult.


'The Fear Of 13'

The Fear of 13 uncovers what happens when someone is incorrectly convicted of murder, telling the heartbreaking story of Nick Yarris, who served 21 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit.



In this Oscar-nominated documentary, Ava DuVernay looks into the role of racial inequality in the United States, questioning the mass incarceration of African Americans


'Women Behind Bars'

This docu-series tells the stories of women convicted of murder and details the crimes each of them committed, with interviews explaining what led to those actions.


'The Hunting Ground'

This film exposes the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses in the United States and how college administrations can fail to properly handle it.


'Strong Island'

Documentarian Yance Ford investigates the 1992 murder of her brother, 24-year-old William Ford Jr. This film exposes the racial inequalities in the justice system, as an all-white jury declined to indict Ford's killer, who is also white.


'Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail'

Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail is part of Theroux's BBC series of documentaries where the English filmmaker exposes various questionable facets of the United States. In this one, Theroux visits a prison in Miami, speaking to various inmates about the harsh realities of being incarcerated. If you finish it and want more, Netflix also has some of Theroux's other specials available.

These movies and shows should keep all true crime fans busy for many, many hours.